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Seattle Police Department Kathleen O'Toole, Chief of Police

July 16, 2013


9700 Arrowsmith Dr S – Officer McRae spoke with the person who has power of attorney over the house. She stated that she sent her nephew, a 20 day notice to vacate the home. If he does not move out in 20 days she will proceed with evicting him. Her nephew has been inviting guests to the home that have caused disturbances in the neighborhood. SPD has been to the home 3 times in the past 2 weeks.

Carwash/BBQ Barton Pl S/51st Ave S. – Subject moved his mobile car wash/barbecue after City Attorney Chin hand delivered a notice stating that the city was prepared to take legal action against him, and confiscate his illegal vending equipment. The subject was seen a day later doing business on private property in the 8800 blk of Rainier Ave S.

9400 blk Rainier Ave S – Officer McRae has been receiving complaints about a new hookah bar. There have been noise disturbances in the back parking lot.

Tuesday, July 9th- Officer Toman and Krise conducted a foot beat and business checks in Columbia City. They obtained signed trespass warning and enforcement authorization reports from Columbia City Fitness and the Columbia City Theatre.

Friday, July12th- Officer Toman prepared police gear and bicycles for the officers working the Georgetown Sub- Pop Silver Jubilee the following day. There will be approximately 10,000 people with a bicycle squad and a foot beat squad.

Tuesday, July 9th- Officer Toman, Krise and City Attorney Melissa Chin responded to the 9200 blk of Barton Pl S. They served a subject notice to vacate city property for operating an illegal barbeque and mobile car wash. This has been in regards to an on-going community complaint.

Wednesday, July 10th- Officer Toman and Krise responded to the 3400 blk of 5th Av S along with Karen Sweeny from SDOT. They posted three encampments with orders to vacate and contacted a subject living along the freeway off ramp. This area was the recent site of a suspicious death. SDOT is working on a plan to fence and further secure the area.

Wednesday, July 10th- Officer Toman responded to 1st Av S/ S Denver St along with SDOT to post an encampment. This area has been a chronic problem with campers, abandoned vehicles, and metal scrappers. One of the subjects often rides off on his bicycle when he sees police. Officer Toman stood-by while Karen Sweeny posted the site. The subject who stays in the area was contacted. He has mental health issues, drug addictions, and refuses any help.

Wednesday, July 10th- Officer Toman and Krise conducted a premise at the lake side parks in regards to a possible indecent liberties incident involving a juvenile and for an increased police presence for the nice weather.
July 9th- Officer Krise stopped by the PPC Natural Market, located at 5100 Block of Wilson Ave S, and talked with employees regarding a parking complaint involving the store parking lot and street parking.  Officer Krise discussed the limitations of police involvement in the store lot and also talked about the City’s parking laws.  Officer Krise passed this information along to the South Precinct Parking Enforcement Officers.

July 9th- Officer Krise stopped by the Arch Lodge Cinemas, located at 4800 Block Rainier Ave S in Columbia City, to pick up a signed Trespass Warning and Authorization form.  He provided the Cinema with Trespass signage and educated them on where to post them.

July 9th- Officer Krise stopped by Columbia City Fitness, located at 4800 Block Rainier Ave S in Columbia City, and talked with the owner, regarding the City’s Trespass Warning and Authorization program.  Officer Krise obtained a signed copy of the authorization form and provided the owner with a number of signs.

July 10th- Officer Krise reviewed a report of a possible Sexual Offense/Indecent Liberties call that occurred on July 9th at Seward Park.  Officer Krise created an informational bulletin which included the suspect and vehicle description for Seattle Parks and Recreation employees.  Officer Krise emailed this bulletin to Parks supervisors who further disseminated them to employees at the waterside parks. 

July 12th- Officer Krise responded to an Accident/Shots Fired call at near the area of Seward Park Ave S and S Kenyon St.  This incident occurred during shift change for 1st and 2nd Watch so there were very few officers initially available to respond.  Officer Krise assisted patrol officers in blocking traffic, and foot search for a possible suspect who was seen fleeing the scene.

July 12th- Officer Krise drove down Lake Washington Blvd S and checked on all the waterside parks which have been busy with the warm weather.  Officer Krise provided a police presence in hopes to deter open liquor container violations and marijuana smoking in the parks.

July 13th- Officer Krise worked as a Patrol Bicycle Officer for the Sub Pop Silver Jubilee held in the Georgetown neighborhood of south Seattle.  There were three beer gardens at this event.  Officer Krise provided security around the perimeter and inside the sanctioned area.  

