PMA #145

Greenwood Senior Center

The Greenwood Senior Center property is currently leased to the Phinney Neighborhood Association. The lease is characterized as a mutually offsetting benefits lease. In lieu of paying the City cash rent, the Phinney Neighborhood Association instead provides services to the public. In its response to City Council Statement of Legislative Intent 58-1-A-2, FAS took the position that when a property is subject to a MOB lease and the tenant has demonstrated the capacity to manage the property on a long-term basis, title to the property should be transferred to the tenant. FAS is reviewing the potential disposition of the property through the standard review process.

The Department of Finance and Administrative Services has determined that the Greenwood Senior Center property — located at 525 N. 85th St., is excess to its needs. FAS is proposing to transfer the property to its long-time tenant, the Phinney Neighborhood Association. In return, the PNA would agree to continue operating the existing senior center for a term of not less than 15 years.

As part of the public involvement process required under the City's Procedures for Evaluation of the Reuse and Disposal of the City's Property, FAS has developed the draft Preliminary Recommendations Report and the draft Public Involvement Plan linked below. FAS welcomes your comments on this draft.

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