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Property Reviews


Property Disposition Review Status

The properties listed below are at different stages in a process of City review and public comment. The PMA # links to the Excess Property Notice. The Address column links to map of property. Links under Documents will access the report or ordinance relating to the property. To learn more about the evaluation and disposition process, visit our Property Disposition policy page.

Properties under jurisdiction of FAS

PMA # Property Name Status Address Maps Documents Review Type
119 Excess Fire Station 20 Circulation 02/10/2014 3205 13th Avenue W ORD 121230 Preliminary Report Simple
61 FAS Portion of Danny Woo Gardens Circulation 12/16/2013 620 S Main Street Public Notice Support Letters  Preliminary Report Simple
91 Former Print Shop Circulated 6/18/2013 Pending City Use 3500 Interlake Ave N Hazmat Report Comlex
156 House at 339 22nd Ave Circulated 2/24/2014 339 22nd Ave East ORD 99632
ORD 99772
Myers Way Parcels Surplus 12/14/06 Circulated 8/27/2012
Pending City review of uses
9501 Myers Way S Ord 122308 Simple
136 Fire Station 39 Neighborhood Notice completed 4/4/2012 Pending interim use 12705 30th Ave NE Preliminary Report Complex
110 Former Fire Station 6 Preliminary Report 4/30/2012
Interim use by SPD
101 23rd Ave S Preliminary Report Complex
1594 Yakima Ave S Property Circulated to City 3-1-13
RFP by Office of Housing
1310 Yakima Ave S Pending Complex
1600 Parcel at 1323 29th Ave S Circulated to City 3-1-13 1323 29th Ave S Pending Pending Determination
1477 Sliver adjacent to Airport Way South Neighborhood Notice Completed 2/7/13
Transfered to FAS and SDOT
4498 Airport Way South Preliminary Report ORD 124476 Simple
24 Parcel at 31st Ave S and S Lexington Preliminary Report 2010 3926 31st Ave S / Aerial Preliminary Report Simple
1649 SW Webster and Dumar Property Preliminary report PIP 6/9/2008 7500 Dumar Way SW / Aerial Preliminary Report
Res 31064
4273 Manning Street Triangle Preliminary Report 2008
PIP 6/2006
Pending Transfer to Parks
Manning St / Aerial Preliminary Report

Properties are under the Department of Transportation's Jurisdiction.

PMA # Property Name Status Address Maps Documents Review Type
4183 560 Roy Street Public Notice 560 Roy St Picture Complex
4184 614 Roy Street Public Notice 614 Roy St Picture Pending
4185 911 Aurora Ave N Public Notice 911 Aurora Ave N Picture Pending
4193 900 Broad St Public Notice 900 Broad St Picture Complex
3330 1000 Mercer St Public Notice 11/12/2013
Portion is excess
Portion is ROW
1000 Mercer St Preliminary Report 02/24/2014 Complex
4186 Building at 620 Aurora Ave North Circulated 9/23/2013 Excess to dept. 620 Aurora Ave North Complex
3796, 3797, 3798, 3799, 3800, 3801 Orchard Corner Properties Preliminary Report June 16 2008 7300 Block Delridge Way S Preliminary Report Complex

Properties are under the Department of Parks Jurisdiction.

PMA # Property Name Status Address Maps Documents Review Type
9040 Red Barn Ranch Neighborhood Notice 8/8/2011 17601 SE Lake Money Smith Road Preliminary Report Pending Complex

Properties are under the Jurisdiction of Seattle Public Utilities

PMA # Property Name Status Address Maps Documents Review Type
4557 Single Family House Public notice 11/12/2013
Preliminary Report Recommend sale 1/28/2014
5560 S Holly St Ord. 123882 Preliminary Report Simple
9127 Excess Property Near Lake Young Supply line ROW Preliminary Report 11/20/2008
Surplus 2/8/1987
Recommend Sale
25301 SE 248th St / Aerial Preliminary Report
Res. 27707
724 Kenmore Reservoir Site Public Notice Preliminary Report 2/24/2014 19033 40th Pl NE / Aerial Final Report
Revised Preliminary Report
Preliminary Report

Properties have been authorized to sell.

PMA # Property Name Status Address Maps Documents Review Type
4324 Snippets on MLK Authorized sale to adjacent property owners 511-527 28th Ave Ord 121777 Simple
1260 Eastside Reservoir Authorized sale to CWA 7/28/08 4501 148th Ave SE / Aerial Preliminary Report
Res 31072

The following properties have been sold, transferred, or review by FAS is complete

PMA # Property Name Status Address Maps Documents Review Type
134 Former Fire Station 37 Surplus 9/12/2011
Sold 5/14/2012
7300 35th Ave SW Final Report
Ord. 123689
135 Former Fire Station 38 Surplus 9/12/2011
Sold 5/24/2012
5503 33rd Ave NE Final Report Ord. 123690 Complex
1610 Parcel at 4007 21st Ave SW Surplus 10/11/2007 Sold
4007 4011 21st Ave SW / Aerial Preliminary Report
Ord. 122519
Ord. 124111
4325 Parcel At 200 MLK Way JR Surplus 10/11/2007 SOLD 200 Martin Luther King Jr Way / Aerial Preliminary Report
Ord 124111
3662 Portion of North Transfer Station Surplus 10/1/2012
N 34th St, east of Stone Way N Preliminary Report
Ord. 123999
776 House at Taylor Creek Surplus 12/17/2012
10042 Rainier Ave S Final Report
Ord. 124075
9171 Kent Highlands Landfill Surplus 2/14/2013
Contact SPU
23076 Military Road S Final Report
CB 117703
4169 SPD Parking and Fueling Station Surplus 9/24/2012 Sold 12/28/2012 1628 12th Ave Preliminary Report
Ord. 123980
3950 Drainage at N 140th and Lenora Pl N Preliminary Report 10/10/2008
Surplus 12/17/2012
14000 Lenora P N Preliminary Report
Ord. 124070
4538 1125 N 98th St Building Excess Property Notice 6/10/2011 Pending Transfer to SCL
1125 N 98th ST Ord. 123619
Ord. 123619
560 SCL Sunset Substation Preliminary Report 2009 Contact SCL 3209 NW 65th ST Preliminary Report
555 SCL Boulevard Park Former Substation Preliminary Report 2009 Contact SCL 11625 Des Moines Memorial Dr / Aerial Preliminary Report
544 SCL Green Lake Substation Preliminary Report 2010 Contact SCL 949 N 80th St /Aerial Preliminary Report
536 SCL Boulevard Park Former Substation Preliminary Report 2009 Contact SCL 11625 Des Moines Memorial Dr / Aerial Preliminary Report