Seattle is fortunate to have so many great neighborhoods. We have played a major role in neighborhood planning and advised on many of the major projects that are built in and affect our neighborhoods. As our City continues to change and grow we will continue to be advocates for great city planning while also championing the uniqueness of each neighborhood.

In 2009 we worked with several neighborhoods to complete Status Check: How is your neighborhood doing?  The document outlines a the state of each neighborhood based on community input. 

Below are examples of work we have reviewed and commented on organized by neighborhood:



City Center

Livable South Downtown

February 3, 2011 - Our recommendations for the city's South Downtown Livability Resolution highlight important public investment in the pedestrian realm, public safety, support for business districts, and code enforcement.

September 23, 2010 - Our support for the proposed zoning changes for South Downtown Neighborhoods.

Center City Strategy

In collaboration with city staff, we developed new Downtown zoning requirements as part of the Central City Strategy.   

After the new requirements were enacted, one unresolved issue remained, tower spacing.  We were asked to chair an ad-hoc committee to review the city's tower spacing policy and develop recommendations for how to improve it. These recommendations were submitted to Council in 2007.

Our "Center City Seattle"  strategy focuses on encouraging economic growth, transportation, new housing, and great urban neighborhoods in Seattle's downtown core and the nine centrally located neighborhoods immediately around it.

Comments on the City's study of South Downtown
The Department of Planning and Development proposed changes to South Downtown area planning.  We advised the department when beginning this process to focus on five major policy areas: industrial lands, transportation, housing, open space/public amenities and physical environment. Our recommendations in more detail.

Recommendations and White Paper on the "Center City Seattle" Strategy

Dravus Site Rezone

Prompted by concerns over the revisions to the proposed Dravus rezone recently passed by the Council's planning, land use and neighborhoods committee, we urged Council to reconsider elements of the original proposal. Read their statement here.

W. Dravus (Interbay) Rezone Proposal
Councilmember Clark requested recommendations and comments regarding the proposed rezone of the Dravus Area. Read the Commission's letter here.


We have a long history in working in the Northgate neighborhood. The Commission took some of the first steps to engage the Northgate community in developing a "town center" vision for the Northgate urban center core through the Town Center Charrette in 2000, and the 5th Avenue NE Street Design project in 2002. Since then, the Commission has been actively working with the Mayor, Seattle City Council and City staff in developing and implementing the Northgate Action Plan which is beginning to transform the community. 

November 2013 - We weighed in on the Draft Urban Design Framework.  Our recommendations.

May 2003 - We responded to a request for review of Northgate Planning first to the Full Council.  Our response.  Then a more detailed response to Councilmember Steinbrueck's specific questions here.

June 2000 - We collaborated on a planning charette and here are the outcomes of that process.

Pedestrian Zone Project

May 2014 - We are supportive of the Pedestrian Zone Project and have included our support and few recommendations in our letter

Roosevelt Neighborhood and Rezone

Commission supports Roosevelt rezone Option 2

On December 13, 2011 we provided comments to City Council in support of rezone Option 2 in the Roosevelt light rail station area. The Commission has been closely tracking this project for many years. Our Seattle Transit Communities report identified this area as one of the city's 14 transit communities with the most urgent near-term planning needs; we further identified the 'high school blocks' as some of the key potential redevelopment sites. Read our recommendations here.

Seattle Waterfront

Since 2001 we have been working to help create a waterfront that will meet Seattle's challenging needs. Along with the Design Commission, we sponsored the first public forums to ask Seattleites for their vision of the waterfront. We continued to follow the process by assisting in the development of the plans and advising on the public process.

March 1, 2006 - Our letter to City Council's recommendations regarding Seattle's proposed Waterfront Concept Plan.

View the Planning Commission and Design Commission's joint report highlighting findings and recommendations from the Central Waterfront public forums.

University District

The University District is a vibrant and fun neighborhood. Currently underway at the Department of Planning is a 20 year planning effort for the future of that neighborhood. Here are our comments on the plan.

West Seattle Rezone

Our support for the West Seattle Triangle Rezone

On November 8, 2011 we provided comments to City Council in support the of zoning proposal by DPD for the West Seattle Triangle. While the Commission proposes a few modest changes we feel the rezone is a well-conceived, thoughtful proposal and along with the Urban Design Framework and Streetscape Concept Plan, does an impressive job of equitably accommodating new households and businesses while taking into consideration preserving and enhancing important community assets. Read our recommendations here.

Yesler Terrace

The Seattle Housing Authority plans to redevelop Yesler Terrace, and convened a Yesler Terrace Citizen Review Committee to direct this process. We have a representative serving on this Committee, and will continue to review the redevelopment process.

On June 30, 2012 we provided comments to City Council in support of the redevelopment of Yesler Terrace. Yesler Terrace redevelopment presents a tremendous opportunity to benefit current and future residents, as well Seattle as a whole. We applaud the extraordinary work that City and SHA staff have done to craft a financially feasible proposal that incorporates many essential components of livability for a transit community that is uniquely Seattle. Read the rest of the letter here. Find out more about the project at City Council's Yesler Terrace Redevelopment page.

Publications and information available:

Seattle Housing Authority Homepage

Yesler Terrace Homepage