10.020 - Physical Security of Police Facilities

Effective Date: 12/11/2008

I. Restricted Areas

A. Non-public areas in the Department shall be identified with a sign at the entrance stating, “Restricted Non-Public Area - Visible Identification Required.”

II. Identification within Restricted Areas

A. Non uniformed employees shall exhibit their photo identification card while in restricted areas of a Department facility.

B. Identification shall be conspicuously visible at all times and displayed on an outer garment and above the waist.

1. Photo identification is to include,

a. City access cards

b. SPD issued commission cards.

C. The Department shall offer four types of identification card holders; employees shall choose one of the following types:

1. Magnetic Pocket Holder.

a. Designed to be worn in a shirt or coat pocket. Horizontal and vertical holders are available for either sworn or non-sworn ID cards.

2. Alligator Clip Holder, or

a. Used with the photo ID Card for clipping it to an outside garment.

3. Neck Strap Holder.

a. A soft strap with a clip for those who prefer not to use the alligator clip or pocket holder.

4. Retractable cord identification holder.

D. Precinct Facilities & Equipment Coordinators shall maintain a supply of each type of ID holder. Other units shall pick up their supply from the Property Unit.

E. Personnel who wish to display their badges shall provide their own external badge holders.

III. Visitors

A. Visitors must be able to articulate a specific need to enter a restricted area. Department employees are authorized to courteously inquire as to that need. If a Department employee grants access, visitors shall:

1. Be accompanied by a personal escort at all times.

2. Display a Department approved visitors pass on their outer clothing.

3. Be required to complete a visitor log. This log shall include the visitor’s name, reason for the visit, time of the visit, and who escorted the visitor.

B. Department visitor passes shall be collected by the issuing Unit at the conclusion of the visit.

C. Section Captains with a “Restricted - Non-Public Area” shall be responsible for implementing the visitor policy described above.

D. The employee escorting the visitor is responsible for screening the visitor for weapons. No weapons are allowed in any police facility except when carried by an authorized law enforcement officer in compliance with RCW Chapter 9.41.

IV. Service and Delivery People

A. Individuals doing business with the Department, such as, postal workers, building maintenance, etc., who are wearing their company uniform, must also display visible visitor ID cards.

B. Delivery or service personnel shall be escorted by the appropriate Department employee.

C. Delivery or service personnel entering the Justice Center shall not park on 5th Avenue, or in the 500 block of Cherry Street. All deliveries must be made through the sally port.

V. Unauthorized Personnel

A. Employees shall contact individuals in a restricted area who do not have proper identification and make a determination as to the nature of their business, or bring the matter to the attention of a supervisor or sworn member of the Department.

B. Individuals not having any legitimate business in a restricted area shall be courteously escorted to a public area of the facility.

C. If resistance or behavior of a threatening or suspicious nature is encountered, sworn personnel shall be notified or a call to 911 initiated.

VI. Prisoner Escort

A. All suspects will be searched in accordance with DP&P 6.180-Searches, prior to being brought into a secure police facility.

B. If a suspect is brought into the Headquarters building through the main entrance, the person must be searched prior to access into the building and in view of the front desk Duty Officer. This also applies to persons reporting for DOC.

VII. Loss of Prox. Card

A. In the event that an employee loses his or her prox. card, emergency notification to the Department must be made as soon as possible for security reasons. If the loss occurs after normal business hours, or on weekends or holidays, employees are to call the City of Seattle Access Control Systems office at 684-8077. Prox. cards can be remotely de-activated. As soon as possible thereafter, during normal work hours, employees are to call 684-5354 to request issuance of a new prox. card.