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Green Purchasing Program

The Green Purchasing Program implements the City commitments to promoting environmental stewardship and reducing greenhouse gas emissions when buying goods, materials, services, and capital improvements. 

Overview and Commitments
The Green Purchasing Program is a cooperative effort among City departments, hosted by City Purchasing Services. Staff from City departments strategize, promote and review outcomes, identifying market transformation opportunities, developing specifications and selection criteria, and educating vendors and end users. Seattle Public Utilities Waste Reduction Program provides environmental technical assistance.

The Green Purchasing Program supports several City policies and goals, and provides tools for City departments to be a model for local citizens, businesses and other governmental agencies. Read on for more details.

Policy and Requirements
A number of City policies, directives and ordinances drive our green procurement. The primary ones are:

Guidance for City Purchasers and Vendors
In addition to Council and Executive directives, we use general and special contracting language. "Boilerplate," that is, standard language in Seattle solicitations and contracts, lays out environmental requirements for all vendors. These include: No idling of vehicles; Use of 100%-post-consumer recycled paper, double-sided printing, and no extraneous covers or dividers; read more about Guidance for Vendors.

Besides boilerplate, many specific criteria, qualifications, and conditions are incorporated into our RFPs, ITBs, and contracts. Read more about examples of Seattle contracts and see examples of Green Purchasing Solicitations and Contract Language.


A rich selection of green purchasing resources help us in our green purchasing efforts. We are always learning from others, and we are happy to share with you. Click here to see a range of resources we recommend.

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