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Real Estate Services Property Sales

FAS Properties

Central District and West Seattle properties have been sold.

Snippet Parcels

The City of Seattle owns a number of parcels of land that are less than 2,000 square feet in size. Legislation is needed to authorize the sale of City owned property. The process takes between six and nine months, and requires a sale at a fair market price. If your property is adjacent to one of these small City owned fee owned properties, and you are interested in the process to purchase one of these parcels that will merge with your existing adjacent parcel, please contact Hillary Hamilton.

The Snippet identified as PMA 4324, located east of the P patch and adjacent to four parcels- 511, 517,523. And 527 28th Avenue South have been authorized by ordinance number 121777 to be sold to the adjacent property owner at a fair market value.

Map of 4324

SCL Properties

Seattle City Light under resolution 31424 is conducting property reviews for excess Seattle City Light properties.

Seattle City Light has listed three former substations for sale. For more information click address for link to property flyer.

SPU Properties

No Seattle Public Utilities Properties are available at this time.

Please visit our Properties Reviews page to see properties under consideration for reuse or disposition.

Policies adopted by Resolution 30862 govern the procedures for evaluating reuse and disposition of excess property.