Lateral Out of State Process

The process for out-of-state lateral candidates has been condensed into  two (2) trips to alleviate travel costs. The first trip will correspond to a testing date listed on the website and will require you to be here for a total of four (4) days.


Day 1

Written Civil Service exam. Candidates must pass the written exam with a score of 75% or higher to move on.

Day 2

Oral board panel interview. Applicants who pass their oral board will need to turn in their Personal History Information (PHI) packet. PHI packets can be downloaded from the website and must be completely filled out and notarized before turning it in.

Day 3 or 4

Interview with a Background Detective. This is a formal job interview and can take anywhere from 2-4 hours depending upon your background. We have no way to predict how many out of state laterals will apply, show-up and pass the above listed events, so plan on being here for all four (4) days.


If you are successful in passing all the sections during trip one, trip two typically occurs a few months later and will be scheduled by your assigned Background Detective. You will need to be here for a week (M-F) in order to complete the polygraph exam, psychological exam and evaluation and medical exam. 

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