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3.330 - Workplace Safety

Effective Date: 11/20/2006


The Seattle Police Department believes in the dignity and importance of all employees and their right to work in a safe and healthful environment. The prevention of occupational injuries and illnesses shall be given a top priority. In addition, the Department shall establish and maintain an Accident Prevention Program that integrates safety and health principles into every job task. The Department Safety Officer shall be responsible for maintaining and updating this program. A copy of the Accident Prevention Program shall be provided to each precinct and all supervisors shall be familiar with its contents

I. Reporting of Unsafe Working Conditions / Practices

A. It shall be the responsibility of each employee to report any internal conditions or practices which represent a safety hazard to them, other employees, or the public. Upon observation of such condition, the employee shall fill out an Employee’s Report of Unsafe Working Conditions/Practices, (form 2.25a) and forward it to the Department Safety Officer.

B. The Safety Officer shall investigate any unsafe conditions reported and forward their findings and recommendations to the reporting person and the concerned Bureau Chiefs.

C. If the unsafe condition or practice represents an immediate safety hazard, the employee shall notify their immediate supervisor. The supervisor shall take action to prevent injury or accidents from occurring because of the condition.

II. Safety and Health Committee

A. The Department’s Safety and Health Committee is established in compliance with WAC 296-800-13020.

B. Committee meetings shall address the following:

1. A review of safety and health inspection reports to assist in correction of identified unsafe conditions or practices,

2. An evaluation of accident investigations conducted since the last meeting to determine if the causes of unsafe acts or unsafe conditions were properly identified and corrected, and

NOTE: This evaluation of accident investigations shall not include investigations of employee vehicle collisions or the discharge of firearms by employees.

3. An evaluation of accident and illness prevention programs with a discussion of recommendations for improvement where indicated.

C. Committee Membership and Election

1. The Safety Committee shall be comprised of six Seattle Police Department employees. Three members may be appointed from management by the Chief of Police, but the number of appointed members shall not exceed the number of elected members.

2. Elected members may be appointed by the collective bargaining units or elected from the membership. Elected committee members shall serve terms not to exceed one year, but may be re-elected without limit.

3. The Human Resources Section shall coordinate the election of the above employee-elected committee members.

D. Procedures

1. A Chair shall be elected by the committee to serve for one year.

2. The frequency, date, and location of committee meetings shall be determined by the committee, but shall not be less than once per quarter.

3. Subject matter discussed and the members present shall be documented and maintained on file for a period of one year. Such documentation shall be maintained by the Employment Services Lieutenant.

4. The Safety Officer shall be responsible for documenting committee meeting attendance and the subjects discussed and shall also serve as an advisor to the committee.

5. Copies of the meeting minutes shall be provided to the Chief of Police, the Department Safety Officer, and posted on employee bulletin boards.


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