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Seattle Police Department Kathleen O'Toole, Chief of Police

July 22 - July 26, 2013


Mapes Creek walk way – CPT Officer McRae contacted several people for drinking alcohol at the north end of this walk way. This has become a problem and needs more attention from patrol.

Emerson E.S. – CPT Officer McRae did several premise checks around this school and the park adjacent to the school.  There have been community complaints of subjects hanging out at the dead end of the street that leads to the school. There was also a neighbor who felt intimidated and stated that several males exposed themselves at him and his two children while he visited the park.

Safeway/ Othello – CPT Officer McRae got a signed trespass contract from the Safeway located at ML King and S Othello. They will be putting signs up on the front doors and on the light poles in the parking lot.

9400 Block Rainier Ave. S. – Officer McRae contacted the owner of this property which houses several businesses including a hookah bar, marijuana dispensary, pizza business and barber shop. There have been complaints from citizens about loud parties after hours and marijuana smoking in the rear parking lot. The property owner is going to set a date to meet with SPD to discuss a solution to the complaints.

Thursday, July 25th- CPT Officer Toman responded to the East Duwamish and met with Karen Sweeny from SDOT. They posted several encampments under the West Seattle Bridge for removal.

Thursday, July 25th- CPt Officer Toman conducted a business check at the building located at 7000 Block East Marginal Way S, the El Reventon Night Club. The business had previously been the center of numerous community complaints regarding noise and underage raves. A community member said the building had re-opened. The building was still locked and in a state of disarray with no indication that it would be opening in the near future.

Thursday, July 25th- CPT Officer Toman conducted a premise check at the Airlane Hotel. He monitored activity at the building and foot traffic on the surrounding streets.

Friday, July 26th- CPT Officer Toman and Krise responded to the Cheasty Greenbelt along with parks department lead maintenance supervisor Meg Miller. They posted several empty encampments and contacted one camper. They offered the subject additional resources who declined stating he would prefer to move to another spot.

Friday, July 26th- CPT Officer Toman on-viewed a till-tap theft at Vic’s Auto, 7100 Block Beacon Avenue S.  Officer Toman conducted an area check and assisted searching the till for fingerprints. He assisted patrol with completing the report.

Friday, July 26th- CPT Officer Toman responded to 5000 Block 3rd Avenue S, McKinstry Industries. He spoke with the Assistant Facilities Manager Kathy Garcia about metal scrappers entering their dumpsters at night. They discussed securing the dumpsters shut and posting signs as a way to deter the subjects.

Greg Fliegel

Officer Fliegel spent the week patrolling the neighborhoods of New Holly and Rainier Vista.  During the course of his patrols, he spent time monitoring the following parks and green spaces; John C. Little Park, Center Park at Phase III, Center Park at Rainier Vista, The Pea Patches, and the Chief Sealth Trail.  All of the listed parks and green spaces continue to remain quiet, with the exception of John C. Little Park.  While John C. Little has been busy, Officer Fliegel did not observe any illegal or suspicious activity.  With the exception of a fight disturbance between an intoxicated male and another subject, there has been very little reported activity in the park this summer.

Officer Fliegel attended his regularly scheduled meeting with staff at New Holly.  During the meeting, several minor incidents were discussed, and it was determined that it would be best to bring the involved families in for meetings.  To date, the meetings have not been scheduled.

To date this summer, Officer Fliegel has worked several special events during his regularly scheduled days off.  Those events include, but are not limited to; The Georgetown Carnival, and the Torch Light Parade.  He has also worked several local bike patrols.  At each of these events, he has had the pleasure of running into residents he is familiar with, as well as SHA staff. 

While working the local bike patrols centered in Columbia City, Officer Fliegel regularly visits and patrols the Light Rail Station at Martin Luther King JR S and S Alaska ST.  While there, he often sees residents coming to and from the Light Rail Platform, and he finds it very gratifying when he is greeted by familiar faces.

Linh Thach

Crime Prevention Activities
At noon on Wednesday, Asian Liaison Linh Thach went to Yesler Terrace housing to have a meeting with Larry Hill and Van Vo about organizing  a Crime Night Out event.

On Monday, Linh assisted the Officer at front desk to contact the Vietnamese who has concerned about tenant & landlord issues
Organizing Prevention Groups
On Friday July 26, 2013 because of increasing criminal activity in Little Saigon, Officer Alex Chapackdee and Linh conducted the Living Room Conversation at Garfield community center with the Vietnamese residents who have lived near the area of Little Saigon.  There was one patrol Officer from East Precinct attending the LRC as well.

