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9.050 - Clothing Allowance and Reimbursement for Personal Property

Effective Date: 10/09/19


1. Sworn Personnel Receive an Initial Uniform Allowance

Personnel hired in the following classifications shall receive a voucher for initial equipment from the Background Unit upon offer of employment:

- Newly commissioned officers

- Lateral transfers from other departments

Additionally, sworn personnel shall receive their first annual clothing allowance upon offer of employment.

Exception: newly commissioned officers will not receive their annual clothing allowance until graduation from the Basic Law Enforcement Academy.

2. Department Issues Officers and Sergeants an Annual Clothing Allowance

The Department will issue the allowance on the anniversary of the sworn date of hire for the employee.

The allowance shall be prorated and paid at a reduced rate if:

- The employee terminates employment prior to their annual hire date

- The employee takes an unpaid absence from the Department in the calendar year between their annual hire dates

3. Officers May Request Reimbursement for Lost, Destroyed, or Stolen Uniforms or Personal Equipment

Officers may request reimbursement for items lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed in the line of duty.

The Department deems items to be damaged when their usefulness or professional appearance is reduced significantly and cannot be repaired to a useful or professional state.

Exception: Normal wear on uniform items, such as a gun wearing a hole into a shirt, shall not be considered damage incurred in the line of duty.

See 9.050-PRO-1 Requesting Reimbursement for Personal Property

4. Reimbursement Requests are Reviewed on a Case by Case Basis Upon Proof of Purchase of a Replacement Item

Officers electing to use property not required by the Department are not guaranteed reimbursement for those items.

5. Uniform Items are Reimbursed on a Prorated Basis

- Less than 12 months old: 100% of purchase price.

- 12 to 24 months old: 75% of purchase price.

- 24-36 months old: 50% of purchase price.

- Greater than 36 months old: 25% of purchase price.

Officers shall be reimbursed for 25% of the current purchase price of the uniform item if they cannot provide proof of original purchase price.

6. Other Personal Equipment is Reimbursed Up To a Maximum Allowance

- Prescription eyeglasses: repaired or replaced at or below $125.

- Safety glasses or non-prescription sunglasses: repaired or replaced at or below $25.

- Timepieces: repaired or replaced at or below $70.

- Flashlights (line of duty reimbursements only): 100% of the original purchase price.

- Electronic devices: repaired or replaced at or below $100.

- Other items: repaired or replaced upon approval by the Executive Director of Administration on a case by case basis.

7. Sworn Personnel Receive a One Time Reimbursement for Required Equipment or Specialty Clothing

Upon permanent assignment to the following units, sworn personnel shall receive a reimbursement for one full set of required uniform items worn by the unit, as defined in the Uniform Reference Catalog (URC):

- Harbor Unit


- Canine

- Mounted Patrol

- Traffic

- Bike Squads

- Anti-Crime Teams

The employee shall be responsible for any other required uniform items purchased after the initial reimbursement.

8. The Precinct/Section Captain May Authorize Purchases of Uniform Items Upon Written Approval From the Chief of Police.

A copy of the approval shall be forwarded to the Captain of the Audit, Policy & Research Section for future purchase approvals by the Uniform and Equipment Committee (see Policy Manual Section 9.040).

These approvals shall expire one year from the date of signature.

9.050-PRO-1 Requesting Reimbursement for Personal Property

Department Employee

1. Reports to their direct supervisor for inspection of the item during the shift it was damaged, lost, stolen or destroyed.

2. Completes form 13.18 – Damage/Loss of Equipment, Uniform, or Personal Property and a Report documenting the reason for the request.

Employee’s Supervisor

3. Completes recommendations for approval or denial of the request and forwards all documentation related to the request to the Fiscal Unit for review.

Fiscal Unit

4. Reviews the documentation regarding the equipment incident.

5. Determines value of the equipment to replace based on provisions of SPD Manual Section 9.050.

6. Forwards documentation to the Executive Director of Administration

Executive Director of Administration

7. Reviews the documentation regarding the equipment incident.

8. Forwards the request to the Fiscal Unit granting reimbursement.

   If the request is denied, forwards a memorandum to the Department employee documenting the reasons for denial.


9. Issues a check to the employee for the approved amount.


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