15.350 - Significant Incident Reports (SIR)

Effective Date: 02/01/2016


This policy applies to the use of Significant Incident Reports (SIR). The purpose of SIRs is three-fold:

- To provide command staff with rapid notification of significant incidents, and

- To inform sergeants, lieutenants and captains of potential cross-precinct issues to enhance officer safety and incident investigation, and

- To make specific information about significant events directly and quickly available to officers and detectives, thereby improving officer communication and safety.

Significant incidents include the following:

- Assault with significant injury

- Bias crime

- Event likely to generate media attention

- Event likely to generate community concern

- Homicide

- Hostage/barricade

- In-custody death

- Officer assaulted

- Robbery

- Shots fired (with damage or evidence)

- Significant crisis events, including those resolved without force

- Type II and Type III use-of-force investigations

- Any other event a sergeant believes is significant

1. Sergeants Shall Document Significant Incidents Via SIR

When a follow-up unit responds to the scene of a significant incident, the detective sergeant shall complete the SIR. The sergeant shall complete and submit the SIR prior to the end of shift.

When a follow-up unit does not respond to the scene, the watch lieutenant shall appoint a patrol sergeant to complete the SIR. The sergeant shall complete and submit the SIR prior to the end of shift.

In either circumstance, the sergeant shall ensure that the SIR is factually accurate, does not contain unnecessary commentary, and is designed to efficiently meet the purpose of an SIR.

a. Sergeants Shall Not Document Sexual Assault Incidents Via SIR

2. Sergeants Shall Submit SIRs via the SIR Application

Sergeants shall submit SIRs via the SIR Application within Patrol Portal.