Greg Fliegel

Officer Fliegel conducted routine patrols throughout the neighborhoods of New Holly and Rainier Vista.  During the course of these patrols, he spent a considerable amount of time monitoring the area parks and green spaces, as well as the Chief Sealth trail.

Officer Fliegel assisted King County Detectives with an eviction in the 7200 block of 38 AV S.  The unit was vacant at the time of the eviction, and Officer Fliegel was cleared without incident.

Officer Fliegel visited Barton Place with the South Precincts City Attorney Liaison Melissa Chin in hopes of informing staff of the latest information related to the unauthorized food vendor who has been located on the south side of the property.  Staff was not available at the time of the visit, and no residents were contacted.

As of Tuesday 07/09/2013, the food vendor has left SHA property, and relocated to private property several blocks away. This could not have been accomplished without the hard work of the South Precinct City Attorney Liaison, South Precinct CPT officers, and the cooperation of SHA and multiple city agencies.

Linh Thach

Crime Prevention Activities
On Tuesday after attending the CPT meeting at South precinct, I went to Garfield Community Center to attend the Vietnamese Senior Lunch program.  At the gathering, we talked about Living Room Conversation with a group of Vietnamese seniors.  Kim who is an interim chair wants to host the Living Room Conversation on third Friday of every month.

Prevention Input
On Wednesday after visiting Filipino Community, Linh went to Little Saigon to have a meeting with a group of Vietnamese business owners at 12th Ave South and South Jackson Street.  In the meeting, many owners of the businesses were concerned about security issues in Little Saigon.  Many of them witnessed of drug exchanged at in front of the businesses.

Community Involvement Activities

On Wednesday, Linh went to FCC to attend the Laotian, Hmong and Mien Senior Lunch program.

On Friday, Linh spent a whole morning creating flyers in Vietnamese for Mt Baker Apartment.  LRC is on July 24, 2013 at 4:30 PM.

Race and Social Justice Activities

On July 13 & 14, Linh worked at China Town for the Dragon Festival.  There were thousands of Asian people attending the Dragon festival in China Town.

Crime Prevention Coordinator
Mark Solomon

Prevention Input
On Monday, 7/8/11, Mark participated in the Taylor Creek Restoration Project Interdepartmental team meeting.  The group discussed recommendations for public access options for the property they will make to the heads of Parks and SPU.

On Thursday, 7/11/13, Mark conducted a home security assessment for the owners of 9000 Block of 37th Ave S as a burglary follow-up.


July 12, 2013


Tuesday, July 2nd- Officer Toman responded to the Airlane Hotel in regards to the chronic nuisance property ordinance. He met with the manager and discussed a subject possibly staying at the Airlane using heroin who threatened suicide. There was also a separate DOC felony warrant arrest in the parking lot. The manager decided the subjects would not be allowed to stay in the future.

Tuesday, July 2nd- Officer Toman responded to 3500 block 5 Av S to a transient camp that had been linked to the scene of a suspicious death. Officer Toman contacted Karen Sweeny from SDOT and discussed plans to secure and clean-up the area which lies on SDOT property.

Tuesday, July 2nd- Officer Toman responded to the apartments at 1800 12 Av S. They have been the center of numerous community police team complaints. The owner recently passed away and Officer Toman met with his brother who is overseeing the building.

Tuesday, July 2nd- Officer Toman responded to 1200 Block S Bailey St in regards to a complaint from the business owner. He discussed his flower pots being broken on two different occasions and beer cans and bottles on the sidewalk each morning. Officer Toman discussed calling 911 and notified the district officers. Officer Toman is also working with a neighboring bar to ensure they pick up any litter around the business at closing.

Tuesday, July 2nd- Officer Toman, Krise, and City Attorney Melissa Chin responded to the 9200 blk of Rainier Av S. They monitored an illegal food vending and car wash operation that has been an on-going precinct project. The subject was operating, by both, selling food and washing vehicles.

Tuesday, July 2nd- Officer Toman and Krise responded to the Adams St Park in regards to on-going complaints about noise, drinking, and smoking. Parks department has agreed and been working on removing brush to open up the natural surveillance.

July 1st- Officer Krise backed 1st watch patrol officers with a 9-1-1 disturbance call that involved a female who suffers from a mental illness.  Officer Krise is Crisis Intervention Team trained and stood by while patrol conducted their investigation and offered a suggestion of referring her to the Geriatric Regional Assessment Team for assessment.

July 1st- Officer Krise and Officer Fliegel walked around Columbia City talking with a number of businesses and citizens who live in the area.

