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Captain Log

September 25, 2014

NORTH precinct captain David Emerick

John Hayes

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Captain Bio

Crime Prevention Tips from the Captain:

Keeping yourself safe:

  • Pay close attention to your surroundings
  • Walk with a purpose. Head high, making eye contact.
  • Avoid using technology that may act as a distraction while you are walking.
  • Plan your route, avoid shortcuts. Stick to well-lit and well-traveled areas.
  • Carry only what you need in your purse/wallet.
  • Be mindful of who is observing you and the electronics you are using.

Responding to confrontation:

  • If a robber grabs your bag, resist the impulse to play tug of war. If you hang on, chances are you will be knocked down, hit or kicked and the robber will get your bag anyway.
  • Victims sometimes tell a robber they have no money. This technique may backfire. It is safer to give up a few dollars. Carry a little money in an accessible place for just this purpose. Keep it separate from other funds.
  • If someone demands your property and displays or implies in any way that they have a weapon, hand the bag or wallet to them.
  • Call 911 immediately!! Be prepared to give a description of the person. Race, Gender, Height, Weight, Hair Color, Clothing, any defining characteristics. Also, you will want to tell the dispatcher how the person left (walking, in a car, on a bike …) and which direction they headed (north, south, east or west). 

    TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS - Pay attention to the uncomfortable feelings that often warn us of potential danger.

Thieves are seeking various expensive electronics such as:

  • Laptops
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets

What to do if your device is stolen?

Follow these important safety tips to help protect your devices:

  • Password  protect all your devices. This simple act will make it more difficult for someone to access your device.
  • Back-up your information, using cloud-based storage or on portable media such as a flash drive, or other backup media.
  • Use security software and enable encryption features to protect data.
  • Register your device with your service provider or manufacture.
  • Enable GPS locator features.
  • Engrave your device with an engraving pen or etcher. Secure the number in a safe place.

Always be aware of your surroundings:

  • Keep your device out of sight when not in use.
  • Avoid using devices near doors where thieves can exit quickly.

Captain Dave Emerick
Commander North Precinct

April 15, 2014

The North Precinct has finally hired a new Crime Prevention Coordinator. Her name is Elizabeth Scott. We are very happy to have her here in North Seattle to work hand in hand with the community to keep you informed on ways to keep yourselves and your property safe from crime.

Her bio is below:

In 2012 Elizabeth Scott was hired by the department as an Administrative Specialist II for the Arson Bomb Squad and CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear Explosives) Unit. Shortly after, she was promoted to an Administrative Specialist III working for the Captain, who at that point, supervised Homeland (CBRNE, Seattle Police Operations Center) and Metro Special Response Section (Arson Bomb Squad, Canine, Harbor Patrol, SWAT and Crisis Intervention Team). Throughout her time within these two distinctive positions, Elizabeth has gained extensive knowledge and a unique perspective of working alongside Law Enforcement. In March of 2014 Elizabeth was hired to be the Crime Prevention Coordinator for the North Precinct.

Elizabeth is most excited for this new position as it allows her to combine two of her passions; being a support to Law Enforcement and working with people. Elizabeth looks forward to the opportunity to work alongside the citizens of North Seattle as the community together strives to become a safer, more crime free environment.

She has a Bachelor’s Degree from Central Washington University.

Thanks and keep looking out for each other. Remember if you see something wrong say something. You could be preventing a crime.

Captain Dave Emerick
Commander North Precinct

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