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Obtaining an appraisal is an important component of due diligence any time the City acquires or disposes of real property. Most City appraisals are obtained by contract with commercial appraisal firms. FAS employees a Washington State certified appraiser who manages the ordering and review of such appraisals.

Property owners with questions about the appraisal process should contact the appropriate City project manager.

On call appraisal services

On occasion, we seek the services of qualified appraiser assist us on specific transactions. Interested firms are invited to register with the City’s Consultant Roster Program.


City property acquisition policy adopted by Resolution 29799 encourages the coordination and review of potential property acquisitions by City departments. Prospective acquisitions may be subject to a general feasibility analysis as well as a site-specific analysis to consider issues and impacts that may result from an acquisition. Factors may include adopted City plans and policies, possible co-location opportunities at existing City facilities, community impacts and other concerns.

City policy calls for review of proposed acquisitions by the interdepartmental Real Estate Oversight Committee and by Real Estate Services. Transportation and utility projects located in existing right of way are exempted from this review.


RES manages the reuse and disposition process for all City properties. Properties that have been declared excess by City Department are listed by Department in the Excess Property Report. Properties that are in the process of review by RES are listed on the property review page.


Leasing City owned property

If excess space is available in City buildings, FAS solicits tenants to lease that space until such time as the City requires that space. At this time the City does not have any space for lease.

City Leasing privately owned property

When space is required for expansion of City offices or other functions, FAS acts as agent to secure leased space.

Leasing Studies

RES conducts a yearly evaluation of current lease rates for various property types in Seattle which is used to assure the City is leasing at competitive lease rates.

Leasing representatives

On occasion, we seek the services of qualified leasing specialists to assist us on specific transactions. Interested firms are invited to register with the City’s Consultant Roster Program.