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Policy Research, Development and Review

The Seattle Police Department's Compliance Section maintains the Seattle Police Manual.

The Compliance Section Policy & Procedure Unit coordinates the research, development and review of the policy sections published in this manual.

Policy is researched and developed based on legal and Constitutional standards, best practices of the police profession, Department and Community values, best evidence/best science and collaboration with subject matter experts.

A detective is assigned to lead a policy project. The detective will assemble a work group of subject matter experts. The work group will review policy development through web-based shared review. An internal peer review within the APR Section is completed before a Department-wide review.

Once the review process is complete, the policy is presented to Department command staff where final policy decisions are made. The approved policy is then published on the third Wednesday of every month.

Manual Structure

Manual sections generally include policy, procedural steps and individual tasks.

  • Policy (POL): Describes a management decision or rules which employees must follow.
  • Procedures (PRO): Are a list of ordered steps that several individuals must complete to achieve the Department's desired goal.
  • Tasks (TSK): Are a list of ordered steps that instructs one person what they must do within the procedural steps to achieve the Department's goal.


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