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Bus Stop

Plan your route ahead of time to minimize waiting time.


  • Keep bus schedules of frequently traveled routes and plan ahead to minimize waiting time.
  • Choose the “safest” bus stop you can.  Usually the best choice is a stop on a main street that is well lit with lots of traffic and people around.
  • Be very aware when waiting for and/or exiting a bus.  If attacks occur, they usually happen as a person was waiting at a bus shelter or soon after he/she exited a bus.
  • If there is a shelter at your bus stop, use it but do not huddle in the back or corner.  This makes it clear to criminals that you do not have an easy exit.
  • Sit near the front of the bus.  If you are close to the driver you are less likely to be harassed. 
  • If someone does bother or frighten you with their behavior, move to another seat as soon as you can.  If it continues let the driver and other passengers know.
  • If you use the bus regularly, consider a transit pass or pre-purchased bus tickets to eliminate fumbling for cash. 


  • Lock you car door while you are driving as well as when you leave your car.
  • Travel well-lit and busy streets.  Plan your route.
  • Instead of putting a purse or bag in seat beside you; put it on the floor, where it is more difficult for someone to grab it.
  • Car prowls occur frequently and in all neighborhoods.  Learn to leave your car, including the trunk, empty of personal belongings. 
  • When out shopping, lock packages and other valuables in the trunk.  Do not leave them on the back seat or on the floor of the car where potential thieves can see them.
  • Never pick up hitchhikers.
  • Park in busy, well-lit, open areas; even if it means paying for a spot in a lot or walking further.
  • When you return to your car, have your keys in hand and check around the vehicle as you approach and check the front and back seat before you get in.  If you do see someone, back off and go for help.  Do not confront or try to “race” to your car.
  • Keep your car in good mechanical condition to minimize the possibility of a breakdown.  This includes keeping the gas tank at least half full, current roadmaps, emergency equipment & extra clothes or blankets if traveling in cold winter areas.
  • If you do break down, stay inside your locked car.  Use a cell phone to summon help.  If another motorist or passerby stops to see if you need help, ask them to call police or your auto club.  Crack open your window slightly to speak to them, but do not get out of the car until police or a tow truck arrives.
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