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February 10, 2014

WEST Precinct Captain Jim DERMODY

Jim Dermody

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West Precinct Command Change and My Thanks

Effective Wednesday February 12th, I will take command of SPD’s Narcotics Section.  Captain Chris Fowler will be the new West Precinct Commander.

As a lifelong Seattleite, second generation SPD Officer and 24-year member of the Seattle Police Department, the past twenty months have been a privilege to again serve the West Precinct neighborhoods.

I am proud of the officers and civilian staff of the West Precinct who serve every day with pride and dedication.  They operationalized my three priorities of safety, professionalism and innovation. 

The crime data for 2013 for the West Precinct as reported to the FBI showed no increase in overall Part 1 crimes, the benchmark among cities.  One other precinct showed a 1% reduction while the other three had slight increases.

However, we know that Part 1 crimes are only one part of the overall picture.  As part of the Center-City Initiative, the stakeholders learned that on-going alignment among city departments and others in all three branches of government that touch public safety is essential and partnerships and problem solving are critical to the co-production of our public safety.  You helped us close gaps and identify others.  There is more work to be done.  Last Friday, Mayor Murray and City Councilmember Bagshaw announced these efforts will continue with even stronger support.

We also learned those who make downtown home, run businesses, non-profits, and associations or are otherwise a stakeholder here; they want to know where our officers are spending their uncommitted time and what their activities and outputs are at key “hotspots” and other locations about which they care deeply.  These data also help tell the story.

January 1 - December 31, 2013

CCI Neighborhood Arrest Events* Prevention**
Belltown 1 425 7,315
Central Business Dist.2 912 10,376
Pioneer Square3 555 5,384
Chinatown/I.D.4 210 4,980
Totals 2,102 28,055


1Western Ave. to 5th Ave., Clay St. to Virginia St.
21st Ave. to 5th Ave., Virginia St. to University St.
3Alaskan Wy. to 4th Ave., Columbia St. to S. Royal Brougham Way
45th Ave. S. to I-5, Yesler Wy. to S. Dearborn St.

*ARREST EVENTS - has at least one person arrested.
**PREVENTION - Includes Directed Patrol, Predictive Patrol, Premise Check Events. Directed Patrols are typically an average of 15 minutes in duration at the highest crime and disorder block faces identified by 911 call data. Predictive Patrols (using PredPol software) and Premise Checks are typically longer.

I am proud of the work all of our staff has done for the following initiatives:

  • Center-City Initiative (CCI):  An inter-departmental effort which began just prior to my arrival at the West Precinct in May ‘12 to focus on public safety and economic viability in 4 key downtown neighborhoods.  The Center-City Roundtable was comprised of key downtown stakeholders including business, residential, DSA, human service providers and city and county staff. 
  • L.E.A.D:  Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion:  Grant funded (Ford Foundation and Open Society-primary funders) harm reduction model designed to have law enforcement divert arrestees and others (low level narcotics and prostitution offenders) to case managers and eventual needed services.  The current “catchment area” is Belltown south to Pike Street.  The City Council provided funding to expand L.E.A.D. in 2014’s budget to all of downtown.
  • *C.O.P.S. Juvenile Hotspot Grant:  The Department of Justice’s Community Oriented Policing Services Office grant (grantee is George Mason University’s Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy) partnering with SPD’s West Precinct focusing on juvenile crime-related “hotspots.”  One sergeant and six officers are dedicated to three West Precinct “treatment areas” (block faces) for a pre-determined operational period. 
  • Drug Market Initiative:  Chinatown/I.D.  The summer of 2013 operation with the “call-in” occurring on Nov. 20th.  The Seattle Neighborhood Group assisted as it was given previous budget authority for DMI support in 2013.  28 suspects were identified for multiple felony drug sales offenses.
  • D.U.I. Support from the Washington State Traffic Safety Commission WSTSC):  We coordinated with the WSTSC Director, Darrin Grondel, for a grant request to support DUI overtime support on Friday and Saturday nights each week in downtown Seattle.  This was approved for a 6-month pilot project for 2014.
  • Data-Driven & Evidence-Based Approach to Proactive Work: While utilizing a second Crime Analysis Unit detective, the West Precinct continued to lead the way among the precincts in strategically directing all officers’ “uncommitted time” using Directed Patrol foot beats and Predictive Patrol (PP) focus.  The goals are the reduction of 911 calls and the reduction in PP measured property crimes, respectively. 

I am also proud that last October 25th, the Seattle Police Foundation held its 12th Annual Police Recognition Awards at the Sheraton Hotel Grand Ballroom where community stakeholders recognized SPD employees including the Seattle Police Department’s Officer of the Year, Officer Aaron McAuley from the West Precinct Night Bike Squad.  Aaron was recognized for his overall work in 2013, including work at one of our nighttime “hotspots.”

Last, our officers perform their work with service, pride and dedication every day.  Most of the daily work goes unnoticed, but certainly not unappreciated by the recipient of that customer service. 

Our Department’s external website allows for community members to send thank you messages and other recognition for service they receive and actions they notice.  Please do not hesitate to do so:

Thank you and stay safe.

Captain Jim Dermody
West Precinct Commander

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