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Captain Log

July 1, 2013

Hello and welcome to the July 2013 Captain’s Log for the Seattle Police Department’s East Precinct. I have been on vacation for the past 3 weeks so there was no Captain's Log for June.

The East Precinct continues to provide added emphasis to Cal Anderson Park in collaboration with the Park's Department Park Rangers. Speaking of Park Rangers, if you missed the press conference, Mayor McGinn has authorized the adding two additional Park Rangers. These Park Rangers will divide their time between Cal Anderson and Occidental Park.

On June 17th, 3rd Watch East Precinct Officers took time to recognize Steven Anderson for his heroic action during a shooting incident at the Twilight Exit on January 27th. The suspect was inside the Twilight arguing with his girlfriend when bouncer, Gregg McCormick, center of picture, tried to intervene. The suspect shot Mr. McCormick and then his girlfriend. Mr. Anderson ran to McCormick aid and immediately began first aid efforts that undoubtedly saved McCormick’s life. Both McCormick and the girlfriend were transported to hospital where each survived their wounds. Mr. Anderson was presented with a Seattle Police Department Certificate of Appreciation and a Gift Certificate to a local restaurant.


Officer WhitlatchOnce a month I will be highlighting one of our many great officers that work within the East Precinct. The honor for July goes to Officer Cynthia Whitlatch.
Here is a short Bio from her:

"My name is Cynthia Whitlatch and have lived in the Seattle area most of my life. I grew up in Federal Way and graduated from Decatur High School. Afterward I attended Western Washington University graduating with majors in English and East Asian Studies and a minor in Chinese Language. I lived in Beijing CHINA for my senior year of college. I speak Chinese well and enjoy it when I get an opportunity to use it at work. I have been a police officer with the Seattle Police Department since March 1997 starting my career in law enforcement on 3rd watch at the South Precinct. After a few years I transferred to the Traffic Unit as a DUI officer. This was one of the most rewarding assignments I have had as a police officer. Currently, I work 2nd watch at the East Precinct. For the past 13 years I have been a Field Training Officer (FTO). It's very rewarding teaching new officers, who are so very enthusiastic about police work, and getting them started off in their new career."


The 4th of July is just around the corner so I would like to remind everyone about some safety tips:

DO NOT BLOCK the 1000 block of Belmont Ave E. This location has become an increasingly popular place for thousands of people to gather in the street and watch the fireworks. This creates a public safety concern since the roadway leads directly to the Lakeview Overpass, which is a major link for city access, especially for the Fire Department and other first responders. The East Precinct has utilized significant resources in the past to keep the roadway clear and accessible for vehicle and emergency traffic.

We certainly don't want to disappoint anyone who may have thought it was permissible to setup in the street during this celebration however public safety is paramount. Please be good a steward of your community by helping us keep the roadway clear.

If you should find any fireworks, you may turn them in at any police precinct. Fireworks of any type are illegal in Seattle. Each police precinct will have a disposal barrel for collecting illegal fireworks that are either recovered by officers or turned in by citizens. Our Arson/Bomb Unit will dispose of the fireworks in a safe and proper manner.

Please be mindful of pedestrian safety on the night of July 4th due to the increased volume of traffic, both vehicle and pedestrian. Remember to dress in bright and/or reflective clothing and carry a flashlight during the hours of darkness.

Thank you for taking the time to read and share with me some of the current issues within the East Precinct.

May 14, 2013

Hello and welcome to my May 2013 Captain’s Log for the Seattle Police Department’s East Precinct.

Last month I spoke of a new partnership within the East Precinct called “Walk and Talks”. Walk and Talks is the inspiration of Rosemary Agostini, MD, CHIEF ACTIVITY, SPORTS AND EXERCISE MEDICINE, Group Health Cooperative. Dr. Agostini conceived the idea for Walk & Talk after attending an American College of Sports Medicine national meeting and hearing about a national "Walk With Your Doc" program. The program, which promotes walking for improving health and group exercise as a way to build relationships, debuted last March at Port Orchard Medical Center, then to the Rainier Valley in the South Precinct, and to the East Precinct on April 23rd. Individuals participating in the program meet with healthcare professionals while taking a walk in the neighborhoods surrounding the Group Health Hospital. In a continuation of our community building efforts, men and women of the East Precinct and Community Outreach Section will participate each week.  The East Precinct Walk and Talks are held every Tuesday, from 12:15 PM to 1:00 PM, rain or shine.

