David Cutler (Term Expires 2015)

David serves on the Commission because he has lived, studied, and worked as an architect and planner in many other cities - Rome, Boston, South Bend, Manhattan, and Los Angeles - discovering first-hand the impact that sound planning and design can have on the quality of everyday life.  Serving on the SPC is one way that he can bring some of those discoveries back home to Seattle.

David works at GGLO, where he is a Principal and the firm's Director of Planning and Urban Design.  He also lead the firm's Research Initiative, which explores and publishes on the relationship between people and place.  Locally based research topics have included "Embodied Carbon at the District Scale" and the 2009 regional transit policy primer "Transit Oriented Communities: A Blueprint for Washington State."  Generally, my project work ranges in scale from buildings to districts, including local projects such as the Redevelopment Plan for Yesler Terrace, the Capitol Hill EcoDistrict, the Seattle Climate Action Plan, and several mixed-use multifamily buildings.

David's favorite place in Seattle is the Pike Place Market.  It is a wonderful example of urbanism at its best - functional, active, and for everyone.  He and his wife life on Capitol Hill with their three children and he can be found most weekends coaching one of the many teams his kids are on.


Amalia Leighton (Term Expires 2016)

Amalia currently serves on the Housing and Neighborhoods Committee.

Amalia is a Civil Engineer, SvR Design Company; and brings experience in infrastructure, transportation, environmental planning and design and environmental permitting. Interested in affordable, livable communities that include housing variety, open space, green infrastructure, and transportation options.

Amalia lives with her husband and child in the Wallingford neighborhood.

Catherine Benotto (Term Expires 2015)

Catherine serves on the Commission because she is passionate about creating sustainable communities in the fullest sense - and setting policy in place to attain that.  She brings to the Commission an interest in family-friendly multifamily housing that arose from her passion for community

Catherine is a Principal at Weber Thompson, Seattle. She is an architect and landscape architect leading the firm's master planning/urban design and landscape architecture services. She also oversees the firms' sustainability efforts.  She lectures on issues relating to multifamily development, community planning, sustainability and the benefits of more compact living. 

Catherine's favorite place in Seattle is the shoreline.  She lives in the Belltown neighborhood with her husband and spends her free time wind surfing and learning to kite surf. 

Luis Borrero (Term Expires 2015)

Luis currently serves on the Land Use and Transportation Committee.

Luis joined the Commission because it is a great place to think about and make impact on the long-term development of the city and region. He has a commitment to understanding and analyzing city-scale solutions to some of our biggest challenges.  He has a background in researching and documenting global best practices in urban sustainability.

Luis is the founder of DRiVE, a service to accelerate better decisions for how one might develop the built environment using a virtual environment for alternate scenario analysis. It recently launched at, a subscription product for professionals working with real property -public or private- in the City of Seattle. 

Luis' favorite place in Seattle is the Space Needle.  It is an iconic building and where he got married.

Luis lives in West Seattle with his wife and their two kids and they travel often to Spain and Colombia to see their extended families. 


Keely Brown (Term Expires 2016)

Keely currently serves on the Housing and Neighborhoods Committee.

Water Resources Planner, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, focus is on reducing flood risks and storm damages to public property and life safety risks and restoring degrading ecosystems. Experienced in comprehensive planning, community redevelopment agencies, water resources planning, emergency management, and community outreach. Keen commitment to creating livable and sustainable communities, economic development, and enhancing public safety.

Keely lives on Beacon Hill. 

Bradley Khouri (Term Expires 2015)

Bradley currently serves on the Housing and Neighborhoods Committee.

He is Founder and Principal, b9 architects inc; and brings experience in architecture and development, creating innovative housing and commercial projects. Teaches Architectural Design studios at the University of Washington in Seattle. Active in the Seattle chapter of the American Institute of Architects advocating for sustainable, transit oriented, walkable communities, and Seattle's Central Waterfront.

He lives with his wife and child in the Central Area.

Grace Kim (Term Expires 2014)

Grace currently serves on the Housing and Neighborhoods Committee.

Grace joined the Commission because she is passionate about the planning policies that they weigh in on - family-sized housing, transit communities, affordability, vibrant streets.  She brings to the Commission her professional experience in affordable housing, transit oriented communities, and mobility/transportation as well as her personal experience of raising a young child in downtown Seattle.

Grace is a founding partner of Schemata Workshop, an architecture and
urban design practice based in Seattle. They work with a variety of public, private, and non-profit clients to create community focused projects.  Their current projects include work on Seattle's Central Waterfront, a modular construction project for the Renton Housing Authority, a dense urban cohousing project in Seattle, another cohousing project in Portland on a former land-fill for a Zen Buddhist community, and the new urban Seattle stores for CVS Pharmacy.

Grace's favorite place in Seattle is Capitol Hill, where her office is located, as well as her future home.  She is a founding member and lives at the Capitol Hill Urban Cohousing project.  She chose the location because of its ability to support the full spectrum of life without reliance of the automobile. 

Grace lives on Capitol Hill with her husband and daughter.  When she isn't designing for her clients she can be found skiing, enjoying food with friends and experiencing traditional Korean dancing and drumming.

