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Captain Log

July 15, 2013

East Precinct Captain Ron WIlson

Jim Dermody

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July 9th

Officer Misiorek, Officer Garza participated in the Group Health Walk and Talk at the Capitol Hill Campus.  An SPD Intern also attended and did an excellent job engaging the seniors during the walk.

Officer Misiorek enrolled the Union View Building Corp., 2900 Eastlake Avenue East into the Trespass Warning Program.  Approximately (10) Eastlake area businesses have signed up during the past month to address an increase in aggressive panhandling and public drinking.

Officer Misiorek assisted Officer Radford conduct a follow up with a concerned Garfield High School parent.

Officer Garza started his day with a visit to the 23rd Ave and S Jackson area.

Officer Garza visited with Auto Zone, a Chinese fast food restaurant, Walgreens and Starbucks. All were glad to see him and stated that all was going well.

July 10th

Officer Misiorek conducted a Premise Check at Volunteer Park – he has been working with Seattle Parks to address an issue with a transient camping near the playground.  Officer Misiorek had recently excluded the transient from the park and it seems to have solved the problem.

Officer Misiorek conducted patrols throughout the Eastlake area including Rogers Playfield.  Officer Misiorek hasn’t seen the group of transients that are the source of the nuisance complaints in over two weeks and has gotten positive feedback from members of the neighborhood watch.

Officer Garza paid a visit to Starbucks on 23rd and Jackson St. He spent 30 minutes inside and talked with two kids who sat at his table while parents waited for their coffee drinks. Officer Garza deputized them and gave them a sticker badge to put on their shirt.

July 11th

Officer Misiorek and Officer Garza assisted WSDOT with their cleanup efforts at transient camps on their property beneath 520.

Cynthia Steiner, a Girl Scout troop leader, wants her girls to tour the East Precinct. She wants to do it on a Sunday when they meet, so Officer Garza gave her the Sunday of Umoja Fest when he will be on duty. This can be accomplished before the fest starts.

July 12th

Officer Misiorek, Officer Garza and an SPD Intern volunteered at Central Lutheran’s Community Lunch and served food to approximately 200 homeless/hungry from the Capitol Hill area.  The intern once again did an excellent job representing the Department with a sometimes unpredictable population.

Officer Misiorek met with First AME Pastor Anderson and his office staff to discuss potential outreach opportunities with First AME.  Pastor Anderson is interested in East CPT being involved with his Peace on the Streets campaign with the Urban League.

July 13th

Officer Misiorek, Officer Garza, Officer Skommesa and A/Sgt Sundin worked at the East Precinct Community Picnic – assisted with set up and clean up, worked the ice cream stand, distributed raffle tickets, and engaged diverse members of the community throughout the event.


Garfield High School

At this location, Ofc Radford conducted premise checks throughout the week. There are two summer programs going on. The college success hero program, in which students throughout the Seattle Public Schools are there doing credit retrieval. The other is the Garfield HS Summer Bridge program, in which the incoming freshman class attends classes in order to get a step up towards the incoming school year. There were no reportable incidents.

Ofc Radford did speak with a student about his conduct in and out of school. He is not only a student attending the college success hero program, but also a member of the GHS football team. It has been rumored that a former GHS student came on to the practice field at Garfield HS, during practice in an attempt to get him to fight. This was due to an incident involving a younger brother. At this time, there was no incident report taken. Ofc Radford will do follow-up.

SHA Properties

Jefferson Terrace, 800 Jefferson St

Premise Check:  Ofc Skommesa met with Property Manager and conducted a premise check.  Ofc Skommesa worked on the following issues today:  (Event #246665)

Knock and Talk:  Ofc Skommesa contacted a resident regarding the continuing heavy volume of foot traffic to and from her apartment and recent admissions by her guests of narcotics usage in the apartment.  The Property Manager advised that this resident previously indicated to her that she would be moved out of the apartment by 7/5, but she is still there.  (Event #246665)

Knock and Talk:  Ofc Skommesa attempted to contact a resident regarding many recent reports of this resident drinking again and several disturbances in his apartment with his guests.  All was quiet inside and there was no answer at the door.  (Event #246665)

Follow-up to Robbery:  Ofc Skommesa contacted a resident following a report he’d been assaulted and had some money and other items taken from him in the Jefferson Terrace parking lot on 7/7.  The resident had no further information to provide regarding the incident, and thanked Ofc Skommesa for checking on him.  (Event #246665/ 2013-239383)

