2021 City Transition FAQs

2021 brought many changes to how the City of Seattle allocates its resources and responsibilities. To clear up any confusion and help guide you to the right city department, SPD is sharing these FAQs regarding units that are no longer entities of the Seattle Police Department, and where you can get updated information about each of them.

Community Safety & Communications Center

(Formerly 9-1-1 Dispatch) 

9-1-1 Dispatch is no longer part of SPD and instead is part of a new city department called the Community Safety & Communications Center (CSCC).

For questions regarding 9-1-1 communications, please contact the Office of the Mayor.  

Parking Enforcement

(Now Seattle Department Of Transportation)

As of June 2021, Parking Enforcement Officers and their duties are a function of the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) rather than SPD.

For any questions regarding Parking Enforcement please refer to the contact information found at the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) website.

Victim Support Team

(Now housed in Human Services Department - HSD)

The Victim Support Team(VST) provides short term advocacy and resources to victims of violent crimes. The primary goal is to listen to survivors, help them identify what next step they want to take, address immediate safety concerns, and offer connections to resources in the community and within the Criminal Justice System.

For any questions regarding the Victim Support Team please refer to the contact information found at the Victim Support Team (VST) website.