7.100 - Fingerprint Evidence

Effective Date: 2/19/2014


This policy applies to all employees who locate, lift and process fingerprint evidence.

1. Employees May Refer to the Washington State Patrol Forensic Services Guide for Guidance on Fingerprint Evidence

2. Employees Will Attempt to Locate Latent Prints at Crime Scenes

Employees will document their attempt to locate latent prints in the GO Report.

Employees will wear gloves when processing, retrieving and packaging fingerprint evidence.

3. Sergeants and Detectives May Request a Latent Print Examiner Respond to a Crime Scene

A sergeant or detective may contact the Latent Print Unit (phone #4-5510) directly during normal business hours and through Communications after hours.

4. Officers May Request Assistance from Identification Unit Personnel in Printing Suspects

Officers will contact the Identification Unit at 4-5514 (24 hour line) for assistance in printing a person in custody for identification.

Two officers will transport and stand by with the suspect as they are being fingerprinted and/or photographed.

The Identification Unit will fingerprint and photograph juveniles under arrest for a felony or gross misdemeanor (per RCW 43.43.735).

See 7.100-PRO-1 Fingerprinting Suspects

7.100-PRO-1 Fingerprinting Suspects


1. Calls the Identification Unit at 4-5514 (24 hour line) to screen the request.

Identification Technician

2. Directs the officers to transport the suspect to the 5th Floor of Police Headquarters.

3. Takes the suspect’s fingerprints.

  • Takes fingerprints and photographs juvenile suspects arrested for felony or gross misdemeanor

4. Searches the King County Regional database.

  • If there is no hit in the King County Regional database, searches the Western Identification Network database, and if no hit there, faxes the prints to the FBI.


5. Waits for the results in the Identification Unit or provides a contact phone number.

Identification Technician

6. Provides the officer with the results.