16.231 - Cancelling and Voiding Tickets

Effective Date: 05/07/2019


This policy applies whenever paper tickets must be voided or canceled.

1. Officer Shall Void Paper Tickets Ineligible For Use

Officers shall void tickets in the following circumstances:

  • Officer makes a significant error prior to issuing the ticket (see Seattle Police Manual Section 16.230 - Issuing Tickets and Traffic Contact Reports concerning minor errors)
  • Officer transfers from a Precinct/Section prior to utilizing the entire ticket book
  • Officer damages the ticket
  • Officer enters the ticket as evidence

Officers shall complete a Voided Ticket Report (form 1.52) when voiding tickets. See 16.231-PRO-1 Voiding Tickets

2. Officers Shall Void Electronic Tickets Using SECTOR

Officers do not need to use the procedures outlined in 16.231-PRO-1.

3.Officer Shall Only Cancel Tickets in Special Circumstances

Officers shall only cancel tickets issued to defendants when charges are no longer justified (See 16.231-PRO-2 Canceling Tickets).

Officers shall only cancel parking tickets in the following circumstances:

  • Government vehicle parked while on official business
  • Vehicle operator left vehicle to assist in police function
  • Owner advises issuing officer that the vehicle experiences a mechanical failure while parked illegally
  • Operator cannot move the vehicle due to illness or injury
  • Vehicle parked illegally due to an emergency situation

3. Officers Shall Return All Unused Tickets to the Stationmaster Before Transferring Out of the Precinct

4. Stationmasters Shall Re-issue Completely Unused Ticket Books

Partially used ticket books shall be sent to the Compliance Section to be voided. See 16.231-PRO-1 Voiding Tickets

Completely unused books will be placed back into the precinct stores for re-issuance

  • Remove the issued status from the Ticket Book Register.
  • Notify the Compliance Section the book is no longer issued by emailing the Compliance Section.

16.231-PRO-1 Voiding Tickets


1. Completes a Voided Ticket Report (VTR form 1.52)

If ticket series are in numerical order, uses one VTR for the series.

2. Writes VOID across all copies of the ticket

3. Attaches the LEA copy to a copy of the VTR

4. Submits the documents to his or her sergeant


5. Sends the original VTR and other original ticket copies to the Compliance Section

6. Submits copy of the VTR and LEA copy to the precinct archives

Compliance Section Audit Sergeant

7. Reviews the VTR and verifies that all copies of the tickets are attached

8. Approves the VTR and forwards it to SPD Data for retention

16.231-PRO-2 Canceling Tickets


1. Submits ticket to sergeant with reason for cancellation request attached in a memorandum


2. Approves the request and returns to the officer


3. Forwards the request for cancellation

  • If a criminal citation or NOI, forward the ticket to Law Department with a completed Cancellation Request (form 1.51) attached.
  • If a parking ticket, forward to SMC with a completed Cancellation Request (form 1.51) attached.