Prevention Input.
On Tuesday after attending the meeting at South Precinct CPT, Linh went to Garfield Community Center to attend the Vietnamese senior lunch program.  At the gathering, Linh talked about coming Living Conversation with the residents who have resided at the area of East precinct.

Community Involvement Activities
In the morning of Wednesday, Linh spent a whole morning to assist Officer Jose Banez about hit and run incident, the suspect of hit and run is a Chinese- Vietnamese who is a new comer.  Due to ignorant of the law, the driver left the scene after the accident to drop of his daughter at home and came back to the scene to talk to the police about one hour later the accident.  Linh provided the interpretation to the Seattle Fire and the Police Officers while communication with the suspect in South Precinct before he was transported to HMC.

Race and Social Justice Activities
In the evening of Wednesday, Asian Liaison Linh Thach assisted Officer Cambronero to conduct the Living Room Conversation at Mt Baker Apartment, there were 22 residents of Mt Baker attended the LRC to have a dialogue directly with Patrol officers who have patrolled in the area of Mount Baker.

On Saturday July 27, 2013, Linh assisted Detective Cookie Bouldin to talk to a group of Vietnamese parents who have children in at risk of substance abuse.  Detective provided critical keys how to prevent youth from substance abuse.  Linh provided interpretation in Vietnamese during the dialogue.

Crime Prevention Coordinator
Mark Solomon

Organizing Prevention Groups
On Thursday, 7/25/13, Mark met neighbors in the 2800 Block of S Alaska PL.  Neighbors expressed concerned regarding a house on the block where they believe narcotics use and other illicit activities are taking place.  Further, every household represented had experienced a residential burglary. They discussed the housed of concern, focusing on reporting the activity as well as keeping a log of what activity they note so that can be shared with police.  They further discussed crime reporting and home security measures to deter burglary.  Mark shared information regarding the house of concern with CPT Officer Krise.  Officer Krise is familiar with the house and has been in contact with the owner.  Officer Krise he has shared information regarding the house with ACT. 

Prevention Input
South:  On Tuesday, 7/23/13, Mark sent out Community Sex Offender notifications on Level III Offenders that had relocated.  Three offenders moved in to South Precinct neighborhood.

South:  Mark has scheduled numerous block watch meetings and home security assessments in the South Precinct over the next few weeks.

Community Involvement
Citywide:  On Tuesday, 7/23/13, Mark attended the monthly board meeting of Youth Care.  Mark has served on Youth Care’s Board of Directors for 19 years.

Night Out 2013
South:  Night out against Crime is Tuesday, August 6th.  Mark has been assisting the public in getting their Night Out events registered and added to the city-wide events calendar.  Mark has also been fielding questions regarding the event, including street closure questions, police officer and firefighter participation.  Mark intends to send out a final reminder for Night Out registration on 7/30/13, one week prior to Night Out.


July 15-19


July 15th- Officer Krise checked on the Center Park apartments along with Officer G. Fliegel.  These are SHA apartments, however, they are located in Robert Sector and Officer Krise discussed other concerns that may be occurring around the neighborhood with staff and a few tenants.
July 15th- Officer Krise conducted a suspicious stop of a vehicle during a burglary emphasis patrol in the Mt. Baker neighborhood.  The vehicle was driven by an obvious juvenile, ten years of age, and there was an adult in the passenger seat.  The vehicle was registered to the neighborhood and the occupants were related.  They were just having fun and driving around the block.  Officer Krise educated both occupants on the potential dangers and liabilities of their actions and let them off with a verbal warning.
July 15th- Officer Krise assisted second watch Robert Sector by acting as a back-up officer for a suspicious call involving a vehicle that was possibly casing the area.  The call was in the near Wilson Ave S and S Dawson St.  After a thorough area check, the vehicle was not located, nor any victim houses of burglary.  See Event History number, 2013-250722, for further.
July 15th- Officer Krise conducted a burglary emphasis patrol in the Seward Park neighborhood around Wilson Ave S due to a slight increase in recent related activity. 
July 15th- Officer Krise drove down Lake Washington Blvd S and checked on all the waterside parks to include Stan Sayres Pits Park and Seward Park.  There has been large increase in people using the parks due to the warm weather and Officer Krise is trying to provide a police presence in the parks to promote a safe atmosphere.
July 16th- Officer Krise conducted a burglary patrol emphasis in the Mount Baker area of South Seattle.  He focused on the areas between Rainier Ave S and Wilson Ave S and S Orcas St and S Genesee St. 
Tuesday, July 16th- Officer Toman contacted resident Launa Georgia in regards to an on-going community complaint regarding disturbances at the Dahlak night club. Officer Toman provided her with an update on the city’s objection to the renewal of their liquor license. He also assisted her with getting in touch with the Washington State Liquor Control Board to voice her concerns.

