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Seattle Police Department Kathleen O'Toole, Chief of Police

August 12 - August 16, 2013


August 6th – Officer Krise and Assistant City Attorney Melissa Chin met with complainant who lives in the 3400 Block of Renton Pl S regarding a recent landlord/tenant issue he had with the building owner.  The complainant also had a difficult time reporting his incident to 9-1-1 which Officer Krise addressed.  The complainant was pleased with the visit and was provided with a number of possible outlets to assist with his issue.

August 7th - Officer Krise met with Anna Corbett, who is the property manager for many SEED properties in the south end of Seattle, and a number of tenants from various apartment buildings.  Officer Krise presented to the group the topic of personal safety regarding large apartment buildings, discussed the Community Police Team and it role with the department, the proper use of 9-1-1 and what suspicious activity is, and how to set up and participate in an SPD Living Room Conversation. 

August 7th- Officer Krise and Officer Toman talked with the owner of an RV that has been generating complaints in the 5900 block of 42 Ave S.  This RV has been occupied and parked over the City authorized 72 hours.  Officer Krise talked with the owner and was told the RV would be moved within two days.

August 7th- Officer Krise and Officer Fliegel visited the Beacon Hill Tower building located in the 1700 block of 14 Ave S.  Officers talked with staff about any recent police issues and walked around the premises. 

August 7th- Officer Krise checked on a house which was brought to his attention during one of the Night Out visits that may be involved with narcotics activity.  Officer Krise gathered information on the house and owner and then attempted to contact the owner with no success.  Officer Krise passed this information along to the South Precincts Anti-Crime Team.

August 7th- Officer Krise and Officer Toman stopped by A Better Roofing Company, located in the 4100 block of Airport Way S, and talked with one of the owners regarding recent threatening phone calls made to the business.  Officers Krise and Toman extended all the services of the Community Police Team to the victim to help his business and family through a scary time.

August 7th- Officer Krise and Officer Toman talked with the owner of a truck trailer and truck that was illegally parked at 1 Ave S and Denver Ave S.  The complaint was made to Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) by neighboring businesses.  The following day, August 8th, Officer Krise checked on the truck and trailer and it was gone with the majority of the garbage picked up as well.

August 7th- Officer Krise and Officer Toman talked with the owners of the Dhalik Restaurant and Bar located in the 1700 block of Rainier Ave S regarding a large event scheduled for the upcoming weekend.  Officers discussed security concerns and talked about estimated numbers of guests.

August 7th- Officer Krise provided 2nd watch Patrol officers with teddy bears, which were donated by a resident of the Rainier Valley, to give to two brothers who were in police protective custody. 

August 8th- Officer Krise and Officer McRae responded to Brighton Playfield, located in the 6000 block of 39 Ave S, for a large gathering to celebrate Ramadan.  Officers provided a police presence around the park and assisted with traffic control.

August 8th- Officer Krise and Officer Fliegel met with Seattle Housing Authority supervisors at 3800 Block S Othello St to discuss any concerns with SHA properties. 

August 8th- Officer Krise responded to 1 Ave S and Denver Ave S to stand by while Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) posted vacate notices on transient camps. 

August 8th- Officer Krise and Assistant City Attorney Melissa Chin met with the manager of the Walgreens store, located in the 4400 Block of Rainier Ave S, to discuss times for both a visit with Mark Solomon, the Precinct Crime Prevention Specialist, and to arrange a meeting with CPT and loss prevention employees.  Walgreens has recently experienced a noticeable increase in crime and the CPT unit is trying to mitigate the spike. 

August 8th- Officer Krise and Assistant City Attorney Melissa Chin stopped by and talked with the owner, of Dwell Development which is a new housing development in the Rainier Valley.  The owner is interested in providing affordable housing in the area while promoting positive growth to the Rainier Valley.  Officer Krise and Miss Chin offered the support of the South Precinct CPT to help make his vision work.

August 8th- During Night Out, Officer Krise was asked about any recent developments at 1700 Block 31 Ave S, which was an on-going CPT project.  The house, which was once served with a narcotics search warrant, was plagued by squatters which were creating a large number of property crimes in the area.  Officer Krise checked on the property, which is still vacant, and ensured that all the windows and doors were secure. There was no sign of any criminal activity in or around the house.

August 8th- Officer Krise conducted a premise check in the 9400 block of Rainier Ave S and the area of 52 Ave S and S Henderson St.  Officer Krise contacted a group of individuals hanging out near Mapes Creek despite not seeing any open containers of liquor.  The group acknowledged Officer Krise by telling him there were no liquor violations and that they would be moving along soon.

August 9th- Officer Krise assisted 1st watch patrol and King County Sound Transit Police with an area check for a robbery suspect.  The crime was committed at the Othello Light Rail Station and the victim had a cell phone taken from her.  The suspect was not located.

