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Chapter 1
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1.3 Organization

The Right-of-Way Improvements Manual is an on-line resource. As such, it provides the ability to view, print and link to a wide range of information about making improvements in the street right-of-way. This section summarizes the organization of the Right-of-Way Improvements Manual and the contents of each chapter. A document map is also included for easy reference. The Right-of-Way Improvements Manual is organized as follows:

The Right-of-Way Improvements Manual Home Page: Information about street right-of-way permits begins on the website home page. Here you will find a number of resources and links that are the global navigation of the website—meaning they are available on every page. They include a glossary of terms, online help, frequently asked questions, and contact information for key resources.

Chapter 1 Introduction provides an overview of the Right-of-Way Improvements Manual purpose and need and defines the authority, roles, and responsibilities of the various City departments that have oversight of the street right-of-way. This chapter also includes information on the relationship between the Right-of-Way Improvements Manual and other regulations and guidelines, as well as a description of the revision process and update schedule.

Chapter 2 Permitting process for Street Right-of-Way Improvements is designed to help navigate the process for preparing permits for street right-of-way improvements.  This Chapter describes the Street Improvement Permitting process and includes resources to guide the applicant through associated review and permitting activities that may be required as part of the overall project. This chapter also describes the information which must be submitted to request a deviation from street improvement requirements. The information in this chapter constitutes the City of Seattle’s official permitting process for work in the street right-of-way.

Chapter 3 Street Right-of-Way Improvement Requirements summarizes the City of Seattle's Land Use Code requirements (Seattle Municipal Code Title 23) for street and alley improvements. It explains the importance of the various types of street and alley improvements, and explains how to make the best use of this Manual to determine the type and extent of improvements required by the Land Use Code. It describes the specific improvement requirements for different types of streets and alleys in different zones, based on the requirements in the Land Use Code. These requirements are summarized in a series of tables and drawings for easy reference. The information in this chapter constitutes a set of requirements that are officially adopted by the Right-of-Way Improvements Manual Joint Department of Planning and Development (DPD)/Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) Director’s Rule - DR2005-22.

Chapter 4 Design Criteria provides technical information and design criteria for specific elements of the street right-of-way, such as grading, pavement type and depth, street tree placement, and utility locations. Design criteria have been established so that streets and sidewalks used by the public and maintained with public funds will meet standards for operating efficiency, and will hold up to long-term use with minimum maintenance and repair. These requirements and criteria pertain to streets and alleys that are under the jurisdiction of the Seattle Department of Transportation. They also pertain to private streets and alleys that will serve development projects. The information in this chapter constitutes a set of requirements that are officially adopted by the Right-of-Way Improvements Manual Joint DPD/SDOT Director’s Rule - DR2005-22.

Chapter 5 Construction and Maintenance defines the information needed for working in the street right-of-way including links to Seattle’s Traffic Control Manual for In Street Work and the Pavement Opening and Restoration Rules (authorized by Ordinance # 118751).

Chapter 6 Streetscape Design Guidelines describes design guidelines that may be of interest to project applicants, but do not represent requirements. Many are neighborhood specific, such as Green Street, light rail station area plans and street design concept plans. This chapter also includes City programs that apply to street rights-of-way but are not required, such as traffic calming and natural drainage system guidelines.

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Chapter 1
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1.3 Organization
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