1.050 - Grants

Effective Date: 2/19/2014


This policy applies to employees involved with the grant process.

1. The Grants & Contracts Unit (GCU) Assists the Department with the Application, Implementation and Management of Grants

Employees seeking a grant will read the Grant Management Manual and contact the Grants & Contracts Unit.

2. Employees Will Not Seek a Grant Without Contacting the Grants & Contract Unit

3. Employees May Notify the GCU of Grant Opportunities

Employees identifying a grant opportunity or source will contact the GCU Manager.

See 1.050-PRO-1 Grant Project Management

4. The GCU Manager Identifies Possible Grant Opportunities and Notifies the Chief of Police

The Chief of Police will determine if the grant is appropriate for the Department.

5. The GCU Manager Advises the Command Staff to Appoint a Subject Matter Expert (SME)

If a grant opportunity is approved for application, a qualified SME is identified by an appropriate member of the Command Staff.

The appointed SME will work with the GCU to develop:

  • Statement of the Problem
  • Scope of Work
  • Program Narrative
  • Project Timeline
  • Budget Detail & Narrative

The SME will refer to Grant Management Manual for definitions and direction to complete the required documents responsive to the grant solicitation.

6. The GCU Manager Advises the Command Staff to Appoint a Project Manager

If the grant funding is approved, then a Project Manager is appointed.  The appointed SME may also serve as the Project Manager.

7. The Project Manager Will Manage the Day-to-Day Work of the Approved Grant-Funded Project

8. The Fiscal Unit Will Assign a Project Number for Approved Grant Projects

The Project Manager will reference the assigned project number for all expenditures associated with the approved grant.

9. The Assigned GCU Staff Will Manage the Approved Grant and Oversee the Grant-Funded Project

1.050-PRO-1 Grant/Project Management

Subject Matter Expert

1. Completes the requirements in POL-5 following the directions in the Grant Owner’s Process Manual.

2. Maintains a project work file detailing the steps taken to complete the required documentation.

3. Submits the completed documentation to the GCU Manager.

GCU Manager

4. Reviews the submitted documentation.

5. Submits the complete grant applications package to the funding agency.

If the grant funding is awarded, then a Project Manager is assigned (see POL-7).

Project Manager

6. Maintains a project file referencing the assigned project number from Fiscal that contains:

  • The grant application material
  • Financial documents
  • Invoices
  • Other documentation of project work and progress

7. Completes required Purchase Orders.

8. Drafts reports on progress towards the stated goal of the grant.

9. Manages the day-to-day work activity of the project.

GCU Manager

10. Reviews the submitted draft progress reports.

11. Submits the finalized progress reports to the funding agency.

12. Manages the project funding source Grant to ensure all grant requirements are met.