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Seattle Police Department Kathleen O'Toole, Chief of Police

September 3


August 26th- Officer Krise was contacted by a citizen, who lives in the 1400 block of S Bennett St, regarding a chronic noise complaint that he has with his neighbor.  Officer Krise talked with the citizen, provided him suggestions as well as an SPD noise complaint informational pamphlet.  Officer Krise attempted contact with the other party involved with no success.  Officer Krise will continue to work with the neighbors on this block to resolve the problem.

August 26th- Officer Krise and Assistant City Attorney Melissa Chin stopped by the Walgreens store, located in the 4400 block of Rainier Ave S and talked with staff regarding an on-going project to help reduce the calls of service and provide a safer environment for both employees and customers.

August 26th- Officer Krise and Officer Fliegel conducted a high visibility patrol of the 9400 block in Rainier Ave S emphasizing on the KFC/Taco Bell restaurant parking lot.  This area has seen an increase in violent street activity and CPT has been trying to provide an added patrol to the region. 

August 26th- Officer Krise contacted a subject sitting at Mapes Creek, located at 52 Ave S and S Henderson St, who was drinking from an open can of malt liquor.  This is a popular hangout for street gangs and transients who often drink and smoke marijuana openly.  Officer Krise issued the subject a Notice of Infraction and had him leave the area.

August 27th- Officer Krise was contacted by a concerned citizen, who lives in the 4800 block of 12 Ave S, regarding an increase in burglary and thefts around the neighborhood.  He witnessed and took pictures of a White Chevrolet Caprice, which he believed did not belong in the neighborhood.  The vehicle was seen on many of the days that burglaries occurred and he wanted to ensure SPD had the information.  Officer Krise talked with patrol and the precinct detectives to ensure they had all the information.

August 27th- Officer Krise assisted Officer Toman in checking on a house in the 3200 block of S Monroe St that is believed to be involved with narcotics.  Officers Krise and Toman identified the house and gathered intelligence before passing information onto the precincts Anti-Crime Team.

August 27th- Officer Krise and Assistant City Attorney Melissa Chin stopped by the Beacon Espresso Hookah Bar located in the 4800 block of Beacon Ave S.  They talked with the manager of the Hookah Bar about a disturbance that occurred the weekend before and encouraged further cooperation between them and the police department.

August 27th- Officer Krise drove around Seward Park, both upper and lower loops, to provide a police presence.  There has been a recent increase in thefts and car prowls in the park and staff has requested extra police patrols.

August 28th- Officer Krise drove the area around the 9400 block of Rainier Ave S, focusing on the Safeway and KFC/Taco Bell parking lots due to a recent increase in street level crimes.  The Community Police Team has been focusing on patrols in this area in an attempt to limit future incidents.

August 28th- Officer Krise contacted a group of transients at Mapes Creek, located at 52 Ave S and S Henderson St, who were drinking from open containers of malt liquor.  All three subjects were cooperative and immediately apologetic, so Officer Krise gave verbal warnings in lieu of infractions. 

August 28th- Officer Krise conducted a sweep of all the lakeside parks along Lake Washington Blvd S to include Seward Park in order to provide a police presence and hopefully deter criminal activity.

August 29th- Officer Krise and Sgt. Martin stopped by South Beach Coffee, located in the 9200 block of 57 Ave S, and talked with the owner.  This is a new business in a developing community and Officer Krise and Sgt Martin offered the assistance of the Community Police Team with any issues he may have.

August 29th- Officers Krise, Toman, Fliegel, and Sgt. Martin attended a public safety barbeque for Tresser-Rand, located at 220 Block S Lander St.  Officers Krise, Toman and Fliegel gave a school safety speech to the children.

Tuesday, August 27th- Officer Toman contacted Ruth Williams, the property owner of the building that houses the Dahlak Eitrean Night Club in the 2000 Block South State St.  He scheduled a meeting to discuss the next steps to improve public safety concerns and shootings at the Dahlak.

Thursday, August 29th- Officer Toman contacted Tamara Tagama about an on-going narcotic complaint she had about a residence located in the 3200 Block of South Monroe St.  Officer Toman is working with Tamara to reduce any possible narcotic activity.

Thursday, August 29th- Officer Toman responded to the 2000 Block of S State St at the Dahlak Eitrean Night Club and met with the club owner Sarah. They discussed the business and some illegal dumping that occurred in their dumpster. Officer Toman assisted her with securing their dumpsters and moving them to a better location.

Greg Fliegel

SHA Officer Fliegel patrolled the neighborhoods of New Holly and Rainier Vista.  During the course of those patrols, he stopped by the following parks; John C. Little Park, Rainier Vista’s Center Park, Bamboo Park, and Triangle Park.  Officer Fliegel reported that there was little activity at the listed parks, and that the neighborhoods appeared to be quiet, with no major concerns.

