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Line of duty deaths 1940 - 1959

FRED H. HULL - End of Watch: November 15, 1945
Fred Hull

Commission Date: January 1, 1927
Rank: Patrol Officer

On November 15, 1945, at about midnight, Seattle Police Officer Fred H. Hull was shot and killed in the line of duty. Officer Ralph Osborne and his partner, Officer Charles Dean, responded to a report of a man brandishing a knife in a tavern. The officers located the man at a nearby service station at 19th Avenue East and East Madison Street. The suspect was found sitting in the office. Officer Fred Hull and his partner, Officer Thomas Magnussen, responded as backup. Officers ordered the suspect out. The suspect pulled a gun, and fired a handgun through the glass. Officer Osborne was shot in the foot, and went down. Officer Hull stepped between the suspect and Osborne. Hull was shot three times and fell to the ground. Officer Dean shot and killed the suspect after the suspect had retreated to a service bay. Officer Osborn survived his wound. Officer Fred H. Hull died at the scene. He was survived by his wife, Hazel, and sons Ronald and Raymond.

WILLIAM T. RUMBLE - End of Watch: October 29, 1947
William Rumble

Commission Date: December 13, 1941
Rank: Patrol Officer

On October 28, 1947, at about 4:45 AM, Seattle Police Officer William T. Rumble was injured in the line of duty. Officer Rumble was on-duty in downtown Seattle when another vehicle struck his patrol car at 5th Avenue and Pine Street. The impact ejected Officer Rumble from his vehicle and onto the pavement. He was then run over by his own patrol car. Officer William T. Rumble was taken to Swedish Hospital, where he died during the evening hours of October 29, 1947. He was survived by his wife Ailene, and two daughters Judith Ann and Maureen.

HARRY W. VOSPER - End of Watch: July 21, 1949
Harry Vosper

Commission Date: December 26, 1945
Rank: Detective

On July 21, 1949, around 12:40 a.m., Seattle Police Detective Harry W. Vosper was shot and killed in the line of duty. Detective Vosper responded to a barricaded man call in the 300 block of 22nd Avenue. The suspect had assaulted his wife and shot a neighbor and a tow truck driver because he was enraged about an earlier court decision not to rescind his $50 monthly support payment to his estranged wife. The suspect exchanged gunfire with officers. When he refused to surrender, tear gas was dropped inside the house and the suspect came out shooting. Detective Vosper stepped between the suspect and another detective. Vosper was shot once. Detective Harry W. Vosper was rushed to Harborview County Hospital where he was pronounced dead. He was survived by his wife, Bernice.

JOHN T. CLANCY - End of Watch: December 28, 1949
John Clancy

Commission Date: December 10, 1946
Rank: Motorcycle Officer

On December 24, 1949, at about 11:40 PM, Seattle Police Officer John T. Clancy was injured in the line of duty. Officer Clancy was riding his police motorcycle on Aurora Avenue North at Galer St. when he was hit by a drunk driver. Officer John T. Clancy was taken to Harborview County Hospital. He never regained consciousness, and died at 1:30 AM on December 28, 1949 He was survived by his wife Norma Jean, and his son, Michael.

FRANK HARDY - End of Watch: March 12, 1954
Frank Hardy

Commission Date: December 26, 1951
Rank: Patrol Officer

On March 12, 1954, at about 11:00 AM, Seattle Police Officer Frank Hardy was shot and killed in the line of duty. Officers responded to a bank robbery alarm at the SeaFirst Bank, Greenwood Branch, in the 8500 block of Greenwood Avenue North. Three suspects were robbing the bank. Officer Hardy and Officer Vernon Chase took up positions outside the bank as Sergeant Howard Slessman approached the bank's west door. Sergeant Slessman was shot by one of the suspects who fired through the glass door. The same suspect started walking through the bank lobby and towards the east exit when he looked through a window and saw Officer Hardy outside. He fired a shot through the window which hit Officer Hardy in the head. When the same suspect exited the bank through the east door, he shot and wounded Officer Chase.

All three officers were shot with the same gun. The suspects fled in a stolen vehicle. In their haste, they dropped a money bag containing $90,000.

Officer Chase and Sergeant Slessman survived their injuries. Officer Frank Hardy was taken to Harborview County Hospital, where he died. Officer Hardy was survived by his pregnant wife, Rolene, and his daughter, Antoinette.

JAMES C. BRIZENDINE - End of Watch: July 21, 1955

Commission Date: Unknown
Rank: Patrol Officer

On July 21, 1955, at about 1:00 AM, Seattle Police Officer James C. Brizendine was shot and killed in the line of duty. Officer Brizendine and his partner were investigating a report of a prowler in the 4200 block of 4th Avenue Northeast. Upon arrival, they searched the yard in question. When Officer Brizendine reached an adjoining yard, he walked toward the house, shining his flashlight. The homeowner, alerted by his neighbor that there was a prowler in the area, believed Officer Brizendine was the prowler. The homeowner stated that when the flashlight hit his eyes, he thought he was going to be shot. He fired a single shotgun blast, striking Officer Brizendine in the abdomen. Officer James C. Brizendine was taken to Harborview County Hospital, where he died forty-five minutes later. He was survived by his wife Edna and two daughters.

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