Shift Schedule

Work Schedule

In order to patrol the city 24/7, Patrol Officers work on a rotating schedule. Patrol officers work four (9 hour) days in a row on a rotating schedule which includes working weekends and holidays. Officers are assigned to one of three watches:

  • First Watch: 0300-1200 or 0330 - 1230
  • Second Watch: 1100-2000 or 1130 - 2030
  • Third Watch: 1900-0400 or 1930 - 0430

There is no mandatory watch rotation. Once assigned to a watch, you remain on that shift until you choose to change.

Furlough (Days Off) Schedule

Officers work 4 days in a row, and then have 2 furloughs (days off). In addition to regular furloughs (2 of every 6 days), officers also accumulate 10 or 11 additional furlough days during the course of the year. The officer may schedule time off using “delayed” furloughs in a manner similar to vacation days.

Part-Time Work

At Seattle Police, we want you to be able to balance the needs of family obligations, educational development or providing adult care. On a very limited basis, the Department offers a voluntary part-time work schedule for sworn officers working uniformed in patrol, for a period of one-year, (with some one-year extensions) once you have been a patrol officer at least 3 years.

Off Duty and Overtime

Off-duty work is available.

Overtime is paid at time and 1/2
(pay or comp time) for everything over 9 hours/day, 40 hours/week.