For more information contact Group Health Cooperative.

As of March here are some of the trends we are seeing in the East Precinct:
Major crimes in the East Precinct in March were up 11% from the level in February, with the increase coming in Property Crimes.  Among Violent Crimes, Robberies with guns plunged in March (13), compared with the levels in January (24) and February (23). As a side note, we have made an arrest on the armed street robbery that occurred at 25th Avenue S. and S. Main Street on April 30th.  The suspect was arrested at 2nd and Pine on May 3rd.

Aggravated assaults, which include Domestic Violence, were down by two (2) from last month for a total of 18. Tragically, we had one (1) Homicide in March and the suspect(s) are still outstanding.

Among Property Crimes, there was a 21% decline in larceny/thefts and a 29% decrease in vehicle thefts are offsetting the double-digit increase in burglaries of all types (+56%), to give the East Precinct an overall Property Crime decrease of 10%, compared with last year. Car Prowls are still a problem with the most prolific spots being areas near Cal Anderson Park and Little Saigon.

Additionally, with the warmer weather we are seeing an increase in public safety issues in Cal Anderson Park/ Bobby Morris Playfield. In response to these issues, the East Precinct has begun several new approaches to assisting our patrol resources. Our Anti-Crime Team (ACT) will be spending more time proactively working to address public safety issues within the Park and surrounding neighborhoods.  Patrol officers will be making more frequent visits during park closure times to ensure all is well. Our Community Police Team (CPT) has begun to assist our patrol resources by outfitting some of their officers with bicycle uniforms. These bicycle-trained CPT Officers will periodically break away from their traditional role in order to expand police presence in various hotspot areas within the East Precinct.

Speaking of CPT, I would like to introduce two new officers to the Community Police Team. Officer Mark Misiorek, formally assigned to the NCI Team, is now assigned as the CPT Officer of Charley Sector.  Officer Art Garza, formally a member of East ACT, is now our CPT Officer for George Sector.  Officers Gerry House and Chris Brownlee are your Edward Sector Officers and Casey Sundin is the Acting Sergeant of the Unit. 

I would now like to share with you the names of some of your officers that have been recognized by citizens and visitors to the East Precinct for their outstanding police work and efforts: Officer Matt Blackburn for his professionalism, integrity and great conversation during a ride along; Officer Kurt Knox for his calm and patient presence during a very contentious protest; Officer Ryan Gallagher for his professional presence and providing a feeling of safety; Officer Jennifer Gardner for personable presence with a mugging victim; Officers Rogelio, Ryan Gallagher, Bradley Devore, Wade Jelcick : For their handling of a possible burglary at a residence. A resident of the home later sent along this note: “thanks the officers for their patience, kindness, and professionalism. I feel safer knowing that we have people of their caliber looking after our City.”


AudererOnce a month I will be highlighting one of our many great officers that work within the East Precinct. The honor for May goes to Officer Daniel Auderer.  Here is a short bio from here:

"I was raised in the Seattle Area. I attended Franklin High School, North and Central Seattle Community College. While in school I was a Seattle Police Explorer with Post #943. After High School I joined the Army. My entire enlistment was as an Infantryman. My most memorable post was in Washington D.C. where I served as an Escort to the President of the United States. After completing my enlistment I returned home to the Puget Sound. I spent a wonderful 8 years in Construction Management before deciding to follow in my father's footsteps and become a Police Officer. I started to patrol the streets of the East Precinct in Jan of 2009. I enjoy Capitol Hill and what it has to offer in its quirkiness and free spirited atmosphere. In my off time I enjoy all sports, especially baseball. I also take advantage of any time I can make it on to the Sound for crabbing and fishing."

Thank you for taking the time to read and share with me some of the current issues within the East Precinct.

APRIL 8, 2013

Hello and welcome to the Captain’s Log for the Seattle Police Department’s East Precinct. I am Captain Ron Wilson, and I have the pleasure of being your East Precinct Commander. The Captain’s Log is a new concept within the police department that will provide each Precinct Commander an opportunity to address a variety of issues ranging from; public safety, community concerns, crime trends, community partnership programs, public interest items, arrests of suspects, citizen recognition of officers, just to name a few of the issues you can expect to see.

