PMA #110

Former Fire Station 6

Seattle Police Department's Parking Enforcement Division has relocated to the former Fire Station 6 on a temporary basis. The City is currently evaluating other City uses for the property. The Office of Economic Development published a request for qualifications to develop a feasibility study to use the property as a cultural innovation hub. Download a copy of the complete RFQ.

Standard Review Process Documents

Community Outreach

In February 2012, we mailed the Opportunity for Input community flier concerning the disposition of former Fire Station 6 to taxpayers and residents residing within a 1,000-foot radius of the former fire station, as well as to community groups and other interested parties. This was the first of many opportunities for the public to provide comment on the disposition. FAS published a Preliminary Report and Recommendation in June 2012, which:

  • Analyzed the property characteristics.
  • Compiled and reviewed public comments received.
  • Reported any interest from other City or Governmental agencies.
  • Reviewed land use constraints and the real estate market.
  • Made a recommendation based on the above factors.

FAS held a public meeting in October 2012 regarding the disposition of the former Fire Station 6.

Miscellaneous Other Documents