Knock and Talk:  Ofc Skommesa contacted a resident regarding reports she’s been seen frequenting another resident’s apartment, especially given the admissions by that resident’s guests of narcotics use in the apartment and her pending eviction.  (Event #246665)

Welfare Check:  Ofc Skommesa attempted to contact a resident following several DV disturbances.  All was quiet in the apartment and there was no answer at the door.  Animal Control left a door hanger indicating the resident’s dog was being cared for at their facility.  (Event #246665)

Yesler Terrace, 102 Broadway

Premise Check:  Ofc Skommesa spoke with the Administrative Assistant today and checked various areas of the campus including vacant apartments.  (Event #245432)

Suspicious Circumstances:  Ofc Skommesa was contacted by a resident, who wanted to report two suspicious males she thought were watching the children at 125 Broadway.  An area check for the two males was negative, and the resident stated she last saw them headed N/B on Broadway approx 3 minutes before Ofc Skommesa’s arrival in the area.  The resident described the males as follows:

#1) W/M 50’s, light colored hair, black t-shirt w/ the sleeves torn off and white writing on it (pentagram on back per Ofc Skommesa who saw the male in the 100 blk 10 Av approx 30 minutes prior walking N/B headed out of the community). 

#2) W/M L20’s- E30’s, yellow shirt with a cast or large bandage wrapped around one arm.  (Event #245432).
Suspicious Circumstances/ Narcotics Activity/ Robbery:  Ofc Skommesa was advised by Property Manager that a resident had contacted him regarding possible narcotics activity and other illegal activities.  Ofc Skommesa was contacted at the management office by a resident, who advised him that several weeks ago her son had his I-phone stolen from him and he had been assaulted by a known male who threatened to hurt him if he told anyone.  The resident provided a very limited description of an associated vehicle (tan or gold 4Dr), as well as areas of the campus and times of day they were frequently there.  (Event #245432)

Welfare Check:  The Property Manager and Ofc Skommesa went to check on a resident, who was seen entering her old apartment here at Yesler Terrace.  The resident, along with her sister and brother, recently moved to another SHA building and turned in their keys to their old apartment.  The apartment was empty and the Property Manager had the locks changed.  (Event #246592)

Update on Patrol Activity at Cal Anderson Park

The below graph illustrates patrol activity in Cal Anderson Park since implementing the Park Emphasis Project compared to the same time last year.

  5/17/13 – 7/6/13 5/17/12 – 7/6/12
Total CAD Events        435 121
On-views 391 82
Dispatched 44 39


Top Events During the Project

Premise/PP/DP 266
Suspicious 38
Liquor Offense 26
Disturbance 22
Prowler/Trespass 13
Arrests 20


Of the arrests, 6 were dispatched and 14 were on-views.

7-Warrants, 3-Lewd Conduct, 2-Liquor related, 2-Assault, 2-Narcotics, 1-PD, 1-Child Endangerment, 1-Trespass (subject refused to leave after being told several times), 1-Disturbance following the theft of a bike.  Also during the above arrests, large knives, brass knuckles, scissors and a padlock on a chain (slung shot) were also recovered.

Significant Incidents

13-246124:  The two victims were walking N/B in the 1600 block Harvard Ave when they were approached by 3 Black males in their 20’s.  One of the suspects pulled out a silver revolver handgun and pointed it at the victim’s head.  The suspects “demanded everything they had.”  The suspects stole two I-phones, cash, a backpack, and miscellaneous items from the two victims.  The suspects ran away through SCCC campus.  The victims walked to QFC and called 911.  The suspects were not located at time of report.

13-249085:  Officer Steve Bale and Ron Campbell arrested a female for a theft of a cell phone from an individual. It is believed the female was working with two males earlier in the evening. Three other cell phones were found in the women possession. Robbery detectives will try to determine if recent street robberies are related to this arrest.

13-251337:  Officers were on a traffic violation when they were flagged down by a witness who stated that he had seen a man attempting to rape a woman in Cal Anderson Park.  The witness pointed out the suspect and victim to officers.  Officers made contact and determined the victim was incapacitated and that the suspect attempted to have sex with her without her knowledge or consent. The suspect (a level 3 Sex Offender) was arrest for Investigation of Rape. 

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