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Women and Minority Business (WMBE)

This page provides resources about the City of Seattle Women and Minority-owned Business Enterprise (WMBE) program. The City's commitment to communities we serve is to include WMBEs in our contract opportunities. If you have questions, please contact Forrest Gillette, Senior Strategic Advisor for WMBE Equity or Miguel Beltran, Manager for Contract Compliance.


The City of Seattle is happy to announce that Lily Keefe, of the Federal Department of Transportation Small Business Transportation Resource Center (SBTRC) will be at Seattle Municipal Tower. She will take appointments on Tuesdays and Fridays to provide technical assistance for any interested firms, but Drop-Ins on those days are welcome, too.
Please contact her at 206-718-7250 or
Learn more here.

WMBE Inclusion Plan

WMBE Inclusion Plan Form is to be completed for most of the following projects. It is a condition of responsiveness for biding.

WMBE Experts
Construction Primes must name a WMBE Expert for projects estimated at or above $2,000,000.

Consultant and Purchasing WMBE Inclusion Plans
Most consultant projects above $280,000 require and evaluate an Inclusion Plan as part of the proposal response.  The Plan will be customized to the project.

Online Business Directory
Declare your interest in doing business for the City. Our Online Business Directory functiones like"yellow pages" for City departments and for primes seeking subcontractors. The system is only the first step in showing your interest; it does not certify or "approve" you, and will not automatically place you on bid lists.

City's WMBE Definition
WMBE firms need not be State certified to meet the City's WMBE definition. The City defines WMBE firms as at least 51% owned by women and/or minority. To be recognized as a WMBE, register on the City's Online Business Directory. Federally-funded transportation projects require a Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) program; for that program, firms must be certified by the Washington State Office of Minority and Women Business Enterprises (OMWBE).

I need a subcontract team.
How can I connect to
WMBE firms?

I am a WMBE firm.  I self-identified as a WMBE in the City's Online Business Directory. What next?

When seeking subcontract teams including women or minority-owned firms, search the City Online Business Directory and Consultant Roster. Questions? Call Steven Larson at 206-684-4529

Are you a Vendor for goods and services? Contact City Purchasing to learn of blanket contracts, bidding opportunities and networking events with City departments. Questions? Call Forrest Gillette at 206-684-3081

Search the City's Consultant Roster. This list includes WMBE firms. Questions? Call Steven Larson at 206-684-4529

Are you a consultant? Apply for the City Consultant Roster. The City uses this roster to select firms for many projects under $277,000. This roster has a small business criteria for certain categories of work. Questions? Call Steven Larson at 206-684-4529

Search the Office of Minority Women Business Enterprises Directory, the online list of certified W/M/DBE firms. Questions? Call OMWBE at 866-208-1064

Are you a Certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprises firm? Apply for Federal DBE Certification. The City uses this certification list for federally funded projects.


For information about City opportunities contact:

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