July 1st- Officer Krise and Officer Fliegel drove around the south precinct area handing out water bottles to homeless citizens due to the extreme high temperature.  CPT Officers passed out an entire case worth of water to transients in multiple locations around the south precinct.

July 1st- Officer Krise contacted a group of people drinking from open containers of liquor near the mini-mart at 3000 Block Rainier Ave S.  This is an on-going CPT project to work with the mini-mart and limit the liquor violations in the area.  Officer Krise gave the group verbal warnings and provided water to the group in place of the liquor due to the high temperatures.

July 2nd- Officer Krise drove down Lake Washington Blvd S to check on all the waterside parks.  He emphasized patrols in Stan Sayers Pitts Park and Seward Park to try and limit the drinking and smoking of marijuana in the parks. 

July 2nd- Officer Krise contacted the business owner of the Mini-mart located at 3000 Block Rainier Ave S, regarding her stores recent increase in alcohol related incidents and disturbances.  Mrs. Kim agreed to meet with Officer Krise, Sgt. Martin and Assistant City Attorney Melissa Chin to discuss possible mitigation techniques to limit these types of incidents. The meeting is scheduled for July 16th.

July 2nd – Officer Krise backed Officer Toman at 1800 12 Ave S to talk with a tenant regarding his actions following the death of the previous property manager.  This tenant suffers from multiple mental illnesses and was trying to take matters into his own hands regarding rent and apartment policies.  Officer Krise was familiar with the tenant and had worked with him in the past and is trained in Crisis Intervention Team techniques.  The tenant was given reasonable alternatives and suggestions on how to handle the recent loss and deal with future tenant related concerns.

July 2nd- Officer Krise, Officer Toman and Assistant City Attorney Melissa Chin stopped by the Airlane Motel to discuss with management a few recent police calls that occurred inside the property.  The Airlane is currently under a correction order from the City.

July 3rd- Officer Krise stopped by the Rainier Valley Food Bank, located at 4205 Rainier Ave S, to discuss any recent concerns and pick up a signed Trespass Warning Program Authorization form.  Officer Krise provided a number of Trespass signs to the food bank and educated them on where to place them.

July 3rd- Officer Krise stopped by the Beacon Espresso Hookah Bar, located in the 4800 Block Beacon Ave S, and provided management with information on Club Security training being held at Seattle Justice Center within a week.  It is Officer Krise’s hope that the Hookah Bar security attends this training in order to provide a safer atmosphere for both employees and patrons.

July 3rd- Officer Krise stopped by the Columbia City Fitness located in the 4800 Block Rainier Ave S to discuss the City’s Trespass Warning Authorization program.  Officer Krise dropped off a contract and scheduled a pick up for the signed copy next week.

July 3th- Officer Krise conducted a park check at the waterfront park at S Adams St and Lake Washington Blvd S where he contacted a vehicle that was not in the marked angel spots and was blocking the roadway.  As Officer Krise walked up, he could smell the faint odor of marijuana however there were no other signs that it was being consumed in the vehicle.  Officer Krise educated the two individuals on smoking in city parks as well as ensuring they were in marked parking spots as to not block access. The individual did not exhibited signs of intoxication and they moved the vehicle to a marked spot. 

July 3rd - Officer Krise stopped by the Crossfit-Re gym located at 4200 Block Rainier Ave S and talked with a manager, Craig, regarding any concerns they may be having as a new business in the area.  This gym is open early in the morning and has a very open style of property which may attract unwanted guests.  Craig stated that the opening has run smoothly and they are transitioning just fine.  Officer Krise provided his contact information in the event they have any further concerns.   

4400 S Morgan – Officer McRae was assigned to place a 72 hr parking notice on an R.V. The owner is a male living in the R.V who is the respondent in a  D.V. order. The R.V. is parked a block away from the petitioner’s residence. Officer McRae placed a 72 hr sticker on the passenger side window.

38  s/s Myrtle – There is an Asian female who sells fruits and vegetables on the sidewalk on this corner. She has a business license to sell goods. SDOT will have to decide if the woman is in violation for vending.


July 2nd- Officer Krise attended the Columbia City Business Associations monthly meeting and presented the South Precincts current and future plans in the area to include the current bike patrol and a robbery emphasis. 

July 2nd- Officer Krise met with the property manager for multiple apartment complexes in the Rainier Valley area of Seattle.  They discussed what services the CPT unit can provide her and made arrangements for the precincts crime prevention specialist to visit many of the sites.  Officer Krise also provided information on criminal trespass issues and set up future tenant meetings to discuss public safety.