August 9th- Officers Krise, McRae and Sgt. Martin checked on the Airlane Motel due to the correction agreement that it has with the City. 

August 9th- Officer Krise responded to the 5500 block of 23 Ave S to assist 2nd watch patrol with a 9-1-1 dispatched call of an on-going tenant dispute.  This has been an on-going project that Officer Krise has been working on.  Officer Krise has previously talked to both tenants and the landlord in which he made suggestions and was assured by all parties the issues would stop.  During this incident, Officer Krise talked further with the landlord and educated her on what her responsibilities were.  He provided her with important information and said he would assist in any manner possible with the eviction process. 

Night out – Officer McRae visited five Night Out events. Officer McRae answered a few questions at acouple of the neighborhood events, he also took photos with residents and handed out pamphlets and coloring books to the kids.

8343 Wabash Ave S – Officer McRae and Sgt. Martin visited the complainant about the narcotics activity at this home. South ACT was notified via memo from Officer McRae. South ACT had already begun surveillance on this address.

6900 37th Ave S – Officer McRae gave personal safety tips and answered questions at this senior housing complex. There were about 30 residents in attendance who were concerned about recent strong arm robberies.

4242 S Frontenac – This resident was the victim of a burglary. The resident believes that the next door neighbor’s son and his friends are the suspects but there is no proof. The resident wants to set up a block watch meeting. Officer McRae sent an email to Mark Solomon to organize the meeting.

3601 S Graham – Officer McRae did a premise check at DSHS. Everything is fine there.

Brighton Playfield – Officer McRae and other CPT team members provided security for the Ramadan celebration at the request of the Community Outreach unit.

Greg Fliegel

Officer Fliegel patrolled the neighborhoods of New Holly and Rainier Vista, including the parks, Pea Patches, and green spaces.  During the course of those patrols, he observed several people out and about in the neighborhoods and parks.  He did not observe any illegal activity, nor was any reported to him.  However, there have been several reports of remnants from small fires throughout the Rainier Vista property.  In response to this, Officer Fliegel has, and will continue to increase his patrols in and around Rainier Vista.  To date, he has not seen any evidence of the fires, nor have they been reported to the police, and he has only learned of them from maintenance staff.

Officer Fliegel visited the staff at New Holly.  At the time of his visit, there were no significant incidents to review.

Officer Fliegel visited the offices at Rainier Vista.  At the time of his visit, there were no significant incidents to discuss.

Officer Fliegel visited Center Park.  At the time of his visit, he met briefly with staff.  There were no significant incidents to discuss, and all seems to be ok at the property. 

Officer Fliegel visited Beacon Tower.  While at the property, he visited briefly with staff.  There were no major concerns to discuss, and all seemed to be ok.

Crime Prevention Coordinator
Mark Solomon

South & Southwest Precincts:  Night out against Crime was Tuesday, August 6th.  Mark assisted the public in getting their Night Out events registered and added to the city-wide events calendar, fielded questions regarding the event, including street closure questions, police officer and firefighter participation.  Mark distributed Night Out locations lists to South & Southwest Officers, organizing the locations by Patrol Beat and recommended locations officers should stop by.  The final official count for registered Night Out events by Precinct: South – 135; Southwest – 301.  Both Precincts showed an increase in participation from previous years; the most participation ever, in fact.

July 28 - August 2


July 29th- CPT Officer Krise stopped by the Supershine Car Wash, located at 7200 Block Rainier Ave S, and talked with the owner regarding a warrant arrest of a customer that occurred over the weekend.  The owner was concerned regarding the way it was handled and that a loss of business may be the result of such police activity.  CPT Officer Krise talked with the owner, tried to answer his questions and eased his mind in an attempt to continue a positive relationship with this business and the police department.

July 29th- CPT Officer Krise stopped by the home of the victim who had recently moved into the 5900 Block 48 Ave S and was the unfortunate victim of a burglary.  Because she is new to the area, CPT Officer Krise wanted to extend the full resources of the South Precinct, to include CPT assistance and a meeting with a Crime Prevention Specialist, to help ease her concerns.   He was unable to talk with her in person but left his business card and a voicemail.

July 29th- CPT Officer Krise conducted a burglary emphasis patrol in the area between Rainier Ave S and Wilson Ave S and S Orcas St and S Graham St due to a recent increase in day time burglaries. 

July 29th- CPT Officer Krise has been working with the neighbors in the 2800 block of S Alaska Pl regarding a trouble house for the past eight months.  A recent increase in activity has brought further attention to the house and CPT Officer Krise brought the South Precinct Anti-Crime Team into the case in hopes to stop the unwanted behavior.  Since the ACT unit has been working with Officer Krise, a warrant arrest and recovery of a stolen vehicle have taken place.

