Our City Plan

Seattle has always been an attractive place to live and work.  Since 1994 Seattle has gained 60,000 new households and 50,000 new jobs.  In the next 20 years, we are projected to grow by 70,000 households and 115,000 new jobs.

Our citywide Comprehensive Plan is our guiding document, and presents how we grow and what investments we prioritize.  Each time there is a major or minor tweak to the language, we are there to advise our decision makers.

Our City Plan

Comprehensive Plan

Seattle Comprehensive Plan

A brief history on our Comprehensive Plan evaluation.

Major Comprhensive Plan Update

August 2014 - To assist in our review of the update to the Citywide Comprehensive Plan, we requested a few clarifying documents and a commitment to the core values. Our letter can be read here.

April 2014 - Recommendations on the Major Update to the Comprehensive Plan Draft Alternatives for the Environmental Impact Statement. These alternatives will help in drafting the final Comprehensive Plan.

2013 - 2014

February 2013 - Final Recommendations on the Annual Amendment Cycle.

December 2013 - Reccomendations on the Stadium District amendment to the Comprehensive Plan. The Stadium District proposal was presented an annual amendment and the Commission requested the Council defer until there was more information on freight mobility.

July 2013 - Recommendations to amend Comp Plan. Call to remove land from the Manufacturing and Industrial Centers in both Duwamish and Ballard/Interbay, redvelopment of Talaris property and updates to neighborhood plans.


January 2011 - Recommendations to amend Comp Plan. Call to include a new Marine Cargo element, a new implementation tool for large redevelopment projects such as Yesler Terrace, and updates to several neighborhood plans.

Each year the Council views amendments that are proposed for the Comprehensive Plan and have been submitted by individual land owners or the planning department. We review each of these proposals and advise the Council on which issues in our expert opinion should be moved along in the process, aka docket setting. Read our docket setting recommendations for 2010/2011 amendment cycle.

We proposed several Comprehensive Plan Amendments in 2010 to advance and implement nine strategies of the Commission's 2008 Affordable Housing Action Agenda.


In February, we provided final recommendations to City Council about the proposed 2009 amendments. As stewards of the Comprehensive Plan, providing recommendations about the proposed amendments is a mandated responsibility. Our recommendations.

June 2009 - We recommended which proposals to include in the Seattle Comprehensive Plan docket setting. Our recommendations.

Our recommendations on the 2008 Comprehensive Plan amendments; and on the 2008 threshold resolution.


SPC recommendations on the 2007 proposed Comprehensive Plan amendments;

and on the 2007 threshold resolution.

SPC recommendations on the 2006 Comprehensive Plan Amendments; and on the 2006 threshold resolution


SPC recommendations on the 2005 Comprehensive Plan Amendments; and on the 2005 threshold resolution

In 2004 we had a Comprehensive Plan Major Update that we undergo every 10 years. This is a chance for us to reflect on progress made and areas of continued challenge. Because this is a more indepth view of the Comprehensive Plan, we participate in additional advising throughout the process.

November 2004 - Final Comments Letter to the Council

June 2004 - Letter to Department of Planning and Development staff on the proposed comprehensive plan update.

June 2004 - A more detailed view of our comments on the Comprehensive Plan update.

Neighborhood Planning

Neighborhood Planning

We play an active role in neighborhood planning.  In 1999, the City Council finished the approval process for 38 neighborhood plans created by nearly 20,000 citizens.  The plans identify actions needed to ensure that each neighborhood will thrive.  In the years since approval, much progress has been made on implementing the projects identified in the neighborhood plans. 

Policy positions, reports, white papers, and other information related to Neighborhood Planning

Seattle Neighborhood Planning Outreach and Engagement Earns Governor's Smart Communities Award.  Read the entire June 7, 2010 Press Release to see the full award submission.

Recommendations on future Neighborhood Plan Updates - After a yearlong effort in 2009 to assess 24 of the 38 adopted neighborhood plans we present advice on whether or how to update neighborhood plans now and in the future.

Updating Neighborhood Plans - Responding to a request from Councilmember Sally Clark, we completed a review of the recently altered proposal to update neighborhood plans. Read the Commission's June 2008 letter to Council.

Seattle's Neighborhood Planning Program, 1995-1999: Documenting the Process (November 2001)
Neighborhood Plan Stewardship Survey (May 2001)

Citizen Participation Evaluation Final Report(Released March 2010)

Guide to Neighborhood Stewardship (PDF)