Tuesday, July 2nd- Officer Toman conducted business checks at Tacoma Screw and Fittings Inc. He contacted the managers and offered to answer questions and provide additional police services.

Wednesday, July 3rd- Officer Toman and Asian Liaison Linh Thach responded to Misty Mountain Textiles, 6200 Block Stanley Av S and gave a presentation to approximately 25 immigrant workers. They discussed how to call 911, personal safety, and answered questions. They also provided the workers with some multilingual pamphlets for resources. 


Because of the 4th of July holiday, Officer Fliegel spent a considerable amount of time patrolling the parks and neighborhoods looking for fireworks.  There were no obvious signs of fireworks being let off, and Officer Fliegel did not receive any complaints or reports of illegal fireworks. 

The area parks continue to see more activity, but to date Officer Fliegel has not observed any illegal activity.

He continues to patrol the back alleys of phase three in the area affected by the arsons last month.
Officer Fliegel attended his regularly scheduled check in meetings at Rainier Vista, and New Holly.  There were no significant incidents reported during the meeting.

Officer Fliegel visited Beacon Tower, and while there, he met with residents and walked the building.  There was no staff available at the time of his visit. 


On Wednesday, 7/3/13, I sent out the SPD Email newsletter.  I forwarded information that one of my block captains had sent out to her block watch regarding a potential scammer posing as a Comcast installer and precautions neighbors can take.

July 3, 2013


5100 Block S Augusta – Mark Solomon informed CPT Officer McRae that neighbors were concerned over the activity at this location. Officer McRae contacted the neighbor who now wants to set up a block watch. Officer McRae spoke to one of the residents and informed them of the neighbor’s complaints. Officer McRae also spoke with the property owner who is very willing to meet with the neighbors to talk about the complaints. There have not been many SPD calls to the house.

9700 Block Arrowsmith Dr. S.– Officer McRae was contacted by patrol who stated that a woman had been stabbed at this address and that the neighbors were upset with the goings on at this home. Officer McRae has been to this home several months ago and spoke to the resident, who is the grandson of the owner. The owner is in a nursing home and her daughter has power of attorney. The daughter does not have the financial means to evict the tenant, her nephew. Officer McRae did a knock and talk at the home where he contacted the female victim of the stabbing. No stabbing occurred, but the victim was not forthcoming with what really happened that morning. Officer McRae suggested that the female leave and not return to the home. Officer McRae contacted the daughter about the incident.

8300 Block S. Wabash – Patrol has responded to this duplex at least twice in the past week due to squatters getting inside. Officer McRae contacted DPD to have the owner secure the duplex.

June 27th- Officer Krise checked on an abandoned house located at 1700 Block 31 Ave S, which has been an on-going CPT project.  There were no signs of anyone inside the home and evidence that the City’s Department of Planning and Development have been making regular inspections.

June 27th- Officer Krise and Officer Toman checked on an abandoned house located at 6300 Block 7 Ave S which has been reported to be housing squatters by local businesses.  There were no signs of people in or around the house.

June 27th- Officer Krise and Officer Toman walked around the Georgetown area of South Seattle stopping at a number of businesses and talking with multiple citizens. 

June 28th- Officer Krise and Officer Toman dropped off three patrol bicycles to be repaired in preparation efforts for upcoming Seafair events.

June 28th- Officer Krise and Officer Toman drove around North Beacon Hill on a liquor emphasis patrol to contact violators.  They located two inebriants, had them pour out and discard their liquor and gave them verbal warnings about drinking in public. 

June 28th- Officer Krise and Officer Toman drove down Lake Washington Blvd S to check on the waterside parks for loitering and liquor violations. They made contact with a group who were blocking the fire lane and loitering around two vehicles at the Adams St Park.  The group was discovered to have open containers of alcohol and discarded them when asked to do so.  Officer Krise suggested to the group that they take their activities to one of their homes due to the high numbers of children that frequent the park.  The group agreed and left the area.

June 28th- Officers Krise, Toman and McRae contacted the tenants of 9700 Block Aerosmith Ave S regarding a fight disturbance that occurred earlier in the morning which involved a stabbing. Officer McRae made contact while officers Krise and Toman provided cover due to the high numbers of tenants and type of history.

June 28th- Officer Krise met patrol officers in the Wilson area of South Seattle to walk around the neighborhood.  They contacted multiple businesses and talked with multiple citizens who live in the area.

