12.060 - Department Forms Control

Effective Date: 01/16/2013



This policy applies to the creation, approval, and revision of all department forms.


1. All SPD Employees Can Originate Forms Requests

Any department employee can request creation, revision, or discontinuance of a department form -See 12.060-PRO-1 Forms Requests


2. The Compliance Section Captain Is the Department Forms Control Officer

The Compliance Section shall coordinate approval of any forms requests -See 12.060-PRO-1 Forms Requests.

Once approved, Compliance Section shall assign a form number and store an electronic copy of the form.


3. Quartermaster (QM) Shall Maintain All Forms

QM shall stock, distribute, and order all paper forms.

Exception: Unit specific forms shall be ordered by their respective unit.

Fiscal must authorize all requests for print forms.



12.060-PRO-1 Forms Requests


SPD Employee

1. Contacts the Compliance Section and determines that a current form for the desired function does not already exist.

If form already exists, uses the current form.

2. Forwards the draft form and explanation of the form request to the Compliance Section via the employee’s chain of command.

Compliance Section Sergeant

3. Reviews the form request.

If the form is deemed necessary, assigns form creation project to a Compliance Section Detective.

Compliance Section Detective

4. Creates draft form and submits it to the chain of command for final approval.

Compliance Section Captain

5. Approves final draft and returns to Compliance Section Detective.

Compliance Section Detective

6. Notifies Quartermaster of the form change and provides them a copy.