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West Precinct Bike Officer Michael Eastman.


On Tuesday, October 11, from 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM - two West Precinct Bike Squad Officers will be giving the public a sample of their day, via a virtual twitter ride-along, or "tweet along".

Visit our SeattlePD twitter account, #tweetalong to follow their day. And of course, you can "follow" @SeattlePD on twitter every day.


Officer Michael Eastman

Officer Michael Eastman was hired by the Seattle Police Department in August 2007 after a previous career in the retail sector.  Officer Eastman is the first member of his family to be employed in law enforcement.  Upon graduating from the police academy, Officer Eastman was assigned to the West Precinct as a 2nd Watch, King Sector patrol officer.

In July of 2009 Officer Eastman was assigned to the downtown foot beat squad.  The squad patrols downtown and makes hundreds of daily contacts. Officer Eastman’s squad works two days in the retail core and two days in Pioneer Square.  His squad deploys as bicycle patrol or foot beat as needed. Officer Eastman enjoys this assignment and the close contact with the community it has given him.



West Precinct Bike Officer Jeremy Pinkerton.

Officer Jeremy Pinkerton was hired by the Seattle Police Department in January 2008.  He previously worked as a sales representative for a Seattle electrical company.  He was always interested in police work after listening to the many stories his father told at the dinner table while growing up.  His father was a Washington State Department of Corrections officer who frequently partnered up with and assisted the Seattle Police. Officer Pinkerton tested for the Seattle Police Department to enjoy a more rewarding career.

Upon graduating from the police academy, Officer Pinkerton was assigned to the West Precinct 2nd Watch, working King Sector.  He worked that area in a patrol car for more than a year before he got accepted into the 2nd Watch Foot Beat Squad.  He was partnered up with Officer Eastman at that time and they have been partners ever since.  He has enjoyed the opportunity to work closer to the community he serves as a bicycle and foot beat officer.

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