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Historic Fire Stations 37 and 38 to be sold

UPDATE:  Fire Station 37 has been sold for $613,000. Details available here.

UPDATE:  Fire Station 38 has been sold for $712,000. Details available here.

With new facilities in operation for Fire Station 37 (West Seattle) and 38 (Ravenna Bryant), the City Council approved the sale of these two historic former fire stations on September 6, 2011.  The City is currently seeking brokerage services, and the properties are expected to be listed for sale early in 2012.  A competitive process for fair market value will provide revenues to the Fire Facilities and Emergency Response Levy Fund.

More information about these two properties is found in the documents listed below.

If you are a potential purchaser for either of these two landmark properties, please contact  Louis Webster (Fire Station 37) at phone 206-684-0357 or Richard Gholaghong (Fire Station 38) at 206-684-0621.

If you are a real estate broker interested in working with the City of Seattle on the marketing and disposition of these two properties, please contact Daniel Bretzke at phone 206-733-9882.

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