12.030 - Computer Hardware & Devices

Effective Date: 12/4/2006


The security of police computer systems and information stored on them is a priority for all Department members. The Information Technology Section is tasked with ensuring the security of those systems, including the auditability of the use of equipment and access to information.

I. Computer Hardware and Devices

A. Access to the Seattle Police Department’s physical computer network is restricted to authorized users operating on authorized devices.

B. The only devices permitted on the SPD network are those that are authorized by the IT Section. This includes all IT equipment purchased by the Department for Department purposes. Equipment may not be placed on the Departmental network without authorization by the IT Section.

C. In addition, and without exception, no non-SPD, non-ITS provided equipment is permitted without the written consent of the Field Support Bureau Chief. This particularly includes the devices of other agencies, vendors, or any employee’s personally owned equipment like laptops, wireless interfaces, or any device that has network capability.

D. Employees seeking an exception to the above should submit their request along with the appropriate business justification through their chain of command to the ITS Manager. Any exceptions will be granted in writing. Any devices granted exception must be maintained in compliance with Department and ITS approved security policies and procedures or approval will be withdrawn.

E. In the event an exception is granted, employees are reminded that Department computers and network are provided for the purpose of conducting official Department business and that employees have no expectation of privacy in the use of their own equipment while on the Department computer systems.

F. Devices that do not meet this policy and are found on the network will be removed and disciplinary action can be taken.