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This online manual has been superceded by Street Illustrated.

Chapter 1
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1.1 Purpose and Need

The Right-of-Way Improvements Manual is an on-line resource developed by the City of Seattle to help property owners, developers, architects, landscape architects, and engineers involved with the design, permitting, and construction of improvements to Seattle’s street right-of-way.

The Right-of-Way Improvements Manual considers and attempts to balance the access and mobility needs of all users of the street right-of-way: pedestrians, non-motorized vehicles, automobiles, transit, and freight. Procedures and design criteria were developed keeping in mind the critical balance among the following: safety, the preservation and maintenance of roadway infrastructure and utility services, and preserving our environment.

Knowing that all projects have site specific opportunities and constraints, the Right-of-Way Improvements Manual articulates the City’s design criteria for street right-of-way improvements and describes a deviation process to achieve flexibility when practical.

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Chapter 1
1.1 Purpose and Need
1.2 Authority
1.3 Organization
1.4 Relationship to Other Standards and Guidelines
1.5 Departmental Roles and Responsibilities
1.6 Contact Information
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