Tuesday, July 16th- Officer Toman assisted SDOT and the DOC litter crew with a litter and encampment clean-up at 1st Av S/ S Denver St and 4 Av S/ S Spokane St.

Thursday, July 18th- Officer Toman assisted WADOT and the DOC litter crew with encampment clean-up under I-5. They cleaned from S Bayview St to S Spokane St.

Thursday, July 18th- Officer Toman contacted the owner of the Georgetown Ballroom, Jerry Chin. They discussed a complaint he had about some teenage transients sleeping under the overpass and using the near-by Georgetown Playfield. Officer Toman offered to conduct some additional police patrols and requested extra patrols from the night time area supervisor Sergeant Waltz.

Thursday, July 18th- Officer Toman contacted Georgetown resident, 69XX Flora Av S, in regards to an on-going community complaint about nuisance and narcotic activity at the Airlane Hotel. He provided her an update on current efforts and recent incidents.

Friday, July 19th- Officer Toman contacted a resident, 93XX Carkeek Dr S, in regards to a traffic complaint with subjects “drifting” around the corner near his house. Officer Toman assisted him with requesting extra traffic patrols, contacting the neighborhood traffic control with SDOT, and offered extra police presence.

8738 Rainier Ave S – Loneye Tinner’s carwash and barbeque is now set up at this location. Officer McRae will contact the property owner to confirm if Loneye has permission to be on the property. Loneye has used private property in the past for his business without the owner’s permission or knowledge. The name of the business is currently T & B detailing.

Rainier View – Officer McRae has been receiving emails from neighbors about the crime in their area. Officer McRae asked Mark Solomon to set up a block watch meeting.

Officer McRae patrolled the area around Emerson E.S. where neighbors have been complaining about problems in the park. Officer McRae did not see any issues during daylight hours.

1907 4th Ave S – Officer McRae spent time sitting in the parking lot of this Jack in the Box. There were a lot of transient and drug users in the area who quickly dispersed upon officer McRae’s arrival. Officer McRae returned the next day and found no one that was not patronizing the business.

Officers have been performing Predicted Patrols at Kubota Gardens. It appears that since these patrols have been in place the vehicle prowls have gone down.


Thursday, July 18th- Officer Toman, Sgt Martin, and Melissa Chin met with the managers and owner of the Airlane Hotel. They discussed compliance with the Chronic Nuisance Property ordinance and recent events at the Hotel.

July 16th- Officer Krise, Sgt. Martin, and Assistant City Attorney Melissa Chin met with the business owners and property owner of the Delicious Deli, located at 3111 Rainier Ave S, regarding a high volume of violent crimes that have occurred on the property over the past 12 months.  Officer Krise made suggestions on how to increase safety to customers and extended all the services of the Community Police Team to all of the owners.

July 16th- Officer Krise attended the Code Compliance Meeting along with Assistant City Attorney Melissa Chin. At the meeting, Hookah bars in the south end of Seattle were discussed along with future tactics to ensure they comply with city law.

South Precinct Community Police Officers attended the weekly Unit meeting.


Officer Fliegel patrolled extensively through the neighborhoods of New Holly and Rainier Vista.  Throughout his patrols, he found the parks to be relatively unused during the early to mid afternoons, with the exception of New Holly’s John C. Little Park, and Rainier Vista’s Center Park.  At both of these parks, there were often several people using the play sets and the basketball courts.  He has yet to observe any suspicious or illegal activity during his patrols.  The neighborhoods remain relatively quiet with no notable crime occurring the past week.

Officer Fliegel attended his regularly scheduled meeting with staff at New Holly.  There were no significant incidents to report from either side.

On Tuesday 07/16/2013, Officer Fliegel visited Beacon Tower.  During his visit, he briefly met with staff, talked with a few residents, and then walked the building. Just as he was preparing to leave the building, staff approached him and stated that they were concerned about a resident who wasn’t answering her door or phone, and was uncharacteristically late for an appointment.  Officer Fliegel agreed to conduct a welfare check, and after several loud knocks on the door, he was able to wake the sleeping resident.  When she came to the door, she stated that she was up all night, and had just recently fallen asleep.  She was grateful for our concern, and stated that she would reschedule her appointment.  The resident appeared to be in good condition, so Officer Fliegel left the building.

Officer Fliegel attended a Living Room Conversation at Peter Claver House.  There were approximately 13 residents in attendance, and the meeting seemed to be very well received by everyone.  At the request of the attendees, he discussed shift schedules and crime rates.

