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15.390 - Domestic Violence Incidents Involving Department Employees

Effective Date: 05/07/2019


This applies to employees investigating a domestic violence incident involving an employee of a law enforcement agency.

1. All Domestic Violence Calls Involving an Employee of Any Law Enforcement Agency, Including SPD, Require an In-Person Response by an On-Duty Lieutenant

Officers responding to a domestic violence call will determine if a domestic violence crime has occurred and if the involved parties are employees of the Seattle Police Department or another law enforcement agency.

2. Employees Report Domestic Violence Incidents

An employee who learns of a domestic violence incident involving another SPD employee will notify an on-duty lieutenant.

3. The Responding Lieutenant Will Coordinate the Investigation and Resources

The responding lieutenant has additional responsibilities if a Seattle Police Department employee is identified as the primary aggressor.

See 15.390-PRO-1 Coordinating Department-Involved Domestic Violence Investigation.

4. Employees May Seek Assistance from the Victim Support Team

Employees who may be affected by domestic violence are encouraged to contact the Victim Support Team Advocate in the Domestic Violence Unit, or the EAP administrator within Human Resources.

The Department will provide confidential support and assistance to employees affected by a domestic violence incident.


15.390-PRO-1 Coordinating Department-Involved Domestic Violence Investigation


1. Identifies that the domestic violence investigation involves a Department employee.

2. Contacts a patrol sergeant.


3. Responds to the location of the incident and assists the patrol officer with the investigation, as needed.

4. Screens arrests and approves the Report.

5. Sends an Alert Email to the Domestic Violence Unit, the employee’s chain of command, and Records transcription.

- The Alert Email will contain the Report Number.

Scans of any paper documents of the investigation into an Email.

- Submits the Email to the Domestic Violence Unit and the employee's chain of command.

- Routes original paper documents to the Data Center through normal distribution processes.

- Completes a Report if additional Alert information becomes available.

- Follows the same Alert procedures to forward new information.

6 Notifies a lieutenant of the incident.


7. Responds to the location of the incident and oversees the investigation and resources.

8. If a non-SPD law enforcement employee is involved in a domestic violence incident, contacts the appropriate law enforcement agency and obtains information about the employee to include unit of assignment and who to contact within their department.

9. Reviews all reports related to the incident and obtains copies of all reports.

10. If an SPD employee has been placed under arrest, the lieutenant notifies:

- Duty Captain

- The arrested employee's section and bureau commanders

- Public Affairs Unit

- OPA Director

- Chief of Police

11. Informs the arrested employee his/her duty status is suspended under the Seattle Police Manual and applicable collective bargaining agreements.

12. If the employee is in physical possession of his/her duty weapon, badge, and/or identification card, takes these items and delivers them to the involved employee's bureau chief at the beginning of the next business day.

13. Oversees the investigation to include:

- Ensuring that the Report is completed (as mandated by RCW 10.99.030)

- Ensuring that the primary aggressor is identified

- Screening the arrest

- Assessing the victim’s safety and providing resources to the victim by contacting the Victim Support Team Manager via Communications

- Calling Domestic Violence detectives and/or other personnel, as necessary

- Verifying that a thorough primary investigation is conducted, to include statements, photographs, and evidence collection

14. Notifies the Duty Captain of all the details of the investigation when possible.

Duty Captain

15. Verifies that the following notifications are made:

- The arrested employee's section and bureau commanders

- Public Affairs Unit

- OPA Director

- Chief of Police



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