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Seattle Police Department Kathleen O'Toole, Chief of Police

February 18th

The Holiday Emphasis was a big success. Crime was down, especially around the Northgate Mall. The robberies in the north precinct went from 43 in November, to 24 in December, to just 17 in the month of January. We normally have a spike in robberies in January but it did not happen this year. North precinct officers will continue to work hard combating the main crime issues for North Seattle communities, those are robberies, burglaries, and especially auto thefts. We have seen a big increase in auto thefts over the past year.

We have started an auto theft emphasis in the North Precinct. I requested assistance from the departments Auto Theft Unit and the Major Crimes Task Force to combat this problem. The key to our success with this project is our partnership with the community, if you see something say something. Please report any suspicious activity immediately to 911. The areas experiencing the greatest number of auto thefts are as follows;

  • All surface streets surrounding the University of Washington and Frat Row
  • The Northgate Mall and surrounding businesses and park and ride lots
  • The 12300 block of Roosevelt Way
  • The 11500 block of Lake City Way
  • Greenwood Ave from 90th to N.E. 115th St.
  • The 4200 block of Aurora Ave and the 2 blocks to the east and west

Be smart when securing your vehicle. Don’t leave visible valuables in the car. If you live in one of these areas get a steering wheel club or other anti-theft device and again call 911 with suspicious activity. I will be keeping the community posted on our success over the months to come.

Thanks for all of the assistance
Captain Dave Emerick

December 19th


Just in time for the holidays, I'd like to pass along a few tips from Crime Prevention about some easy security precautions you can take:

While Shopping:

  • Take a friend along when doing holiday shopping. Use a buddy system to reduce the chance of being a victim of a robbery.
  • When using an ATM only take out the amount you need, rather than the maximum you can get.
    • Don't walk away from the machine counting your money.
    • Secure your money and your debit card back in your wallet or pocket before using the ATM.
    • Memorize your PIN number or keep it separate from your debit card.
  • Beware of strangers who bump, shove or get too close. Pickpockets may use these diversions to lift your wallet.
  • If you are running from store to store, secure other purchases in your car in the trunk, or otherwise out of sight. Do this when you GET to your car, rather than after you park at your next location.
  • When returning to your car, make sure you aren't over-burdened with packages and have your keys in hand to avoid searching for them when you get to your car.


Be cautious of those going door-to-door collecting for charities. Ask to see an ID that identifies them with that charity. Never give out cash. If you are suspicious about anyone coming door-to-door, please report them to 911 or our non-emergency line (206) 625-5011.

Disposing of Packaging

When disposing of packaging in which gifts and other purchases came, boxes sitting out on the curb for collection day are an advertisement for what is now in your home. Recycle the packaging but break down the boxes to fit in your bin and take them out right before they are to be collected.

Leaving Town:

  • If you're going to be away for the holidays, ask a friend or trusted neighbor to watch your home.
  • Have the post office hold your mail and have your trusted neighbor keep an eye out for unexpected packages that might get delivered so they can hold them for you.

Wishing you a great (and safe) holiday season!

Captain David Emerick

December 8th


From the 8th of Dec through the end of the month officers from the north precinct will be conducting crime prevention emphasis patrol in and around the Northgate Mall. Members of the North Precinct Bike Patrol, Anti-Crime Team, and Violence Prevention Squads will be patrolling the mall, surrounding businesses, parking lots, and park and ride lots to prevent street robberies, auto thefts, and car prowls. If you are shopping it these areas please report any suspicious activity to 911.

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