The East Precinct currently has 126 sworn and civilian personnel assigned to it that continue to impress me every single day.  I am proud to be a part of such a dedicated group of men and women that work diligently, day-after-day, to provide for the safety and welfare of our communities.

As many of you may recall we kicked off our Safe Communities Initiative on November 8, 2012. The Safe Communities Initiative is in partnership with the Mayor’s Office, Seattle Police Department and the Department’s Community Outreach Initiative (#19) under the 20/20 Plan. This Initiative helped the police department connect with a new group of community members and work together to address concerns in their neighborhoods. Over the course of the next four months we held 18 meetings in a continuation to gather community concerns.

As a result of those meetings, on Saturday, March 30th, we held our Safe Communities Initiative “Summit,” where we discussed and reviewed the communities’ top priorities..

Speaking of the Safe Communities Initiative, as part of the initiative, the Department of Planning and Development (DPD) is working on the 23rd Avenue Action Plan. The purpose of this project is to establish a city-community collaboration that creates a shared vision and action plan to improve the health and equity of three Central Area community cores:  23rd Avenue & E. Union Street, 23rd Avenue & E. Cherry Street and 23rd Avenue & S. Jackson Street.

It is my belief that by embracing and bringing together both East Precinct Safe Communities Delegates/members and the 23rd Avenue Action Plan, this precinct will help to establish trust and collaboration with our residents that will allow us to empower our community and build lasting partnerships.

As we move forward, the East Precinct will hold periodic meetings with all interested delegates and community members to continue open dialogue and discussions for improving public safety, communications and trust.

On Saturday, April 13th, DPD’s 23rd Avenue Action Plan will hold a Community Workshop and Resource Fair at Garfield Community Center.  The East Precinct will bring officers from the Safe Communities cadre to participate and act as facilitators in round table discussions. Two Community Outreach Officers will be staffing a resource booth for attendees. 

Another new East Precinct community partnership project is the Group Health Walk and Talk, which begins April, 23, 2013.   This program is the result of Rosemary Agostini M.D.’s Tomorrow Medical Leadership and Innovative Grant from Group Health Foundation.  I’ll discuss in greater detail in my next report.

As of February here are some of the crime trends we are seeing in the East Precinct – major crimes were down 11% from January. However, we have seen a rise in robberies and aggravated assaults, up by +52% and +13% compared with last year. Property Crimes fell by -25% in larceny/theft, and -30% in vehicle thefts, while burglaries were up +42%. The good news is that the major crimes total in February for East Precinct was the second lowest total for the month in six years.

I would now like to share with you the names of some of your officers that have been recognized by citizens and visitors to the East Precinct for their outstanding police work and efforts. I will also highlight one commendation each month: Officer D. Auderer, assisting a stranded motorist; Officer J. Britt and Officer D. Pelich, professional, informative, interested and courteous during a theft investigation; Officer R. Campbell, courteous and professional at an accident scene and hospital visit; Officer V. Flick, for her calm, collected manner in defusing a situation involving belligerent and intoxicated individuals; Officer C. Williams and D. Raguso, commended for their professionalism and pleasant demeanor involving a weapons call; Officer V. Flick and Officer S. DelaFuente, for their quick response and handling of a serious incident; A/Sgt. C. Kelley, for his years of dedicated service to the East Precinct community while assigned to the Community Police Team (CPT); Officer C. Whitlatch and Detective Mel Britt, for their investigation and arrest of the suspect involved in computer thefts from Seattle University Campus.
The East Precinct also received this wonderful note from the Crisis Solutions Center:
“I am the Program Manager for the Crisis Solutions Center at 1600 S. Lane St. I wanted to pass along to you how much the Crisis Diversion Facility staff and clients sincerely appreciate three of your Officers, Officer J. Britt, Officer B. Schoenberg and Officer R. Campbell. We have had the pleasure of working closely with these Officers numerous times and the compassion and professionalism they bring is to be commended. The overall experience in working with SPD East has been terrific and we very much appreciate the hard work your Officers do on a daily basis, especially on behalf of our most vulnerable clients.”

Thank you for taking the time to read up on the current issues within the East Precinct. Next month I will discuss, Social Outreach Seattle (SOS), Walk and Talk, Highlight CPT, trends and public safety. I will also spot light one of our officers each month with a photo and short biography.

Until next month take care.

East Precinct Captain Ron Wilson

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