Wednesday, June 26th- Officer Toman contacted the owner of Misty Mountain Textiles, 6200 Block Stanley Av S. He scheduled a meeting with approximately 28 immigrant employees to give a presentation on calling 911 and personal safety.

Wednesday, June 26th- Officer Toman responded to 6300 Block 7th Av S to an abandoned house in regards to a complaint about transients squatting inside. The house was surrounded by temporary fencing and there were no obvious signs of entry. Officer Toman spoke with some employees of the property owner and obtained the owner’s information for later contact. He was away on vacation.

Thursday, June 27th- Officer Toman contacted several drinkers at 14 Av S/ S Bayview St and completed the appropriate infractions. This is response to an on-going community complaint about public drunkenness in the area.

Thursday, June 27th- Officer Toman and Krise conducted a premise at Rainier Av S/ MLK Jr Way S. They moved along several loitering subjects. The corner has been the subject of repeat complaints about public drunkenness and narcotic activity.

Thursday, June 27th- Officer Toman and Krise conducted an emphasis patrol along Rainier Av S and MLK Jr Way S in response to a spike in strong arm robberies.

Friday, June 28th- Officer Toman conducted a premise check at the Airlane Hotel. He monitored the parking lot and foot traffic.

Friday, June 28th- Officer Toman and Krise contacted two vehicles at the Adams St Park. They were playing loud music and some of the subjects were intoxicated. They moved them along and admonished them from the park.

Friday, June 28th- Officer Toman and Krise conducted a premise at 1800 Block 12 Av S. The building’s owner had committed suicide and had previously been the center of numerous community complaints. They contacted one of the tenants who could not provide them with who was caretaking for the property.


School is out for the summer.


Greg Fliegel

Due to staffing needs, on Wednesday 06/26/2013 Officer Fliegel assisted the south precincts Community Police Team by working as a bike patrol unit in the neighborhoods in and around Columbia City.  During the course of his shift, he met with several area entities that are currently running programs for at risk youth in the south end.  He had an opportunity to introduce himself and pass his card along to staff at the South East Youth Family Center.  He met with staff at Washington Pacific Islanders (WAPI) where they are currently providing area youth of all nationalities with proactive outlets for their creative interest.  WAPI provides them indoor space to paint murals, and they have a recording room where they can teach youth to mix, produce, and create music.

Officer Fliegel also spent a significant portion of this bike patrol opportunity riding the many routes to and from the light rail station, and checking the light rail platform for suspicious activity.

Officer Fliegel began to focus more of his attention back to the area parks in preparation for the warming weather.  The first full week of school being out remained relatively quiet throughout New Holly and Rainier Vista with very little activity observed in either neighborhood.

To date, there are no new updates on the Arsons in Phase III.

Officer Fliegel attended his regularly scheduled check in at Rainier Vista.  During the meeting he reviewed the child luring incident from the previous week (SPD #13-212486). 

In addition to discussing the incident with the staff at Rainier Vista, he also stopped by the Boys and Girls club, and reviewed the incident with the staff there.

Officer Fliegel visited Barton Place, and while there, he met with staff and residents.  No problems were reported to him during his visit.


Linh Thach

Prevention Input
On Thursday, Linh visited the Filipino Community Senior Lunch to talk about the presentation of issues of difficulty of making police reports.  Many community members do still not understand clearly about how & when they would report incidents to the police & where they would obtain the incident report.  JoJo Cambronero is scheduled to talk, but due to his conflict of schedule, this topic is postponed until next month’s Community Involvement Activities.

On Wednesday 6/26/2013, Linh facilitated the meeting of the Filipino Advisory Council in South Precinct at Captain Office.   Captain Paulsen attended the meeting as well.  There were 14 Filipino Community members attended the meeting of this month at Captain Office for the first time to discuss several issues, which relate to the safety of the community in SE Seattle.

One of the issues was Pista Sa Nayon & Crime Night Out events.


Mark Solomon

South Precinct:  On Monday, 6/24/13, Mark participated in the interdepartmental team meeting regarding the Taylor Creek project.  They met to debrief the public input regarding access options and discuss next steps.

South Precinct:  On Tuesday, 6/25/13, Mark met with Staff from Metro, a King Plaza Merchant and a resident manager from an area apartment complex in the area of 3900 block of S Myrtle Street to discuss issues regarding traffic congestion due to the amount of traffic through the area, bus layover parking, visibility, and pedestrian and vehicle usage patterns.  Metro agreed to move their bus layover parking further to the west to allow for better visibility for vehicles exiting the Union Gospel Mission parking area.  Next steps are to coordinate with SDOT regarding signage and possible street use restrictions.

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