Appeals Process

Appeals regarding discipline (suspension, demotion, termination) must be filed within ten (10) days of the date of the letter written by the Dept. informing the employee of its final decision regarding a disciplinary action.  

Filing Appeals and Request for Decision during "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" Order

The COVID-19 virus has greatly impacted the Seattle-King County and the City of Seattle. In accordance with Local Health Orders, Mayor Durkan has taken proactive measures designed to slow the spread of the virus and keep both residents and visitors to our city safe.

The Public Safety Civil Service Commission in response to Governor Inslee's "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" proclamation and directives from our federal, state and City leaders, will temporarily halt receiving Fire and Police appeals in person or through the commission mail slot at SMT.  You can access forms on this page. If you are unable to send a scanned copy or fillable .pdf of the form, please cut and paste the Appeal (Via Email) information and send your appeal to or

APPEAL (Via Email)


Full Name, Address, Contact Number

Position and Department

Employee Number

DISCIPLINE: Review of and Appeal from Actions or Decision of the (Executive) Director; Suspension; Discharge; Demotion; Violation of Article XVI of the City Charter of the City of Seattle, PSCSC Ordinance, or PSCSC Rules or Other Personnel related issue

Briefly state the reason for your appeal? Remedy sought?


Union Name and Local Number

Have you filed a grievance with your union? Is the matter a subject of arbitration pursuant to a collective bargaining agreement?


Do you have any attorney or another person representing you for this appe

We do require a signature on your Appeal, please complete the forms (see links below) and send your signed form via US postal to the commission office 700 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1670, PO Box 94729, Seattle, WA 98124-4729



Appeal Form

Request to Withdraw Appeal