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The City of Seattle owns properties which are used for various municipal purposes such as fire stations, swimming pools, parks and offices. It is the City’s policy to use and develop City-owned real property in a manner which best serves the long-term interests of the City and its citizens as a whole, subject to provisions of law. In order to carry out municipal purposes, the city may also lease or acquire easements or permits to property which it does not own outright.

The Real Estate Services of the Finance and Administrative Services Division (FAS) maintains listings and maps of city-owned property. FAS is also responsible for ongoing review of the City’s property inventory and coordinating decision-making processes for reuse and disposition of property.

The property finder is a web based map that allows users to search for information City owned property. You may search for a City owned property by address, PMA or interactive map search.

Other On-Line Resources

The City web team publishes My Neighborhood Map: My neighborhood map is a way to find City property and services.

The Facility Operations Division of the Department of Finance and Administrative Services manages City owned general use property. For maintenance issues relating to City owned property please complete a Service Request

Department of Planning and Development has a variety of on line mapping tools including: DPD Activity Locator, DPD GIS, Parcel Data , Side Sewer Cards & Maps

Seattle Department of Transportation: The Street Use Division of City of Seattle Department of Transportation manages the City‘s right of way. Properties are currently used for a major capital project are managed by the Major Capital Projects Division

Seattle City Light owns property for the purpose of providing energy services to its customers. City Light may grant others the right to use its property. For more information visit the Property Usage page.

City of Seattle Parks Department manages parks property. To find a specific park or for information about a park property visit their web site.

Seattle Public Utilities manages City owned water and drainage property. The use of the property is subject to a permit. Please contact the SPU Real Estate Services Unit

King County iMap provides access to property ownership, sales information, property attributes, and tax information.

King County Parcel Viewer provides parcel mapping and date as well as links to the Assessor database.