15.340 - Robbery Response

Effective Date: 2/20/2013

15.340 - POL

This policy applies to the immediate response to robberies.

1. Communications Shall Assign Officers to Quadrants

Communications shall assign a primary officer and verify that a sergeant is responding to the scene.

2. Officers Shall Continue to the Call for Containment Unless it is Positively Confirmed by Officers at the Scene That the Suspect is Gone

3. Plainclothes Officers Shall Report to the Primary Officer and Identify Themselves

The primary officer may direct plainclothes officers to provide inside-premise intelligence. Plainclothes officers will not be used for containment positions. 

4. In Cases of a False Alarm, Officers Will Not Enter the Building Until the False Alarm is Verified

Officers will not enter the building until they are informed by Communications that the alarm is false and are met by a building representative outside. 

  • The primary officer shall talk to the chief dispatcher on the open telephone line inside the building and verify the false alarm.    

5. Officers Shall Follow Established Procedure

The following sections are available only to Seattle Police employees and are exempt from disclosure to the public by RCW 42.56.240(2).

See 15.340-PRO-1 Patrol Response to Robberies

15.340-PRO-2 Officer Hostage Situations, and

15.340-PRO-3 Home Invasion Robbery Response