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Quarterly Update


The officers of the West Precinct have been busy so far this year in our many downtown neighborhoods.  Key work is noted below in the four downtown Center-City Initiative neighborhoods.  Many of the arrests our officers make are for arrest warrants for previous crimes committed or violations of probation. 

January 1 - September 30th, 2013
(Q1 - Q3, 2013)

CCI Neighborhood Arrest Events* Prevention**
Belltown 1 146 5942
Central Business Dist.2 797 8157
Pioneer Square3 133 4186
Chinatown/I.D.4 96 4076
Totals 1172 22,361


1Western Ave. to 5th Ave., Clay St. to Virginia St.
21st Ave. to 5th Ave., Virginia St. to University St.
3Alaskan Wy. to 4th Ave., Columbia St. to S. Royal Brougham Way
45th Ave. S. to I-5, Yesler Wy. to S. Dearborn St.

*ARREST EVENTS - has at least one person arrested.
**PREVENTION - Includes Directed Patrol, Predictive Patrol, Premise Check Events. Directed Patrols are typically an average of 15 minutes in duration at the highest crime and disorder block faces identified by 911 call data. Predictive Patrols (using PredPol software) and Premise Checks are typically longer.

Arrests - Central Predictive Arrests

Q1-Q3, 2013 Arrest Concentrations                            Q1-Q3, 2013 Directed Patrol/Premise Checks/
Central Business District                                           Predictive Patrol Concentrations


The Seattle Police Foundation held its 12th Annual Police Recognition Awards on October 25th at the Sheraton Hotel Grand Ballroom where community stakeholders recognized outstanding work done by officers and civilian support staff this past year.  The Seattle Police Department’s Officer of the Year was Officer Aaron McAuley from the West Precinct Night Bike Squad for his overall work in 2013, including work at one of our nighttime “hotspots” captured within the arrest concentrations map above.

Our officers perform their daily work with service, pride and dedication.  Most of the daily work goes unnoticed.  Our Department’s external website allows for community members to send thank you messages and other recognition.  Below are just a few received for West Precinct Officers in September:

Officers Tom Burns and Bob Besaw -

“I wanted to thank both officers for their help after my car accident with a drunk driver.
They were very nice and helpful. I also wanted to apologize at yelling at them in the heat of the
moment when I had been chasing after the drunk driver after the hit and run. We both were headed
into the alleyway after him and I was yelling that they weren't being quick enough and that he was
going to get away. I appreciate that they were calm in response which ultimately made me calmer. I
realize they were ultimately just doing their jobs, but wanted to give recognition that I thought they
both justly deserved.”  – Alexis (resident)

Sgt. Gracy - Community Police Team

“…….patiently worked with neighbors, tenants, and landlord to resolve a noise issue.  He kept everyone informed of the progress and hopefully this issue has resolved itself.  I appreciate his patience and people skills.”  – Jo (business owner)

Officers Miller, Richardson, Atkinson, Bendickson, Sweeney, Vwich and Snyder

“Hello, I would like to compliment the officers who responded to an incident at our apartment complex on 9/14/13 at 8:13 pm. We feel that the officers were very patient and only used necessary force to bring the incident to a safe end for all involved.  We feel that all the officers did a great job of de-escalating an explosive situation and we would like to compliment them.”  - Holly and apartment building staff.

Officer Pete Cavinta

“We were driving on Jackson and saw Officer Cavinta assisting an elderly woman with a walker across the busy (and bumpy, due to construction) intersection. We drove around the block to get his name and badge number in order to thank him and found that he was providing an individual with directions. We wanted to thank him for his wonderful public service to the citizens of Seattle.” -Tara (resident)

Officer Al Lopez

“I was having trouble walking that night as I left the game and a person who had helped
me inside approached a group of officers standing out front and Al Lopez came over and offered to walk
me to my car which gave me peace of mind and much needed moral support. He was very friendly and a
great representative for the SPD!! I did thank him profusely at the time but wanted to again express
my appreciation of this fine officer and to let you know as well the treasure that you have!”
-Linda (resident)

Officers Moon, Edwards, Sweeney, Newsome, Bender, Stuart, Pirak and Bonesteel
“Several police officers and other first responders came quickly when called about a man
who was very high and disrupting the neighborhood. My daughter lives in an apartment there and was
a bit freaked out. She was asked to come down and speak to officers, who asked what she had seen
and then took the time to explain what had happened and assure her that everything was okay. Thank
you for your quick response and caring enough to talk to the young women from the second floor
window. It helped a lot.”  -Betsy (mother of downtown resident)

Captain Jim Dermody
West Precinct Commander
Lifelong Seattle Resident and Second Generation SPD

< Past Captain's Log Entries


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