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Policies - Relocation Assistance

The intent of the policy is to minimize the hardship of displacement on households and businesses as a result of City projects and programs which result in the City acquiring private property. Ordinance 121998 amended the Seattle Municipal Code Section 20.84 to extend the same assistance to any displaced households or businesses regardless of the source of funds used for a City project, so that all households and businesses are treated fairly and equitably. The City's policy for relocation assistance is based closely on the Uniform Relocation Assistance Act (42 U.S.C. 4601). Projects and programs with State and Federal funding may be subject to additional State and Federal requirements.

Under a separate policy, The City, by Ordinance 119163 adopted a Residential Anti displacement and Relocation Assistance Plan (RARAP) as required by the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development for projects receiving certain federal funds (e.g., CDBG, UDAG). See the Seattle Office of Housing for more information.

The City requires that a private property owner must provide relocation assistance to residential tenants under certain circumstances. The Department of Planning and Development is responsible for oversight of the Tenant Relocation ordinance.