July 30th- CPT Officer Krise assisted Detectives Deese and Brathwaite by providing a uniformed presence when they attempted to located a suspect in Federal Way and Skyway.  Although neither suspect was located, important intelligence was gathered for the case. 

July 30th- CPT Officer Krise, Detective Deese and Detective Brathwaite attempted to located person of interest, in the 4600 block of S Henderson St, in a string of burglaries that have been occurring in the south end of Seattle.  Although the subject did not answer the door, his vehicle was located and intelligence was gathered to where he may be currently living.

July 30th- CPT Officer Krise backed CPT Officer McRae on a liquor violation at the north end of Mapes Creek located at 52 Ave S and S Henderson St.  This has been an area of focus for the CPT unit due to a recent spike in street crimes.

July 30th- CPT Officers Krise and McRae and Assistant City Attorney Melissa Chin stopped by the Metro PCS located in the 8600 block of Rainier Ave S on a business check.  As a new business, Officers wanted to extend the services of the South Precinct Community Police Team to ensure a successful operation in the area.

July 30th- CPT Officers Krise and McRae conducted a premise check at a house on the 9700 block of 59 Ave S regarding a recent increase in suspicious activity. 

July 30th- CPT Officer Krise conducted a premise check of the 9400 block of Rainier Ave S stopping by businesses and talking with citizens.  This is in response to a recent increase in street level crimes and gang related activity.

July 31st- CPT Officers Krise and Toman and SHA Officer Fliegel worked as a police bicycle unit focusing on the 9400 block of Rainier Ave S.  They completed six Notice of Infractions for liquor related offenses and made a number of citizen contacts. 

August 1st- CPT Officer Krise, SHA Officer Fliegel, CPT Officer McRae, and Assistant City Attorney Melissa Chin drove to the Seafair Hydro location.  They walked the area talking with vendors and event coordinators in preparation for the busy weekend.
August 1st- CPT Officer Krise drove the area of Lake Washington Blvd S to check on all the waterside parks to include Seward Park.

August 2nd, 3rd, 4th- CPT Officer Krise was part of an eight officer patrol bicycle team that provided security for the Seafair Hydro event held at Genesee Park.  Throughout the weekend, CPT Officer Krise participated in a recovery of a lost dog, trespass a subject causing a disturbance, escorting an intoxicated subject from a beer garden, and providing a police presence throughout the event.

Tuesday, July 30th- CPT Officer Toman contacted Maru Mora Villalpando from the Latino Advocacy at the El Centro De La Raza. He assisted her with a Hispanic speaking family that wanted to file a police report for a possible cyber-stalking incident.

Tuesday, July 30th- CPT Officer Toman contacted complainant at 3200 Block 13th Av S in regards to strangers knocking on his elderly neighbor’s front door. He was worried that the subjects maybe casing her house. CPT Officer Toman determined that the neighbor was in no immediate danger and prefers not to the answer the door if she does not know the subjects. Officer Toman scheduled a time to meet with her and Crime Prevention Specialist Mark Solomon to provide her with some safety tips. 

Wednesday, July 31st- CPT Officer Toman conducted a bicycle patrol along with Officer Fliegel and Krise. They conducted patrols at the Rainier Valley, Columbia City, Beacon Hill, and Mapes Creek areas.

Wednesday, July 31st- CPT Officer Toman and SHA Officer Fliegel conducted extra patrols and contacted the managers of Seattle Housing Authority properties at New Holly, Rainier Vista, and Barton Place.

Wednesday, July 31st- CPT Officer Toman contacted several subjects drinking in public at Rainier Av S/ MLK Jr. Way S. He wrote them the appropriate infractions.

Thursday, August 1st- CPT Officer Toman contacted a trespasser and stood-by while SDOT posted several encampments near S Spokane St and the East Duwamish Waterway.

Thursday, August 1st- CPT Officer Toman contacted the owner of the building at 1800 Block 12 Av S. He recently inherited the building after his brother passed away and was seeking some advice about one of the units where the tenant passed as well. CPT Officer Toman assisted him with some of the landlord/tenant laws and assisted him with some additional resources.

7400 Block Rainier Ave S – CPT Officer McRae received a phone call from the owner of this apartment complex asking for assistance with subjects hanging around his properties. The owner stated that a large number of gang members were on his property and his security officers felt intimidated by the group. He asked if officers would periodically drive through his parking lots. Officer McRae sent a memo to 3rd watch asking for extra patrols in the area.

8400 Block Wabash Ave S- CPT Officer McRae has been receiving complaints of narcotics dealing in front of this home. CPT Officer McRae contacted ACT to possibly do an operation in the area. Officer McRae has seen several vehicles with subjects sitting in them in front of this home who appear to have no meaningful purpose for being there.

