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The NVP Project is a proactive way for SPD to hear from a wide variety of city residents and see their neighborhoods as they do.

In June 2010, the Department began its Neighborhood View Point (NVP) project.  The project involves brief, one-on-one interviews of residents and neighborhood businesses by officers.  The purpose of the project is to learn what residents regard as the most pressing concerns in their neighborhoods that the City needs to address.

The pilot phases of the NVP project were completed in the first half of 2011. During the pilot phases, residents in nine beats in four precincts were surveyed as well as neighborhood businesses in nine business districts across all five precincts were contacted. Preliminary results have been compiled for these surveys and through systematic debriefing of officers conducting surveys, some revisions to survey instruments and protocols have been made.

A report on the findings of the pilot phases of this project will be published later in 2011.

Why do this project?
Don't you know what the problems are?

Official crime statistics and calls for service can paint an incomplete picture of what is going on in a neighborhood.  Residents, on the other hand, will often be aware of situations that cause them concern, but have not yet resulted in any official report.  By seeing neighborhoods as their residents do, the Department hopes to identify and work on the public safety problems of greatest concern to residents and to do so early on, when these problems are easier to address.

Why not just rely on blogs and existing advisory councils and community groups for this information?

Blogs, advisory councils and community groups are valuable sources of information about neighborhoods, but not everyone participates in such forums.  In addition, police departments elsewhere have found that a fuller, richer picture of a neighborhood is gained by having direct contact with individual residents.

Will I be contacted as part of this project?

During the pilot testing phases, a limied number of residents and business people were contacted. As the NVP project continues, the effort will expand throughout the city. However, the project design does not call for all residents or businesses to be contacted.

Which officers are being used to work on the NVP project?

The officers doing the one-on-one surveys in the first part of the field test were not regular patrol officers.  They were officers from the Community Police Teams (CPTs) in two precincts.  These officers work on neighborhood problems with residents and do not have regular beat assignments.  In the second phase of the field test, patrol officers completed a limited number of surveys in their regular sectors of assignment, as time permits.  The Department’s number one mission is emergency response to calls and that mission is in no way affected by the NVP project.  In the future, what is learned from the NVP project may affect how patrol officers spend their time when they are not responding to calls for service.  It may also identify problems that other departments in city government need to address.

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