Jeanne Krikawa (Term Expires 2016)

Jeanne currently serves the Commission as Co-Chair of the Land Use and Transportation Committee.

Jeanne served as chair of the Pedestrian Advisory Board and during that time realized that by being involved in her City she could have a voice and make a difference.  Since then, she has continued to serve on boards and commissions and stay active in local organizations. 
She hopes to share her passion and commitment for making Seattle a great place for all people, and encouraging involvement of fellow commissions and citizens alike.

Jeanne is a partner at Underhill Company, a transportation and community planning firm.  The firm's focus is on transit planning, because it affects so many aspects of city life - health, social equity, sustainability, and building great communities.  She is most proud of her work on community-based playgrounds where neighbors were involved in a very collaborative design process and provided hours of sweat equity and labor.

Jeanne just could not decide one place to call her favorite in Seattle; instead she enjoys the fun of exploring new places on foot.  Finding your way around the City without a car adds a new and exciting twist!  Whether exploring neighborhoods, parks and off-the beaten track places, one gains a different appreciation for place depending on time of year, day of week
and time of day. 

Jeanne lives in West Seattle with her husband and spends her free time hanging out with friends and family.

Kevin McDonald (Term Expires 2014)

Kevin currently serves as an At-Large member of the Executive Committee and is former Co-Chair of the Land Use and Transportation Committee.

Kevin has a deep commitment to Seattle and serves on the Planning Commission because of the simple notion that one person can make a difference, to offer whatever he can to help make Seattle a great place to live and work.

Kevin works for the City of Bellevue Transportation Department, Long Range Transportation Planning. He has been involved with many great area planning efforts - Factoria Area Transportation Plan, Bel-Red Corridor Study, Downtown Transportation Plan - but he fines the most satisfaction from seeing actual projects implemented as a direct consequence of the planning work.

Kevin's favorite place in Seattle is his own neighborhood Capitol Hill.  Capitol Hill offers a place where one can appreciate the history of Seattle while also enjoying the ever changing atmosphere.

Kevin lives on Capitol Hill with his partner and in his free time he enjoys hiking in the wilderness and in urban areas, bicycling that includes long-distance bicycle trips and bicycle commuting, and traveling to not-so-touristy places.

Marj Press (Term Expires 2016)

Marj currently serves the Commission as Co-Chair of the Land Use and Transportation Committee.

Marj serves on the Planning Commission because it is an exceptional opportunity to give
back to her community.  She has a strong commitment to make Seattle a great place to live as demonstrated by her long career in urban planning. 

Marj is a small business owner in the Capital Hill neighborhood.  Marj is also an advisor
to the Board of the American Planning Association (APA) in her capacity as Divisions
Council Chair, a nationally elected position representing the Divisions Council
(a component group of APA comprised of planners focused on practice areas, population diversity and equity). 

Marj has over twenty-plus years as a planner analyzing the feasibility and environmental effects of transportation infrastructure projects in the Puget Sound Region and across the United States, with a particular focus in transportation and environmental planning; community outreach and consensus building; bringing together multi-disciplinary
interests and ideas; and project management.

Marj lives in the Wallingford neighborhood but enjoys all the wonderful neighborhoods with their nuances and distinct features and to experience the diversity (food, activities, and physical features) available in and around Seattle. 

Tim Parham (Term Expires 2016)

Tim currently serves the Commission as Housing & Neighborhoods Committee Co-Chair.

Tim is a Real Estate Development Associate, Plymouth Housing Group; a non-profit that works to prevent homelessness and address its root causes.  He has experience in transit-oriented development, low impact development, economic development, and affordable housing policy, and developing and maintaining urban supportive housing. Interested in creating affordable communities near our cities transit investments. Involved with Othello Station Community Advisory Team and Othello Park Alliance.

Tim lives with his wife in the Othello neighborhoood.

Matt Roewe (Term Expires 2015)

Matt Roewe serves on the Land Use and Transportation Committee:

Matt is the Director of Development Planning at VIA Architecture  where he leads a range of architectural, urban design and planning projects for both private sector clients, municipalities and transportation agencies.

Matt is also board member for Capitol Hill Housing, is actively involved in the Land Use Review Committee for the Uptown/Queen Anne neighborhoods and is the former chair of the West Design Review Board.

Morgan Shook (Term Expires 2014)

Morgan currently serves as the Co-Chair for Housing and Neighborhoods Committee and on the Executive Committee.  He also serves as Commission representative on the Affordable Housing Incentive Advisory Committee.

Morgan joined the Commission because he respected the balanced and broad perspectives provided by the Commission for advancing city goals through
land use policies. He also hoped to lend his perspective as a policy professional, die-hard Washingtonian and father.

Morgan work as a policy professional at ECONorthwest, a public policy consultancy. He works with cities on broad range of community and economic development projects that covers land use planning, economic development, land conservation, public service delivery, and infrastructure funding.

Morgan lives in Phinney Ridge with his wife and two kids.  As a family they love exploring all of the many parks around the City, being outside and running off all that extra kid energy.


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