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The Seattle Police Department cautions against using crime and/or other police data to make decisions/comparisons regarding the safety of an area or the amount of crime.

Crime statistics represent only police services where a report was made and do not include other calls for police service.

The data do not reflect or certify "safe" or "unsafe" areas. When looking at crime statistics it is important to consider geography (business vs. residential), and major institutions that exist within the boundaries (i.e. hospitals, schools, parks, etc.) of the reporting areas.

Data will sometimes reflect where the crime was reported versus where the crime occurred.

Areas with a high volume of foot traffic or that are more densely populated may have more reported crime. This does not necessarily mean more crime occurs there, but that more crime is reported there.

Domestic Violence Statistics


The FBI Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program defines aggravated assault as an unlawful attack by one person upon another for the purpose of inflicting severe or aggravated bodily injury. This type of assault usually involves a weapon or other means likely to produce death or great bodily harm.

A Domestic Violence Aggravated Assault occurs when it happens between persons who are/were married, are/were domestic partners, live/lived together, are related to each other biologically or legally, or have/had a social relationship of a romantic nature.

Total Domestic Violence Offenses reflect ALL major crimes that have a domestic violence element to them, because of the relationship between the victim and the perpetrator. These crimes include murder, rape, robbery, simple and aggravated assault, burglary, larceny/theft, motor vehicle theft and arson. Violations of protection or no contact orders are also included in this total.


Domestic Violence Safety and Prevention Information

Domestic Violence Resources



There were 588 Domestic Violence Aggravated Assaults from Jan 2013 through Dec 2013. This was 30% of the total 1,972 Aggravated Assaults reported in Seattle.

Domestic Violence Related and Total Aggravated Assualts in Seattle
Type of Assualt

DV Agg Assaults 460 502 649 734 588
Other Agg Assaults 1485 1471 1478 1449 1384
Total Agg Assaults 1945 1973 2127 2183 1972
% of DV in total 24% 25% 31% 34% 30%


Total Domestic Violence Offenses, by Month, 2009 - 2013
Month 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
JANUARY 265 205 307 323 294
FEBRUARY 202 134 274 258 255
MARCH 253 186 313 310 297
APRIL 271 215 312 325 294
MAY 251 209 300 379 313
JUNE 267 199 337 341 290
JULY 243 210 313 341 339
AUGUST 241 257 333 307 285
SEPTEMBER 230 258 320 370 312
OCTOBER 208 315 280 266 269
NOVEMBER 191 308 272 268 280
DECEMBER 176 316 324 317 308
TOTAL 2798 2812 3685 3805 3536


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