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Real Estate Services

FAS Real Estate Services (RES) is a work unit in Facility Operations Division of the Finance and Administrative Services Department. RES provides centralized real estate services to City decision-makers, other City departments and the general public. We implement simple to complex real estate transactions to accomplish major City goals. Our key functions are Property Acquisitions and Dispositions, Leasing, and Appraisals. RES leads City-wide Real Estate Policy development and manages the City-wide Property Database.

Property Reuse and Disposition

RES manages the reuse and disposition process for all City properties. Properties that have been declared excess by City Department are listed by Department in the Excess Property Report. Properties that are in the process of review by RES are listed on the property review page .


RES is responsible for leasing transactions for most City departments. When space is required for expansion of City offices or other functions, RES acts as the Department’s agent to secure leased space. If excess space is available in City buildings, FAS solicits tenants to lease that space until the City requires the space.

SDOT Leasing SDOT Leasing

SDOT has released an update to the RFP process for King Street Station Leaseing

SDOT invites proposals to enter into a lease for a portion of the recently renovated King Street Station (KSS). The intent of this Request for Proposals is to solicit market rate proposals from either a) tenants interested in leasing the 2nd and/or 3rd floors of KSS, b) separate tenants for each of three spaces on the 2nd floor, c) a master tenant (who would have responsibility for marketing, paying for tenant improvements, leasing and managing the office portion of the building) and/or d) a separate tenant for the café space on the 1st floor (a café lease would be subject to Amtrak approval). Please contact SDOT’s Joan Rosenstock at 206-684-8541.


Obtaining an appraisal is an important component of due diligence any time the City acquires or disposes of real property. Most City appraisals are obtained by contract with commercial appraisal firms.


RES acts to acquire property needed for new or expanded facilities such as police precincts, fire stations and other general government buildings. RES carries the acquisition project from site searches, through due diligence and negotiations and finishing with closing of the real estate transaction. Relocation assistance is provided to qualified owners and tenants.


RES is responsible for coordinating the development of citywide real estate policies, and works with other City departments in drafting and reviewing policies. Policies developed by staff are reviewed by the Real Estate Oversight Committee and the Law Department, and upon Mayoral approval, are forwarded to the Council for review and adoption.


RES coordinates the review of City use of general purpose property and is responsible for emergency facility planning.

City Property Database

RES maintains RPAMIS (Real Property Asset Management Information System). This database of all City of Seattle real property interests, from fee-owned properties to easements and leases. City departments provide information on property transactions, and RES independently tracks City Council actions as well as reconciling City data with County Assessor data. The database supports general inquiries both inside and outside of City government.

For more information, please contact Hillary Hamilton; (206-684-0421).