52 Ave S/S Henderson St Mapes creek – CPT Officer McRae has noticed an increase in drinkers at the north end of the walkway. Officer McRae has contacted subjects twice this week. Officers Fliegel and Krise also contacted several people and cited them for open container.

8700 block Rainier/Metro PCS – This is a new cellular phone business in the area. There are dummy phones in the store to prevent thefts and they plan to install several surveillance cameras. These are prepaid phones that are sold at full price.

Hutchinson Park – CPT Officer McRae has gotten complaints about youth intimidating neighbors in the park. Officers McRae and Krise were doing a premise check at the park when two juvenile males ran for unknown reason. Officers did not see where the two boys went but it appears they ran into a house in the 9700 Block of 59th Ave S. CPT Officer McRae contacted the resident at 9700 Block 59th Ave S. He was adamant that there are no juvenile males at his home.

Van Asselt Community Center – Officer McRae did a premise at the center and spoke to Ophelia. Ophelia is the wading pool attendant. There were no problems there.

Community Police Commission (CPC) – CPT Officers McRae and Krise and Officer Lee along with Sgt. Martin provided security at the CPC meeting. Since these meetings are open to the public any citizen can attend. The meeting is open for the public to speak near the end of the session. In the last session a subject got verbally abusive towards the Commission, therefore the CPC asked that patrol officers in uniform attend the meeting in a security capacity. The same citizen that was verbally abusive at the last meeting attended this meeting but did not cause any problems.

Youth Intern – CPT Officer McRae oversaw the youth intern by keeping track of his hours and activities while in the program. The intern’s school, Seattle Urban Academy, sent a photographer to take photos and answer a few questions about his experience with the SPD program. The school will publish an article in the school’s newspaper about the intern’s experience.

6900 37th Ave S – This is a retirement home where several residents have concerns over recent strong arm robberies in the area. A worker from this location was robbed near the Chase Bank. Mark Solomon and Officer McRae will meet with residents on Thursday Aug. 8th at 1000 hrs to address any questions or concerns the residents may have.


South Precinct Community Police Team Officer attended the South Precinct Community Police Team meeting.
July 29th- Officer Krise met with Jeremiah Dover who wanted to donate a large amount of teddy bears that his company had collected to the Seattle Police Department.  Mr. Dover lives in the south end of Seattle and wanted to see the bears be used in the neighborhood.


In addition to Officer Fliegel’s regular patrols through the neighborhoods of New Holly and Rainier Vista, on Wednesday 07/31/2013 he patrolled on bikes with two additional officers.  The bike patrols afforded him the ability to get out and converse with people in the parks, out in the neighborhoods, and with those coming to and from the light rail.  Officer Fliegel and the other officers also wrote several drinking in public infractions throughout the south end. The bike patrols were very well received by the residents who were contacted, and proved to be an excellent tool for park enforcement, allowing the officers access to activity going on in areas hidden from view in a patrol car.

The officers enjoyed their time visiting with families in the parks and green spaces, and the children at the parks were thrilled to receive Jr. Police stickers from the officers.

In lieu of his regularly scheduled meeting at New Holly, Officer Fliegel stopped by and visited with several of the staff.  There were no significant incidents to report at the time of his visit.

Officer Fliegel visited the offices at Rainier Vista, unfortunately at the time of his visit; there was no staff available to meet with.

Officer Fliegel visited Barton Place, and while there, he met with staff about the removal of the un-authorized food vendor, and some subjects at Holly Court

Officer Fliegel made several trips to Holly Court, in an effort to locate an unauthorized resident with several warrants.  To date, he has not been able to locate the subject.


Crime Prevention Activities
 On Monday, Linh joined a meeting with a group of business owners at King Plaza to prepare for the National Crime Night Out event. The crime night of this year is organized by the business owners King Plaza with assistance from Linh.

Prevention Input
In the evening of Tuesday, due to Officer Alex Chapackdee had a conflict of his schedule Linh was called to attend the Project Handle meeting at High Point Neighborhood House Office.  At the meeting Linh had an opportunity to discuss with the Cambodian youth and their parents about personal safety and consequences using illegal drugs

Community Involvement Activities

Community Involvement Activities

On Thursday August 1st, 2013, Linh attended the Filipino Senior Lunch program at FCC.  While attending the senior program, Linh talked to the Filipino Community leaders about Crime Night Out.  Linh also provided the flyers in English to invite the members and neighbors of the Filipino community to participate the event on August 6, 2013 at the Parking lot at behind the FCC.

Race and Social Justice Activities

On Wednesday evening, Officer Alex Chapackdee and Linh conducted the Living Room Conversation at Mt Baker Apartment in Cambodian language.  There were 22 Cambodian residents of Mt Baker Apartment who participated in the conversation

On Saturday Linh was invited to attend the dinner, which organized by American Red Cross to educate the Vietnamese community about emergency preparedness and health issues.

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