How to use the Dashboard

Tutorial Video - Overview of the Crime Dashboard

1 - Using the Filters

Across the top of the Crime Dashboard is a series of filters that allows you to sort the data by year (data goes back to 2008), type of crime, precinct and Micro Community Policing Plan neighborhood. 

Whatever filter is applied will change the data in both the table and the chart below. 

Crime Dashboard intro to the top navigation/filter system

For example, selecting "Person Crime" or "Property Crime" under group will give you a sort that separates violent crimes from crimes like burglary. 

Selecting one of the filter groups in the Crime Stat Dashboard

You can also sort by the MCPP neighborhood and precinct that you live or work in.  If you aren't sure which neighborhood or precinct you are in, you can type in an address into the Precinct and Neighborhood Locator Map

Micro Community Policing Neighborhood

To turn these filters off, either click on the red "X" near the filter icon, or return the category choice to "all".

Turning filters off for the Crime Dashboard

2 - Seeing more detailed data

When you hover over the "Category" header of the table, you will see a plus sign.  If you click on this, a more detailed subcategory will expand. 

Expand a category 

You can also see more details by clicking directly on the data or graphed information.  A popup will appear.  Clicking on the table icon on the right of the pop up will open more information.

More of a category 

Toggling between the tabs, "Summary" will give you a roll up and "Underlying" will give you all of the data. 

Options for data download

3 - Downloading Data

By clicking on a specific column or graph of data and then clciking on "download" at the bottom right of the page, five export options will appear.  By clicking on the white area around the table and chart, you can download all of the data.  

Download Options