On Wednesday 07/17/2013, Officer Fliegel had a citizen rider from Spain with him.  During the course of his shift, they toured several of the SHA properties, and while doing so, Officer Fliegel explained much about how the SHA works, how people become eligible for housing, and the many factors that go into patrolling such unique and diverse neighborhoods and buildings.

On Thursday 07/18/2013, Officer Fliegel along with staff at Rainier Vista met with a couple who own a home in the Rainier Vista neighborhood.  The couple requested the meeting because of recent disturbances between them and several of the SHA residents living adjacent to their home.  The couple feels that they are being singled out by several of their SHA neighbors, because they have requested that the resident abide by the community rules specifically those regarding noise and curfew.  To date, the behavior they described is not criminal, but does raise some concern, and seems to be escalating so Officer Fliegel and SHA Staff agreed to bring the residents in for a meeting.  In addition, Officer Fliegel advised them to not have contact with their neighbors, and to utilize police services if necessary.  He provided them with his business card at the conclusion of the meeting. The meeting with the neighboring families is tentatively scheduled for August 12th.

Officer Fliegel visited Barton Place.  During the visit, there was no staff or residents available to meet with.  While at Barton Place, Officer Fliegel noticed a large group of people gathered in the spot where the unauthorized food vendor used to set up.  He monitored the group for a short time, and then cleared the area when the group dispersed.

Officer Fliegel Visited Center Park.  At the time of his visit, there was no staff available to meet with.  He briefly spoke with two residents.


Organizing Prevention Groups
On Tuesday evening, Linh attended the living room conversation at Peter Claver house to discuss several concerns of safety.  As we know, this is a good opportunity for the residents of Peter Claver and New Holly to talk directly with the Police officers who have worked in the area.

Prevention Input.
In the morning Wednesday, Linh went to Mt. Baker Apartment to have a meeting with management staff about the Living Room Conversation, while attending the meeting; Linh also delivered the flyers in Vietnamese to Vietnamese residents to invite them to attend the LRC on July 24, 2013 at 4:30 PM

Community Involvement Activities
In the evening of Wednesday, Linh attend API community leaders to engage them in participation living room conversation with the SPD.  This is a Dinner to congratulate Mr. Mitsui who was promoted to work for Obama’s administration as deputy director of Education Department in DC.

Race and Social Justice Activites
On Tuesday evening, Linh host the Living Room Conversation a long with the Vietnamese Community Leaders at Peter Claver.

On Sunday, Linh attended the event of Vietnamese Community.  The event was organized by the Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce to raise the money for the Torch Light parade.


On Wednesday, 7/17/13, Mark met with staff from King County Metro and Seattle Dept. of Transportation regarding traffic flow concerns on the 3800-3900 Blocks of S Myrtle St.  They looked at existing metro bus layover parking and how that could be shifted to the west to allow for better vehicular lines of sight.  They further looked at extending the load zone area on the North Side of Myrtle and restricting parking on the North side of the street: when busses are parked on the south side of Myrtle and vehicles are parked on the North side, traffic is squeezed to one lane, inhibiting traffic flow.  Other options they examined (such as curb bulbs, widening 39th Ave S, making northbound traffic from 39th right-turn only) were unfeasible from wither costs of practicality standpoints.  Metro indicated they will make relocating of the bus layover area further to the west permanent.  SDOT indicated that they will pursue extending the Load Zone area on the north side of Myrtle and making the area to the west of that (to the driveway entrance to Holly Court) a No Parking zone.


Sgt. Martin – Studio 7, 110 S. Horton, was declared a Chronic Nuisance Property on July 13, 2012.  Since that time the business owner has taken substantial steps to abate the nuisance.  The calls for service have been significantly reduced and are now within the normal range.  The Correction Agreement expired on May 10, 2013.  We have sent a letter to both the business owner and the property owner acknowledging their efforts at the property.

Officer Toman – The Dahlak Eritrean Restaurant, we are reviewing the file for consideration as a Chronic Nuisance Property. There have been recent significant public safety issues at this business.

Officer Toman – Airlane Motel, 7070 E. Marginal Way S., has been declared as a Chronic Nuisance Property.  The signed compliance agreement was effective on 3/4/2013.  The owners were unable to abate the nuisance within 90 days and the Correction Agreement was extended to the full length.

Officer Krise - Safeway 3820 Rainier Avenue S. common areas now have been added to our Criminal Trespass program.  The contact has been signed and the signs are in place in the parking lot.  Officer Krise has advised patrol and this project can now be closed.

Officer McRae 9262 Rainier Ave S - Officer McRae is working with Safeway and the property owner David Yee and got a trespass contract signed for the parking lot and common areas.  He is still waiting on the appropriate signage.

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