SHA Officer Fliegel discussed a burglary in the 6500 block of Shaffer AV S during his check in with New Holly Staff.  Staff informed him, that the unit was vacant at the time of the break in, and that there was minor property damage done to the unit consisting of what appeared to be gang graffiti on the window.  Officer Fliegel agreed to conduct a premise check at the unit along with another vacant unit nearby in the 2900 block of South Holly ST.  During those premise checks, he observed the damage at the Shaffer unit which consisted of the letters “HP” being written on the kitchen window with latex house paint.  The unit on S Holly ST appeared secure, with no signs of damage or tampering.

SHA Officer Fliegel visited Center Park after receiving a message from staff about a possible problem at the property.  Upon arrival, he was told that a piece of property consisting of expensive medical equipment had been misplaced, but was then turned in to the office at a later date, effectively solving the problem.  There were no additional issues to discuss. 

SHA Officer Fliegel visited Beacon Tower.  During his visit, he met with staff and several residents.  There were no incidents to report at the time of his visit.

SHA Officer Fliegel attended a Safety Fair at a local Seattle business that was attended by the employees and their families.  While at the event, Officer Fliegel along with CPT Officers Krise and Toman took a few moments to talk about safety with the kids.  Their presentation was very well received, and the officers genuinely enjoyed the opportunity to meet with the families and learn about the business they conduct.

SHA Officer Fliegel and CPT Officer Krise conducted a premise check in the 9400 block of Rainier Ave S paying particular attention to the parking lot on the south side of Kentucky Fried Chicken.  They provided a visual deterrent in the area, and monitored several suspicious vehicles. In addition to the 9400 block of Rainier Ave S, they also checked in on the south entrance to the Mapes Creek trail, and observed a subject with an open container.  They cited the subject the subject for the violation.

Crime Prevention Coordinator
Mark Solomon

Crime Prevention Coordinator Mark Solomon was contacted by an Intern with the Saginaw, Michigan Police Dept. regarding the Options, Choices and Consequences youth gun violence prevention program.  Sent a program overview and curriculum outline.

Mark responded to community concerns regarding car prowl prevention and home security measures at Noji Garden (3300 Block S Juneau Street).  Mark is working to arrange a meeting with residents.

Mark has received information from residents regarding a home of concern located at 4000 Block of 43rd Ave S.  The information seems to indicate that stolen property may be moving in and out, as well as other suspicious behaviors.  Mark passed this information to Patrol and CPT.  Patrol was familiar with the location and associated individuals.  Mark encouraged the complainants to report the suspicious activity to 911. 

August 28


Wednesday, August 21st- Officer Toman responded to a shooting call at 7100 Block 38 Av S. He assisted with securing the crime scene and searching for evidence. It was believed the subject may have accidently shot himself in the leg. The injuries were non-life threatening.


Tuesday, August 20th- Officer Toman conducted a premise check at the 2000 block Beacon Avenue S. There was a community complaint about heavy foot traffic into the green belt and numerous vehicles parked along the side of the road. There was a gated area that appeared vehicles may have been driving around. Officer Toman contacted Ed Simpson from WADOT to see about getting the property secured.

Wednesday, August 21st- Officer Toman conducted a business check at the Shell Station located at 2400 Block 4 Avenue S in regards to numerous complaints about public drunkenness. Officer Toman contacted five subjects sitting across the street at the Seattle Schools Public Administration building with open containers of beer. He issued them tickets and moved them along.

Tuesday, August 20th- Officer Toman responded to a consistent community complaint about an abandoned house in the 6600 Block Flora Av S. He checked the house to make sure it was secured.

Friday, August 23rd- Officer Toman contacted resident Tamara Tagama about a complaint of drug activity in the 3200 Block S Monroe St. He assisted her with completing a NARS report and is researching the property owner’s information to follow-up about the tenants.

Wednesday, August 21st- Officer Toman conducted maintenance on the precinct bicycles and assisted officers with getting gear for the upcoming bicycle school.

Thursday, August 22nd- Officer Toman assisted Officer Fliegel with a trespass incident at the YWCA. An emotional guest was refusing to leave the temporary shelter. The staff provided the subject with a hotel, taxi voucher, and was offering her additional resources. The officers stood-by while she left and de-escalated the incident

Friday, August 23rd- Officer Toman contacted a citizen who is interested in buying some property in the Beacon Hill area. Charles wanted some crime stats about the surrounding area. Officer Toman assisted him with finding the on-line reports and provided him with the contact information for the Public Disclosure Unit.


