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9.040 - Uniform and Equipment Committee

Effective Date: 11/20/2013


1. The Chief of Police Approves All Uniform and Equipment Items

The Uniform and Equipment Committee (UEC) makes recommendations to the Chief based on testing, research and evaluation of all Department-approved equipment.

2. The Captain of the Compliance Section is the Chair of the UEC

The UEC shall also consist of the following personnel:

  • Vice Chair, Compliance Section Sergeant
  • Three Compliance Section detectives
  • Department Safety Officer
  • Quartermaster
  • Other Sworn Personnel, at the discretion of the Compliance Section Captain

3. Compliance Section Maintains the Uniform and Equipment Reference Catalogs (URC and ERC)

The UEC shall keep a signed original copy of both the URC and ERC.

The documents shall be updated upon approval and signature of the Chief of Police, as needed.

4. All Uniform Items Paid for by the Department Shall be Ordered Through the Quartermaster

5. The Compliance Section Captain Reviews All Department Uniform and Equipment Purchases

The Compliance Section Captain reviews all purchase orders for uniforms and equipment prior to forwarding them to the appropriate Bureau Chief. See 9.040-PRO-1 Uniform and Equipment Purchase Orders.

Any purchase orders requesting items not listed in either the URC or ERC shall be subject to a uniform and equipment change proposal by the UEC. See 9.040-PRO-2 Uniform and Equipment Change Proposals.

Exception: If the unit/section has written approval for purchase of the item on file with Compliance Section, the purchase order shall be forwarded without review.

6. Any Department Employee May Make Proposals to the UEC

The Vice Chair will schedule all proposals for new uniforms and equipment on the next UEC agenda. See 9.040-PRO-2 Uniform and Equipment Change Proposals.

The UEC shall make a recommendation to the Chief on all change proposals within 90 days of their receipt.

7. The UEC Meets Monthly to Review Uniform and Equipment Topics

Meetings shall cover any scheduled uniform and equipment change proposals.

The Chair or Vice Chair of the UEC may cancel the meetings if no issues are on the agenda or at their discretion.

8. The UEC May Designate Sub-Committees for Specific Uniform and Equipment Agenda

The Chair of the UEC may designate to evaluate, research or test uniforms and equipment in response to change proposals.

Every proposal shall be processed through the UEC evaluation process (see 9.040-PRO-1 Uniform and Equipment Change Proposals)

9.040-PRO-1 Uniform and Equipment Purchase Orders

Department Employee

1. Drafts a 1.5 Purchase Order for the desired uniform/equipment.

2. Checks the box “this is a uniform/equipment item” and submits the request.

Compliance Section Captain

3. Receives the approved 1.5 purchase order from the Quartermaster.

4. Reviews the request and either:

a. Approves the request if the requested item is in the Uniform or Equipment Reference Catalogs (URC or ERC).


b. Rejects the request if the items is:

  • An item that Quartermaster already issues,
  • A duplicate item that the employee has already been issued,
  • An item not authorized for use by the employee’s unit,
  • Not in the Uniform or Equipment Reference Catalogs (URC or ERC)

9.040-PRO-2 Uniform and Equipment Change Proposals

Department Employee or Vendor            

1. Submits a uniform or equipment proposal change to the Uniform and Equipment Committee (UEC) via the Compliance Section email address.

UEC Vice Chair

2. Schedules the change proposal on the next UEC Agenda


3. Evaluates the change proposal.

a. If the committee denies review of a proposal of a Department employee, the employee may appeal the decision to their Bureau Chief at their discretion (see 9.040-PRO-3 Change Proposal Appeals).

4. Assigns a committee member to lead the change proposal project.

Proposal Project Lead

5. Coordinates a team for the project, as necessary.

6. Drafts an evaluation plan for the project (see 9.040-TSK-1 creating a proposal project evaluation plan).

Proposal Project Team

7. Evaluates the proposal change.

8. Drafts a recommendation report with findings.


9. Evaluates the recommendations and makes a final recommendation to the Chief of Police.

Chief of Police

10. Makes final decision on change proposal.

a. If the proposal is a permanent change to either the Uniform or Equipment Reference Catalog, the respective catalog will be updated and signed by the Chief within the next calendar year.

9.040-PRO-3 Change Proposal Appeals

Department Employee

1. Submits an appeal to the UEC denial to their respective Bureau Chief for review.

Bureau Chief

2. Reviews the appeal.

a. If the Bureau Chief agrees with the appeal, orders the UEC to perform a change proposal evaluation.

b. If the Bureau Chief disagrees with the appeal, notify the involved employee and the Compliance Section Captain of the denial.

9.040-TSK-1 Creating a Proposal Project Evaluation Plan

When assigned a change proposal project, the detective:

1. Creates a project file in the Compliance Section internal drive.

2. Coordinates a team for the project, as necessary.

3. Develops a plan to gather information on the proposal, including but not limited to:

  • Why is the change needed?
  • Is it easily obtained?
  • Does it serve the needs/mission of the Department?
  • What are the costs of such a change?
  • What are the safety concerns?
  • Does it meet appearance standards?
  • What is the durability of the item?

4. Determines if the item needs field testing.


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