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about Night out

Will I be notified when you recieve my registration?

You will receive a confirmation email with the event details you submitted after you fill out the form. This means you have registered.

Which police precinct is our neighborhood in?

You can use this map to see which precinct you are in.

Can I close my street for Night Out?

Yes! If you do not live on an arterial street and you do not close your intersection, you are welcome to close the street to traffic for your Night Out Celebration. Indicate on the registration form that you plan to close the street. Individual blocks are responsible for providing barricades. On the registration form please mark not only the street name but also the hundred block of the street.

Is there a fee to close my street?

No. The City of Seattle will not assess a fee for Night Out participants.

How should I close my street?

We will provide a printable street closure sign for the event that you can print out on your printer and assemble into a 44" X 25.5" sign. You can also make your own sign if you prefer. People often attach these to sawhorses or buckets - whatever you use for a barricade, it should be easy and quick to move.

  • Remember to never block the intersection!
  • Please do not use a vehicle as a barricade to close your street. Any barricade should be easy to move.
  • Your neighbors vehicles need to be allowed access to their homes and emergency vehicles need to be allowed access to your block.
  • Keep tables and other set up to one side of the street to keep the street open for vehicles to pass through if necessary.

How do I request Police or Fire participation in my Night Out celebration?

All of the registered Night Out events are shared with the individual precincts as well as the fire department.This does not guarantee that you will get a visit but if time allows, personnel who work in your neighborhood will try to drop by.

We ask that you not call the individual Fire Stations or Police Precincts to request visits, as the number of calls could overwhelm them.

What about live music?

Live music is a fun staple of Night Out gatherings - there are many musicians, both professional and amateur in a lot of communities. If you plan on live music during your Night Out Activities, please be considerate of other neighbors. Consider having "unplugged" rather than "amplified" music, or keep it low if amplified. (It may help to have someone walk in a radius a few blocks away to test the noise level to see how it carries before the event starts) Please turn off all music by the hours most people are going to bed. Surrounding neighborhoods will thank you.

What if I live in an apartment/condo building or downtown?

You can still have a Night Out celebration, without participating in the street closure if you are on a busy arterial. In the past people have had celebrations on the rooftop gardens of their buildings, communal room, or in a neighbors yard or park. The idea is to have a chance to meet your neighbors, and this is a great chance to get a Block Watch or Apartment Watch started.

Help! I can't get the registration to work.

If you are having trouble with the registration after two attempts, please email with your event details and we will enter it for you and email the registration back to you. Please also describe the issue you are having with the registration, including the type of computer (operating system) and browser you are using. This will help us make improvements in the future.

Do you still have paper registration forms?

No. If you don't have direct access to a computer, perhaps a neighbor can fill out the form for your block. You can still be listed as the event coordinator. If you do not have any access to the online form, you can contact your Crime Prevention Coordinator for your precinct and give them the details of your event over the phone, and they can fill out the form for you.

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