After learning of the possible fire concerns and minor disturbances in the Rainier Vista Parks Officer Fliegel shifted the majority of his patrol focus to that area.  On Monday, he spent almost an hour hanging out with several of the area youth in the Center Park.  He challenged them at the basketball court, and talked with several of them about fire danger, and the negative impact that type of behavior could have on their parents housing.  The kids seemed to enjoy having Officer Fliegel around, and he greatly enjoyed the chance to step out of the patrol car, and spend some time with them.

Officer Fliegel attended his regularly scheduled check in with staff at New Holly.  During the meeting, they discussed an ongoing issue in the 3800 block of S Willow St, in a building leased to the YWC by SHA.  The YWCA was requesting assistance removing a resident who is in violation of their residency requirements.  In response to being contacted by both patrol and the YWCA, Officer Fliegel was attempting to find out if and how he could assist the YWCA

Staff requested information regarding a 911 call in the 3100 block of S Willow ST where there was a large police response.  Officer Fliegel explained that the call had come in as a possible burglary in progress, but it was quickly learned that one of the residents had accidently set off the alarm.

Officer Fliegel visited Center Park.  At the time of his visit, there was no staff on duty to meet with. 

Officer Fliegel visited Barton Place.  At the time of his visit, there was no staff available to meet with.  He did however observe a subject know by him to be on the banned list for the building.  He attempted to talk with her, but she ran off across Rainier AV S before he could make contact.  Hopefully his presence will prevent her from returning and causing future disturbances.

Officer Fliegel was contacted by a resident of the YWCA property in the 3800 block of S Willow ST.  The resident stated to him, that she feels like she is being harassed by the same resident that YWCA is currently trying to have removed from the building.  Officer Fliegel listened to her complaint, and then at her request he completed a report.

On 08/21/2013, Officer Fliegel responded to the 7100 block of 38 AV S to assist in what was reported as an accidental self inflicted gunshot wound.  After clearing the location, he updated SHA staff with the information he had available. 


Crime Prevention Activities
Monday, I worked in Downtown for the Cambodian rally at in front of the Federal Building.  There were around three hundred people rallied at in front the federal building to demand a fair election in Cambodia.

Organizing Prevention Groups
On Friday, I went to Garfield community Center to meeting with Kim Lundgreen who is a president of the Vietnamese Seniors Association about a Living Room Conversation with the Vietnamese Community.  The Living Room Conversation with the Vietnamese community is scheduled in next Friday 8/30/2013 at Garfield Community Center.

Prevention Input.
At 6:00 AM on August 22, 2013 with request from Detective Susanne Ross, I went to the resident of the Vietnamese who is the victim at 6800 block of 42nd South to provide the interpretation services to the victim of DV; the incident case # 2013A15482 was occurred in Bellingham, Whatcom County.

Community Involvement Activities
With request from the Cambodian Community Leaders, on Monday 8/19/2013 I attended the rally at in front of the Federal building in downtown.  There were about three hundreds Cambodians get together to demand for fair election in Cambodia.  At the rally, I had opportunity to know many Cambodian community members whose I have never had a chance to meet and greet.

Race and Social Justice Activities
In Tuesday evening, I facilitated the meeting of SE Asian Advisory Council at Peter Claver House to discuss some issues, which relate to the safety of Asian businesses and community.  At the meeting, we heard the complaints about some personal issues between tenants in Peter Claver.  Due to the issues are not required for police to take action, I referred to Ms Wang who is a manager of Peter claver House to solve problems, which complained by the tenants.


In addition to Officer Fliegel’s regular patrols through the neighborhoods of New Holly and Rainier Vista, on Wednesday 07/31/2013 he patrolled on bikes with two additional officers.  The bike patrols afforded him the ability to get out and converse with people in the parks, out in the neighborhoods, and with those coming to and from the light rail.  Officer Fliegel and the other officers also wrote several drinking in public infractions throughout the south end. The bike patrols were very well received by the residents who were contacted, and proved to be an excellent tool for park enforcement, allowing the officers access to activity going on in areas hidden from view in a patrol car.

The officers enjoyed their time visiting with families in the parks and green spaces, and the children at the parks were thrilled to receive Jr. Police stickers from the officers.

In lieu of his regularly scheduled meeting at New Holly, Officer Fliegel stopped by and visited with several of the staff.  There were no significant incidents to report at the time of his visit.

Officer Fliegel visited the offices at Rainier Vista, unfortunately at the time of his visit; there was no staff available to meet with.

Officer Fliegel visited Barton Place, and while there, he met with staff about the removal of the un-authorized food vendor, and some subjects at Holly Court

Officer Fliegel made several trips to Holly Court, in an effort to locate an unauthorized resident with several warrants.  To date, he has not been able to locate the subject.


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